About Us

Hovement is a lifestyle home improvement website that was created to ease the whole process of home décor, with some of the most advanced and environmentally friendly home products. It works to improve every part of your home by selecting some of the best and affordable items to make it stand out.

We are all about home décor and its best alternatives as you can never get everything right. We understand you as a consumer and that is why we try to offer a taste of the good life within different budgets. You can rely on us to cover only quality when it comes to home décor.

A Brief History and Overview

Hovement home improvement website is part of several online affiliate sales networks. It means that as much as we help you, you also help us by clicking on the links we provide with the home décor products. In turn, we get paid referral fees by different companies for sending them valuable clients like you.

Our goal here is to create a client base for the companies whose products we represent that way we all get what we want and stay the course.

We started out in October 2017 with an aim of helping consumers choose the best kind of home improvement accessories for their home needs and safety. We cover loads of home décor items from pillows, to bed mattresses, curtains as well as comforters.

You can rely on us to give you the required advice when it comes to sprucing up different parts of your home. We understand your need to make your home welcoming and warm and that is why we only select items that combine tradition and modernity for a twist of elegance and comfort. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to living conditions.

You can get any information that concerns the welfare of your home, décor as well as kids. Besides, most of what we display is readily available online for purchase you just review it and buy. You can also get the alternatives via the provided links.

We try to be thorough but we cannot also cover everything in our review and tips sections and that is why we have our blog. To keep you updated on the new home trends as well as to talk about other unique home décor items we might have missed.

Way Forward

Our aim starting out was to help consumers narrow down any home improvement item to the few best for a stress-free shopping.

Our hope is that you join and stay with us in this wonderful journey for your home¢s sake. We only aim to please no matter the circumstance.

Our Team

Andrew Milford

Hovement.com is the brainchild of Andrew, who has an extensive background in Home Improvement as well as an experienced blogger. Andrew takes care of everything, from Editing, Design and Marketing.

Daisy Awuor Magak

Daisy Awuor Magak is a freelance writer who loves nothing more than writing. She holds a BA in communication and Media Studies.