The Best Blackout Shades For Room Darkening – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Home décor is not as simple as it sounds. Sometimes you can miss on its simplicity like room darkening shades. Blackout shades are often the best alternative to curtains but the best part about them is that they are light, compact and never need washing.

Some of the best blackout shades often offer blackout capabilities, absorb sound and are energy efficient. Besides, they are user-friendly and harmless when it comes to pets and babies in the house. Moreover, they are often designed and made to last. It might take some time before you can actually change them.

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Best Blackout Shade Reviews 2022

Simple and stylish, this is how you can describe all the listed blackout shades below. They are also easy to install, use and maintain. Their price is good depending on their quality and functionality. So go ahead and choose one for your home. Just read on to know what you are in for before you buy.

What are Blackout Shades?

Blackout shades are shades used to prevent light from entering a room thereby darkening it for effective use. It can sometimes absorb sound and insulate against cold and heat during the winter and summer respectively.

Most are often a combination of different kinds of vinyl and plastic with the expensive ones containing 50% of fiberglass.

You can always order it according to your frame size. Moreover, you can also find them in different designs from bamboo to honeycomb style.

Installing and using them is also very easy, you just follow the instructions according to their make. You can either lower or raise it for light control with the touch of your hands, clips, remote control system or electronically. Besides, most only need wipes for maintenance. So choose carefully and keep your surrounding in mind before buying any of them.

What to Look for While Buying Blackout Shades?

  • Child safety– You should always ensure that these shades comply with child safety legislation before making a purchase
  • Its lining-Always opt for shades with blackout linings as it will provide the best level of blackout even during the day
  • Ease of installation– The easier it is to install the more it will last for some time. So, always opt for shades that do not require any hardware to install but still function best
  • Ease of use and control– Most of these shades listed above are cordless and safe for use but others can be controlled by remotes or electronically. So opt for ones that do not require wiring and are easy to raise and lower
  • Features– You should also consider what working features could be of use to you before buying any room darkening shades. Do not just go for a shade with loads of features, look for quality and functionality
  • Size– You should also know the size of your window frame before opting to buy any shade. This makes the selection easier and stress-free. Besides, most of these shades come with instructions on measurements for you to buy the right size
  • Cost– Money can also be an issue as some shades designed to darken the room are only meant for temporary and rental use. So, do the math and see what works for you before making any purchase and remember in-expensive is not ineffective

1. Redi Shade Blackout Paper Shade

This blackout shade comes in a 6-pack with easy to follow instructions on installation. You can rely on it to provide the needed privacy as well as block up to 99% of light. This enables it to protect you and your furnishings from harmful UV lights.

It is safe for use in any room as it is cordless and safe for children. It uses clips to lower and raise the shades to control outside light and intrusion.

It is the best blackout shade as it is recyclable and made of strong durable paper that will not crack or turn yellow due to exposure from the sun.


  • Available sizes - 36 Inch x 72 Inch - 6 Pack, 48 Inch x 72 Inch - 6 Pack.
  • Available color - Black.
  • Material type - Paper.
Original Blackout Pleated Paper Shade Black

Besides, this room darkening shades can work alone or as a layer behind an already existing window treatment.

You just need to trim it to fit your window frame, peel it to remove its liner and then stick it on top of the inside or outside the window frame. No need for screws, brackets or drills to install it.

This blackout shade measures 48 by 72 inches and is very affordable. So, make some inexpensive changes with this shade. It will totally darken your preferred room.


  • It blocks 99% of light
  • It is cordless and safe for use with kids around
  • It is easy to install no tools needed


  • They are only temporary solutions to renting and will not last that long

2. DEZ Furnishings Blackout Cellular Shade

This blackout shade is ideal for use in any room, as long as it fits perfectly. It measures 23 by 48 inches and is white in color. It can darken your room and block it from the intrusion of UV light as well as streetlights.

Moreover, it has mounting brackets that are easy to install and use. You can rely on it to work as stipulated without any problems.

This blackout shade is cordless and safe for use. You will not have to worry about your kids stumbling on it, even if it is in their room. You can lift and lower it with very little effort to control light levels.


  • Available in many sizes.
  • Available colors - white, cream, sand, tan, latte, gray, and sterling gray.
  • Easy to install.
Cordless Blackout Cellular Shade

This blackout shade is designed to provide privacy as well as keep you warm indoors. It has a certain elegant style that will not bother you with redecorating.

It is also very affordable given its durable construction and crisp uniform look.

So, are you looking for the perfect window shade that will not fail you for some time. Look no further than this white cordless blackout shade.


  • It blocks intrusive light and darkens the room
  • It is cordless and easy to install and use
  • It is safe for use in any room of the house


  • You cannot trim it for a perfect window fit, so you need to ensure the window measurements are fit for it before buying

3. Furniture Fresh Flat Roman Shade

This blackout shade is designed to work in any room, as it has no chains or cords to cause minimal accidents every now and then. Besides, its ivory color can effortlessly complement any room in the house without having to change a thing.

Moreover, it is made from durable polyester and linen fabric. Its blackout back lining is what aids it in light control as well as privacy.

It has a flat face contemporary tailored design when it is in the down position and easily rolls over when on the up position.


  • Available sizes -  26" W x 72" L, 30" W x 72" L, 32" W x 72" L, 36" W x 72" L.
  • Available colors - Beige, Ivory, and Stone.
  • Material type - Linen and Polyester.
  • Modern design.
blockout shades

This blackout shade comes with its mounting hardware and user manual for easy installation. You can spot clean it for cleanliness and maintenance.

Besides, it comes with an adjustable easy to control clutch that can enable you to increase or decrease its spring tension. For decreasing, the tensions turn it clockwise and to increase it turn it anti-clockwise.

This one here measures 32 by 72 inches but there are three other different sizes with different prices for your frame fitting. So, you can opt for one that will fit your window or door frame. For a roman blackout shade, it comes at an affordable rate.


  • It is very easy to install, use and maintain
  • It is made from top-quality fabric polyester and linen
  • It has an adjustable clutch to control the tension of the shade


  • It can only work great for a specific window or door width and length so check first before buying it as you can find it in other measurements

4. Linen Avenue Crystal Blackout Shade

This blackout shade is lined with foil to prevent light from passing through. It also absorbs sound and allows for privacy in the room. It is insulated to save you energy bills all year-round. You can always opt to mount it from the inside or outside depending on your window frame design.

In case you want to mount it inside the window frame, measure your window in three different places bottom, middle and top, horizontally. Use the lowest measurement, and subtract a ¼ inch from the width measurement of the window and make orders for this width.


  • Available in many sizes.
  • Available colors - Chocolate, Crystal, Harvest, Muslin, Platinum, and Seashell.
  • Easy to raise and lower with light touch.
best Blackout shades

However, for an outside frame mount, you will have to add 4 inches to the current measurements of your window¢s width and order the sum width. This allows for a 2-inch overlap on each window side.

It measures 33 ¾ by 42 by 48 inches. It is safe for children, pets and meets CPSC safety guidelines for kids.

It is cordless and easy to lower and raise. You can easily control the level of light you want inside with just a light touch. Besides, it has end caps for an easy snap mount.


  • It is energy efficient all-year round
  • It can absorb sound
  • It comes with a mounting hardware for convenience


  • It is pricey but can work wonders to your home

5. Green Mountain Vista Thermal Blackout Roman Shade

This is one of the best blackout shades as it has a thermal backing to ensure that no light bothers you. It allows for maximum draft and light control in whichever room you opt to install it. Besides, it is easy to install.

This blackout shade is made of 52% cotton and 48% polyester with a very solid blackout thermal backing.

It is cordless and safe for pets and children. So, no messy cords will disturb you or tangle anything around it. It can last for some time as your pets or kids will not be in a position to pull it around.


  • Available in many sizes.
  • Colors available - Ivory, Linen, Sage, and White.
  • Easily mounted inside or outside the window frame
Green Mountain blockout shade

It is smooth, precise and simple in appearance but it can style the whole room on its own. Its white color goes well with any simple or colorful décor. You will not have to change a thing in the room.

You can mount it from outside or inside the window frame. You will require two depths for an inside mount and at least 2 inches wider for an outside frame mount to keep away intrusive lights from the window edge.

It measures 31 by 63 inches but it has other sizes in stock.


  • It blocks out light
  • It safe for pets and kids
  • It is easy to install


  • It is a bit pricey but worth it

6. Calyx Interiors Blackout Cellular Shade

This is the ideal blackout shade for those looking for some peace and quiet in their home with a certain level of privacy. This is because it has sound absorption capabilities and insulation features that block out any unwanted outside light.

This blackout shade is cordless and user-friendly. Your kids and pet will not be tangled with it. It measures 22 by 60 inches.


  • Available in many sizes.
  • Recommended size - at least 1/4 inch smaller than the wide of your window.
  • Colors available - Blackout Ivory and Blackout White.
Blackout Cellular Shade

However, to ensure you have the correct size for your window, you will have to buy one, which is smaller than the width of your window. This is to ensure that it fits perfectly inside the window to prevent it from rubbing against its sides. You can opt for one that is at least ¼ inch smaller than the window¢s recess.

This blackout shade is easy to install and use and comes with matching PVC bottom rail and head rail.

So, get ready for a simple yet beneficial blackout shade to warm up your home. It is affordable, functional and very durable. It can also match any home décor due to its white color and simple make.


  • It is safe for use even if you have kids or pets
  • It comes with a matching PVC head and bottom rail
  • It offers sound absorption capabilities


  • It molds in a high humidity environment and not ideal for outdoors

7. Sunfree Pleated Fabric Shade

This is the ideal blackout shade for those looking for a comfortable, easy and breathable shade. It can block most of the light and lower the noise level within your surroundings. Besides, it is waterproof and very easy to maintain. You just wipe it.

This shade is made from strong and durable 100% non-woven fabric. This makes it environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It can last some time and will not tear very easily, no matter the adverse effects on it.


  • Available sizes - 36"x72"-1 Pack, 36"x72"-3 Pack, 36"x72"-6 Pack, 48"x72"-3 Pack, and 48"x72"-6 Pack.
  • Colors available - Black, White, Grey, and Linen.
  • Material type - 100% durable Polyester.
  • Easy to clean.
Blackout shades for room darkening reviews

It can be used in any room as it can softly work its way into filtering bits of light as well as providing you with total privacy solutions. You can even use it in a recreational vehicle or boathouse. It is great at protecting your décor from UV infiltration and damage.

This blackout shade is easy to install. You will not need to deal with any drilling or snappy brackets.

It comes with twelve clips for adjusting and readjusting the pleats for light and privacy control. Moreover, it measures 48 by 72 inches, 6-pack and comes in black. You can trim it for a perfect frame fit, but there are also other sizes available in its category.


  • It can be trimmed for a perfect frame fit
  • It is made from environmentally friendly materials
  • It is waterproof


  • It works only as a temporary form of window treatment
  • It does not block 100% of outside light just most of it

8. Springblinds Blackout Roller Shades

This is one of the best blackout shades for the money. It is affordable, energy efficient and provides total blackout due to its polyester fabric. Besides, its polyester fabric is insulated with a thermal foam backing.

Moreover, it has a cordless spring system that is safe to use even with the kids around. You will never have any problems with tangling chains and cords everywhere. It is the perfect fit for kids room as it will ensure they sleep soundly in the afternoon or at night.


  • Available in many sizes.
  • Material type - Polyester Fabric.
  • Easy to install.
  • Twenty different colors available.
Blackout shades for room darkening

It measures 22 by 72 inches and can be customized. You just have to message the company for directions on how to customize it for effectiveness.

It is very easy to install as it has brackets that you just screw with screwdrivers and you are good to go. Moreover, its spring system enables it to run smoothly and silently from bottom to top.

It is dark grey in color and can match almost any décor in different rooms. It does not matter how splashy or dull it is, grey often works well with anything.


  • It is energy efficient
  • It can be customized for the perfect fit
  • It is safe for use even with kids around


  • It can take some time to install 15-20 minutes

9. ShiftShade Total Blackout Shade

This blackout shade comes at an affordable rate and is ideal for temporary renters as it can be installed and removed easily. It is the perfect temporary solution to your privacy. In addition, it is perfect for day sleepers as well as migraine sufferers. This is because it acts as a barrier against outside intrusive noise and light.

Moreover, it has thermal capabilities and can provide 100% blackout, keeping all outside light away from the room.


  • Fits Windows UP TO 38 Inches Wide By 72 Inches Tall.
  • Material type - polyester.
  • Easy to install.
Total Blackout Light Blocking Shade

This blackout shade is easy to install, no hardware needed. Besides, you can use it with your current window treatment. It can fit windows that are up to 38 by 72 inches.

So grab one for yourself now. You will not regret it and it can easily match and complement most home decors without any issue of rearrangement.


  • It provides a barrier against sound
  • It blocks 100% of light
  • It is very easy to install and uninstall


  • You will have to cut its rods for a perfect frame fit
  • It is not ideal for a baby’s room as they can grab it

10. Arlo Blinds Blackout Cellular Shade

This is one of the best blackout shades as it can save on heating bills during the summer as well as with trapping cold air during winter for a warm indoor environment. It is actually the best when it comes to insulation. It also blocks outside light and sound from disturbing your inner peace while indoors.

Moreover, it is cordless for safety purposes and can be used in homes or rooms with kids. It also comes with matching PVC for its bottom rail and head rail.


  • Available in many sizes.
  • Colors available - Ivory and White.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Cordless shade.
Single Cell Blackout Cordless Cellular Shade

This blackout shade measures 34 by 60 inches but for a perfect mount and fit, you will need to buy a shade about a ¼ inch smaller than the recess of your window or one with a smaller width. Otherwise, it will not fit.

It is easy to install, use and maintain. Its white color can work well with any room in your house as well as décor. So, no need to worry about making some new changes. It is perfectly designed to last.


  • It can block outside light
  • It is cordless for home safety
  • It has sound absorption features


  • It is a bit pricey but great for all seasons


Conclusively, always try to buy quality when it comes to shades. Most are just plain and simple. However, if you want beauty that stands out on its own go for the ones with a modern touch and twist to them. You will not regret it. Plain is good, but it can be boring and ugly with time.

You can always start with some of the listed blackout shades above to spruce up your home and keep the intrusiveness of people and light far away. They guarantee privacy, warmth and total blackout.

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