Best Blackout Curtain Reviews – Perfect Choice in 2022

When it comes to blocking outside light, blackout curtains often take the lead as the best curtains for the job. Apart from keeping the sun rays from damaging your inner décor. They also reduce the noise level to a certain percentage and save on energy expenses in your home.

Moreover, some of the best blackout curtains are made from durable fabric that is easy to care for as well as maintain. It keeps away intruders while giving you the benefit of privacy and some warmth.

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AmazonBasics Blackout Curtain Set

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Best Blackout Curtain

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Best Blackout Curtain Reviews

So, do you want to reduce your electricity bill with some of the best blackout curtains in the market, try some of the listed ones below and you won’t regret it for years to come. You can rely on them to function without compromising on their style and elegance.

What to Look for While Buying Blackout Curtains?

  • Fabric/Material– You should always check the main fabric that makes up a blackout curtain before buying it. This can tell you a lot about its effectiveness, level of durability as well as ease of care. Besides, it will also tell you if it is safe for babies or not, always go for one that are made of eco-friendly materials
  • Ease of Maintenance– Always buy the ones that are easy to maintain as well as care for. The easier it is to wash and maintain the longer it will last
  • Installation– You should also consider its ease of installation, sliding capabilities as well as sewn-in grommets in relation to the home curtain rod. The easier it is to install and work with the better
  • Cost– You should always consider cost in relation to its use. Nevertheless, remember that an expensive curtain is not guaranteed to last when compared to a less-expensive one. Different companies often sell their products at different prices depending on their target market
  • Features– You can also look for some of the features you cannot live without before buying it. This will make it easier to narrow down your choices to a few before selecting the best option
  • Use– You should also consider the room in which you are going to install it before making a purchase. This can help you determine the color as well as length required for it to provide the needed privacy and darkness

1. FlamingoP Blackout Curtain Set

This curtain is made of 100% polyester fabric that enhances its durability as well as makes it perform its functions very well, in whatever room it is installed. Besides, it comes in twos with each curtain panel measuring 52 by 84 inches.

It falls under some of the best blackout curtains due to its faux silk thermal insulation capabilities that can keep away the cold and heat whenever needed. This means you can use it all year round without worrying about its effects changing.


  • Material - 100% Blackout Fabric.
  • Available sizes - 6 (52"W x 63"L, 52"W x 84"L, 52"W x 96"L, 52"W x 108"L, 100"W x 84"L, 100"W x 96"L) 
  • Available colors - 8.
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    Package of panels - 2.
Best Blackout Curtain

This curtain has black liners sewn on it for privacy as well as for light diffusion during daylight. You can easily take a nap in the afternoon without worrying about outside light. Besides, they are conveniently flowing floor length.

It is also very easy to install as it comes with eight grommets. The grommets are sewn nicely on a 3-inch header.

It is very easy to maintain and wash. You can dry clean it or use a machine washer. As for detergents, you can use mild liquid detergents, no bleach or hot water then iron at warm temperatures.


  • It easily blocks outside light and noise
  • It can insulate your home against heat and coldness
  • It can be machine washed


  • It is a bit pricey even for a two pair but works out fine

2. AmazonBasics Blackout Curtain Set

This is the ideal blackout curtains for those looking for total darkness, especially during the day. It is 100% polyester, comes with two Velcro ties for pulling back each curtain panel. Besides, it comes in a pair of two with each measuring 52 by 96 inches.

Moreover, these are made of the triple weave of innovative fabric with no stiff lining. This is to ensure that it actually saves you energy for heating and cooling, by doing the job, keeping you warm and cool in the winter and summer respectively.


  • Material - 100% Polyester.
  • Available sizes - 6 (42" x 63", 42" x 84", 42" x 96", 52" x 63", 52" x 84", 52" x 96" ).
  • 9 colors available.
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    Package of panels - two.
AmazonBasics Blackout Curtain Set

It can also block the sun-rays as well as reduce all outside noise and still offer the needed level of privacy for a conducive indoor environment.  In relation, it can help maintain whatever that is inside from being spoilt or corrupted by harmful ultra-violet rays.

It can style the whole room, offering an elegant touch of sophistication. Besides, it has highly convenient rod pockets that can fit any decorative or standard rod. So, you can save on an extra rod.

These curtains can be machine-washed and are very easy to maintain.


  • It is eco-friendly
  • It insulates against light, noise, cold and heat
  • It can be washed by a machine washer


  • It is pricey but functions just fine

3. Nicetown Blackout Curtain Set

This curtain set comes in a pair of two, with each pair measuring 52 by 84 inches. It also has seven back loops. Besides, it can make your life comfortable by providing a serene workspace or inside environment that is free from any noise or intrusive light.

It is made from a triple weave fabric that provides its blackout features. This tech can also balance your room temperature for a warm winter and cool summer. You will never have to constantly change curtains depending on the weather or climate as it works out fine for the whole year.


  • Material - Polyester 
  • Sizes available - Five (W52 x L18, W52 x L63, W52 x L72, W52 x L84, W52 x L95). 
  • Colors available - 11.
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    Package of panels - two 
Nicetown Blackout Curtain Set

Moreover, they offer the needed privacy and can protect your floor and furniture from sun damage.

You can style these two blackout curtains in three different ways. You can have it in shirred, pleated or clip rings. Besides, it 2-inch inner pocket style diameter makes for an easier installation.

These were designed to last but with proper maintenance in place. You will have to always machine wash it with cold water, tumble dry and even steam clean or offer it some quick ironing when needed for it to last some time.

It is also very affordable given its functional features.


  • It prevents noise and sun rays from disturbing you as you nap or watch TV
  • It is very easy to install and maintain
  • It can be styled in three different ways, pleats, shirred and with your own clip rings


  • It might not work well for other rooms in your home as it provides total blackout when shut

4. Miuco Blackout Curtain Set

This is one of the most affordable blackout curtains made of durable top-quality material. It has an innovative design of triple weave fabric construction that keeps away about 98% of outside rays as well as reduces the noise level by 60% in the surrounding room. Besides, its front and back color are the same for durability and style’s sake.

Moreover, these can save you loads of heating and cooling expenses due to its unique fabric that helps in heat and cold regulation. You can rely on it for any season and it will not let you down when it comes to saving energy. It can save your electricity bill up to 30%.


  • 8 metal grommets per panel with 1.6 inch inner diameter.
  • Available sizes - Three (52-Inch-by-63-Inch, 52-Inch-by-84-Inch, 52-Inch-by-95-Inch)
  • Eighteen colors available.
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    Two package of panels.
Blackout Curtain Reviews

You can machine-wash this blackout curtain with cold water and gentle cycle, tumble dry low. Do not bleach it. You can iron it on warm temperatures but the wrinkles always disappear within a few weeks of hanging.

They are dark and offer enough privacy for a peaceful afternoon nap and ideal for kids too.

These curtains come in twos with eight grommets per panel, they are made of metal. Moreover, they have a 1.6-inch inner diameter. The dimensions of this one measures 52 by 63 inches each.


  • It is made from top quality material that enhances its durability to up 10 years plus
  • It can reduce outside noise and light
  • It can be machine washed


  • You might notice some wrinkles on it, but these often disappear within a few weeks of use

5. Deconovo Grommet Top Blackout Curtains

The decorative and functional aspect of DeconovoGromment curtain is evident from the quality design and craftsmanship that went into its production. These curtains come in 100% polyester fabrics with silver-coated sides and 6 anti-rust panels for convenient installation. They come in 42-inch lengths with exterior and interior diameters measuring 2.4 and 1.6 inches respectively.  There are other siding options and colors to choose from to suit your personal needs.

When it comes to blackout curtains, the stitching is of utmost importance. Deconovo is stitched with an industry-leading technique that plays special attention to intricate details at the hems and edges to avoid loose threads and unevenness.  Washing instructions are pretty straightforward; because of the material composition, it’s advised to hand wash below 30 degrees Celsius and avoid bleaching and tumble drying.


  • Made from 100% polyester
  • 6 anti-rust silver panels for installation
  • Industry-leading stitching techniques
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    Available in a number of size options and colors
Deconovo Grommet Top Blackout Curtains

The silver-coated sides ensure it has better shading protection from the elements than traditional blackout curtains.  The thermal insulating properties mean it can keep heat in and cold out during winter, making the house a very comfortable place to stay and relax. Four layers of fabric laid in innovative designs ensure it’s good at blocking out sunlight.

Choose this curtain if you want absolute privacy inside your home or if you are easily distracted by the light.  Whatever your reasons are for buying a blackout curtain is, in Deconovon blackout curtains, you have one of the best in the industry.


  • 4 layer fabric construction technology
  • Insulating properties blocks out sunlight
  • High-quality stitching that doesn’t loosen up at the hems
  • 100% polyester material


  • Curtains might be too stiff for some users
  • Cheap-looking and shiny

6. Deconovo Blackout Curtain Set

These are among the best when it comes to curtains that can save your home energy costs as well as reduce the noise level in the installed room. It can also block sun rays and streetlight from disturbing you as you sleep or rest, even during the day.

This curtain comes in twos and measures 42 by 95 inches. Its grommets have a 1.6-inch inner diameter with each blackout curtain panel containing six of them for easier installation.


  • Material - 100 % Premium Polyester.
  • Available sizes - 14 (42x84, 38x45, 38x54, 38x63, 38x72, 38x84, 42x63, 42x95, 52x45, 52x54, 52x63, 52x72, 52x84, 52x95)
  • Ten available colors.
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    Two package of panels.
Deconovo Blackout Curtain Set

Moreover, it is made of 100% polyester making it very soft and silky to the touch. The materials also make it look elegant, chic and expensive even though they are the most affordable curtains.

It is also safe for babies, as it does not attract any unnecessary specks of dust mites that might cause some allergies or infections to kids.

You can machine wash it and tumble-dry low for proper maintenance. Besides, they are highly durable and can last for some years.

It is dark grey in color and silver dotted for stylishness.


  • It can also save on energy costs due to its thermal insulation features
  • It prevents sunrays or street light from penetrating the room in which it is installed
  • It can be machine-washed


  • Due to their design, color, prints and blackout feature, they can only work best in bedrooms

7. Utopia Bedding Blackout Curtain Set

This curtain has an elegantly modern look to it that makes it only ideal for certain rooms in the house. Nevertheless, it often goes with most home décor.

You can rely on it to provide total blackout when shut during the day and even at night. It can block up to 99% of light and reduce up to 60% of outside noise. It can definitely provide you with the best resting environment free from outside intrusion as well.


  • Available sizes - two (52 X 63, 52 X 84) 
  • Three available colors.
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    Two package of panels.
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    8 grommets per panel.
Utopia Bedding Blackout Curtain Set

Moreover, they are also considered as the best due to their energy regulation capabilities. These curtains can reduce your electricity bill by almost a half as it often helps with cooling during summer heat and warming up the house during winter.

It comes in twos, with each blackout curtain panel measuring 52 by 63 inches. It has eight rust free silver metal grommets per curtain panel and they each have an inner diameter of 1.6-inches. Besides, it comes with two tie backs for holding the curtains back in case you want some light.

You can machine wash it with cold water and then tumble-dry it on low.

It has the same front and back color and is highly affordable.


  • It protects your household from sun ray damages
  • It filters outside noise
  • It can be machine washed


  • It is a total blackout curtain that might only work for specific rooms in the house

8. NICETOWN 100% Blackout Window Curtain

The quality of your life can be negatively impacted if you make use of mediocre curtains that are poorly constructed. Nobody wants to be disturbed by street lamps and lights from other apartments across the street so it’s imperative that you use good curtains designed to block out light rays. One of such well-crafted curtains is the NICETOWN blackout curtain made from 100% polyester material.

As one of the best blackout curtains in the market today, it has a sew-in black liner backing that is crafted into the mains to improve its ability to repel light rays.  This offers users a real dark environment for comfortable night rest.


  • 100% polyester material
  • Soundproof
  • Resistance to stains and wrinkles
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    Good quality finishing with easy care and maintenance
NICETOWN 100% Blackout Window Curtain Panels

Additionally, it’s also a noise-reducing blackout curtain that ensures users have a quiet environment during sleeping hours.  Even if there is a barbeque at the next apartment that lasts deep into late hours of the night you won’t hear a pin drop.  NICETOWN is thermally insulated, resistant to stain and crafted to be soundproof. The best part is that it comes in a wide variety of colors and size options to suit the artistry of most windows.

 You need not worry about the price tag because they are a cost-effective option to other high-end curtains in the open market. You can purchase them in packs of two but the price varies depending on the size you pick. Overall, we are impressed by the quality on display at such a ridiculously low price.


  • It’s a noise-canceling curtain
  • Thermal insulated and resistance to stains
  • Cost-effective alternative to many others
  • Can block over 90% of sunlight


  • Colors might not be as displayed in the picture

9. Royal Hotel Blackout Curtain Set

These curtains are designed in a manner that they can add value and style to your living roomor bedroom without even having to change the décor. It has beautifully sewn grommets on each of its panels for convenience and bravura.

These blackout curtains come in a pair of two with each measuring 42 by 84 inches. You can save on home cooling and heating systems with these curtains. Besides, it has a triple pass foam layer on its back to ensure that no light passes through.


  • Material  Type - 100% Polyester and Machine wash in cold water
  • Available sizes: Five (84"X108" Pair, 84"X120" Pair, 84"X63" Pair, 84"X84" Pair, 84"X96" Pair).
  • Available colors: Nine.
Royal Hotel Blackout Curtain Set

These are made of 100% durable top-quality polyester and are white in color.

You can also machine wash it with cold water for future maintenance.


  • It is made of quality durable material
  • It can keep off outside light from disturbing you as you rest
  • It can be washed by a machine-washer without ruining its texture or fabric


  • It is a bit pricey when compared to other blackout curtains in the market

10. Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtain Set

This is one of the top blackout curtains due to its unique mix and matches of tulle sheer lace and curtain set. It comes in a set of four curtain panels each with eight grommets that are made of bronze and have 1.6-inch inner diameter with a rim of 2.7-inches.

Moreover, it is made from an innovative triple weave tech-fabric that ensures that you are not disturbed by any light or noise from the outside.


  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • Available sizes: Two (52"W x 63"L, 52"W x 84"L - Each Panel) . 
  • 29 available colors.
  • Check Badge
    Stylish and durable construction
Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtain Set

It can also help cut energy cost by up to 25%, this is due to its thermal insulation technology.

Besides, you can layer it, as you desire. The grommets also make it easier to style and hang it in a fashionable chic way. Its elegance is so simple that it can match almost all home decors.

This curtain can be machine-washed. Each panel measures 52 by 84 inches and is made of 100% polyester for enhanced durability and easy maintenance.


  • It can insulate against intrusive outside light
  • It is highly durable and easy to care for due to its 100% polyester material
  • You can machine wash the whole four set


  • It is very pricey but comes in a four-set


Blackout curtains are the best curtains for bedrooms and living rooms or any place that you do not want the light to get through. Sunrays can be damaging to a home’s décor. You can rely on it to protect your home as well as offer you some level of privacy without smothering you.

So get one now and start enjoying its benefits from energy saving costs, to noise and light reduction. Besides, most of the ones listed above are made of top-quality fabric that can see them last for years.

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