Best Central Vacuum System Reviews

After hours of research, consultation and reviewing thousands of verified customer purchase comments, our top pick is Electrolux Honeywell central vacuum cleaner.

It has a powerful 13.7 Amps dual-stage motor system that delivers enough suction power to clean 3,000 square foot of space. 

Besides, it has a noise-reducing technology that ensures a quiet operation.

This heavy-duty steel body vacuum power system has a permanent self-cleaning HEPA filter as well as a 4-gallon dirt container with a viewing window. It also comes with a mounting bracket for an easy and secure installation.

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Top 10: ​Best Central Vacuum System Reviews

Quality air is a priority anywhere. You just have to find the right device like a vacuum unit, for keeping it clean 24/7. Unlike other vacuum cleaners, the best central vacuum system needs only proper installation in your garage, basement or attic. You can also mount it on walls with brackets or braces, no need to drag it with you when you need a cleanup.

Our selected list in this central vacuum system reviews is among the best central vacuum in the current market, in terms of efficient operation, ease of maintenance and cost as well as durability and compatibility with standard cleaning accessories. So read on and get to make your pick wisely, given the information and your budget.

1. Electrolux 4B-H403 Honeywell Central Home Vacuum System

You can now enjoy fresh clean air with this Electrolux central vacuum. It is one of the best of its brand and comes with a powerful motor system for efficient deep cleaning of every inch of your home.

Moreover, this vacuum system is made from durable steel and features a motor protection system for longevity in use. Its air filtration system is a permanent self-cleaning HEPA that will save you filter maintenance costs.


  • Powerful motor system
  • Deep cleaning system
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Check Badge
    Cover spaces of up to 3,000 square foot 

This unit has a diameter of 11-inches and a height of 33-inches. It can cover spaces of up to 3,000 square foot with ease. In addition, it comes with a mounting bracket for a conveniently easy and secure attachment.

Why we Recommend this Product

  • Dual-Stage Motor
  • 4Gallons Dirt Receptacle
  • NoIse-Reduction

This technology is built inside the vacuum system to reduce the noise level and ensure a quiet operation, as it delivers its heavy-duty power. Therefore, it does not matter where you place its power unit, as the noise will never be an issue to anyone.


  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Features an automatic vent system, so no need for venting
  • Efficient for cleaning deep places and corners
  • Superior filtration system


  • Limited for cleaning 3,000 square foot spaces

2. Prolux CV12000 Vacuum Power Unit

If you want to own a powerful vacuum system for your big home then this should be your top pick. It has a powerful 2-stage motor system and can cover homes of up to 12,000 square feet. It can cover every inch of your home, deep cleaning it all-together.

Besides, its motor has a reset switch to protect it from any chances of overheating.

Moreover, it is equipped with a garage outlet. You just plug its suction hose directly into it if you want to clean your vehicles or garage.


  •  Powerful 2-stage motor system
  • Can cover homes of up to 12,000 square feet
  • Has a reset switch
  • Check Badge
    Features three suction ports

This unit features three suction ports and an exhaust muffler kit for a quiet operation whether it is being run in the house or garage. It also has a low voltage port, this way your hose can control its power.

In addition, it is made from durable steel construction with powder coat scratch resistant paint finish. As a bonus, it has a long-withstanding 25-year warranty on all its steel constructed body parts.

Why we Recommend this Product

  • Motor System
  • Warranty Period
  • HEPA Filtration

This unit does not use dust bags but features 3-levels of filtration It has a bagless dirt chamber with a clear view window, a washable micron pre-filter and a washable HEPA filter for allergens and fine dust. If you are not susceptible to allergies, you can remove the HEPA filter to improve its suction power.


  • Ideal for large spaces due to the powerful motor
  • Can be anchored in any wall
  • UL Certified
  • Easy installation


  • Ineffective when it comes to cleaning wet debris

3. Hoover L2310 GUV ProGrade Vacuum System

This garage utility vacuum cleaner is the best of its kind and comes at an affordable price. It is actually the most affordable in this central vacuum system reviews.

Moreover, this unit comes with seven cleaning attachments that include 2 crevice tools, 2 extension wands, an upholstery tool, a dusting brush and a 14-inch floor nozzle. Besides, it has a 30-feet crush-proof hose for reaching far places. The hose can let you vacuum a three-car garage with ease, no strains to your body.


  • Comes with seven cleaning attachments
  • 14-inch floor nozzle
  • 30-feet crush-proof hose
  • Check Badge
    2 crevice tools, 2 extension wands, an upholstery tool

As for installation, you just have to mount the power unit on a wall using its brackets and plug it in. There are no pipes, exhaust vents or wiring required.

Why we Recommend this Product

  • Powerful Suction
  • Lifetime Filters
  • Space-Saving Design

This garage utility vacuum cleaner is usually wall-mounted. This saves on floor space. You can store its cleaning attachments in its mountable pouch for easy access. As for its crush-proof hose, you can mount it on the mountable storage rack, after use..


  • 3-year limited warranty
  • No venting
  • Easy wall-mount installation


  • Cannot clean liquids
  • Can overheat at times

4. HP Products 9880 Dirt Devil Vacuum System

This is the ideal vacuum cleaner for recreational vehicles, RVs. Its design and constructions are for RVs and not homes, so keep that in mind before buying it.

It is all metal and durable with a powerful motor system that takes care of all debris and dust. Besides, it has a motor power of 11.7 Amp and a 120-volt AC. Its flow rate is 100 CFM while the total air watt is 500.


  • All metal and durable
  • Powerful motor system
  • Motor power of 11.7 Amp and a 120-volt AC
  • Check Badge
    Flow rate is 100 CFM
  • Check Badge
    Smooth and easy mobility

Moreover, its motor features an overload/overheat protector with an automatic reset, when cooled. In addition, it has a HEPA filtration system, making it the best option for those prone to environmental allergies.

This unit measures 6.25 by 7 by 14.5 inches and weighs only 14lbs

Why we Recommend this Product

  • Lengthy Warranty
  • Versatile
  • Space-Saving Design

This unit has a unique compact design that saves on loads of space, during installation. Due to its built-in nature, it can bump up an RV resale price, making it highly valuable to your recreational vehicle.


  • Convenient expandable hose
  • Best fit for life on the road
  • Healthy and safe for use
  • Affordable


  • Efficient in small spaces only
  • Small dust bag capacity, 1-gallon

5. VacuMaid GV50PRO Central Vacuum System

You can vacuum anywhere with this vacuum cleaner without worrying if the hose will reach or not, as it is 50-foot long. It is more than you need but still convenient, as you never know when you will need it.

Besides, its several cleaning attachments also aid in its use, so does its powerful motor system that delivers a maximum air watt of 740.


  •  50-foot long
  • Several cleaning attachments
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Check Badge
    Stylish and durable construction

You can use it to clean a variety of places from residential to commercial settings be it an auto detail shop, utility room, a workshop, basements, vehicles, and garages.

In addition, its durable feature is due to its material construction that consists of rolled galvannealed steel and powder-coated finish for a tough and corrosion-resistant long-term use.

Why we Recommend this Product

  • Performance
  • Attachment Tools
  • Dust Bag

No need to worry about messy dust cans to empty or filters to clean. This is because this vacuum system features a 7-gallon 5-layer HEPA style dirtbag with fine particle filtration of up to 99.99%, HPB2H. Besides, its disposable paper bag makes it easy to maintain.


  • Compact design saves on space
  • Easy to wall-mount with hanger brackets
  • Huge dust bag capacity, 7-gallons
  • Convenient tool storage bag


  • Not ideal for moist or wet/liquid debris

6. Ultra Clean All-Steel Canadian-Made Vacuum Power Unit

This is the ideal vacuum cleaner for homes of up to 7,500 square feet. It has an impressive performance thanks to its 12 Amp motor power. Its operating voltage is 120V.

You can easily install it using the mounting brackets that are sold with it. Besides, it has a standard 6-foot supply cord with a 3-pronged North American plug that eliminates any need for hard wiring. It has an optional muffler and you can fully vent its exhaust system to the outside.


  •  Ideal vacuum cleaner for homes
  • 12 Amp motor power
  • Operating voltage is 120V
  • Check Badge
    5-year manufacturer warranty on its motor

This vacuum system has a low-voltage connection to turn the power unit ON/OFF when the hose is plugged into the wall inlet valves. It also has an ON/OFF switch on the power unit.

In addition, it comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty on its motor.

Why we Recommend this Product

  • Electrostatic Powder
  • Suction Power
  • Filtration System

This unit has a hybrid filtration system, meaning you can use disposable paper and HEPA filter bags or let the dirt empty in its sturdy metal dirt collection pail. Moreover, it features a micro-fiber patented permanent filter for enhanced motor performance and reliability.


  • Strong suction power on wide and narrow spaces
  • Durable in dry or moist places
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Eco-friendly material construction


  • Does not ship to all countries, meaning you will have to pay more for shipping costs

7. Broan PP500 PurePower Vacuum System

This vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor system that delivers 500 air watts of vacuum power, during operation. Its motor power provides a powerful reliable suction power that ensures efficient vacuuming.

Moreover, its inbuilt sound suppression feature, in its motor ensures the noise level is suppressed to a recommendable level of 70dBA.


  • Powerful motor system
  • Powerful reliable suction power
  •  Inbuilt sound suppression feature
  • Check Badge
    Can cover homes of up to 4,000 square feet

It can cover homes of up to 4,000 square feet, using its 6-gallon disposable dust bag. You can empty the dust bag after every 6 months for optimal performance and better maintenance. Besides, its filter is self-cleaning, making it very low maintenance.

In addition, it is easy to wall-mount it using its mounting brackets. Its multi-direction feature allows for easy installation, even in tight small spaces.

Its main material construction consists of metal and plastic. However, it is still very durable, as it has a corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant powder coated steel body.

Why we Recommend this Product

  • Thru-Flow Motor
  • Filtration System
  • Dust Bag

Its dust bag can trap dust and bacteria for a clean environment. Besides, disposing of the dirtbag is also easy, thanks to the large ergonomic latches on the debris pail that flips open to dump it quickly, no mess no fuss.


  • UL listed
  • Uses bypass cooling for its motor
  • 6-foot power cord


  • Filters can clog if you vacuum wet debris with it

8. Allegro MU4500 Champion Central Electric Vacuum System

This Canadian vacuum system is the most expensive on this list but it is worth all the cost. It has a 2-stage fan system Ametek Lamb Premium class blower motor that provides 600 air watts, 140.8-inch water lift, and 124.1 CFM.

The motor has 15.7 Amp/1855 watt power with an operating voltage of 120. Besides, it has an exhaust muffler for a quiet operation. Its design allows for full air exhaustion to the outside environment, thus removing all dirt from your 6,000 square feet living space.


  • 2-stage fan system
  • Motor that provides 600 air watts
  • Ideal for 6,000 square feet home
  • Check Badge
    Vacuum unit is guaranteed for life against corrosion

In addition, this vacuum unit is guaranteed for life against corrosion perforation. Moreover, it is all baked with epoxy powder coat finish on the outside and inside for longevity purposes.

Why we Recommend this Product

  • Tangential Blower Motor
  • Accessories
  • Self-Cleaning Maintenance

This unit uses a self-cleaning filtration system, which means you can save loads of money for filter maintenance. Moreover, it also has a high permeable micro-fiber filtration system for trapping up to 99.98% of dirt particles of 3 micrometers in size.


  • Durable all-steel construction
  • 7-year manufacturer warranty on the motor
  • Huge dirtbag capacity, 5-gallons


  • Pricey

9. Imperium CV260 Vacuum Power Unit

This vacuum is for spaces up to 2750 square feet, but it makes sure every inch of it is efficiently vacuumed. Besides, it has various versatile cleaning attachments that enhance its usefulness.

Pet parents love it as it can clean any pet odor and debris without exhausting it back to your living space. Moreover, its disposable sealed dirt paper bag is all HEPA, with an inner liner for longevity purposes, added strength and to resists bursting.


  • vacuum is for spaces up to 2750 square feet
  • Versatile cleaning attachments
  • Disposable sealed dirt paper bag is all HEPA
  • Check Badge
    Made from galvannealed steel

Besides, it is made from galvannealed steel body that makes it resistant to any kind of wear and tear, for long-term optimal functionality.

It comes with three standard inlet kits and an adapter. It is shipped with disposable bags, but you can always buy more. They are very inexpensive.

Why we Recommend this Product

  • Cleaning Tools
  • Motor System
  • Dirt Bag Capacity

This unit has a superior level of filtration system that consists of a disposable sealed HEPA filter bag. Moreover, this disposable dirt paper bag has an inner liner that serves an electrostatic barrier.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Durable construction
  • Quiet operation, 58dBA


  • Space coverage is small, up to 2750 square feet

10. Nadair 35L Powerful Vacuum System

This vacuum cleaner can cover rooms of up to 9,000 square foot and is the ideal fit for large homes. Its motor is powerful with excellent suction power to cover every inch of your home.

Moreover, it also has a soft-start technology that adds up to 20% life expectancy on its motor. It features a soft-stop three seconds delay technology that keeps leftover debris from emptying on the floor or clogging the elbows of the piping.


  • Can cover rooms of up to 9,000 square foot
  • Excellent suction power
  • Has a soft-start technology
  • Check Badge
    Soft-stop three seconds delay technology

As for filtration, you can rely on it to keep your air clean, remove all airborne contaminants, even allergens for a fresh breathable air.

This unit features a LED status indicator for different status like dust bag emptying. It has an innovative one-piece air containment gasket that prevents air loss, as well as reduced suction over-time.

As for the installation brackets, they have rubber vibration and noise canceling inserts.

Why we Recommend this Product

  • Filtration System
  • Motor System
  • Silent Operation

This power unit has a noise-reducing technology that guarantees zero disturbances during use. There is also noise-blocking foam like that used in recording studios, for a quieter operation. The noise-blocking foam was added to enhance the effectiveness of the initial noise-reducing design.


  • Huge dust bag capacity, 35L/9.25-gallons
  • Easy access and emptying of the dust bag
  • Heat protection to prevent motor overheating


  • Not ideal for wet debris

What to Look for While Buying Central Vacuum Systems?

Before buying this type of home vacuum system, you should be familiar with some top essential buying guides, in order to buy a worthy product. This is because central vacuum system cost is always steep, depending on model, brand and featured accessories. Therefore, it is better to spend on a quality one once.

This section of this central vacuum reviews will give you some tips on buying the best one for your home.

  • House Size– The bigger the house, the more powerful the system should be, in terms of suction power. It is better if it is rated for bigger homes than yours, for optimal performance.
  • Motor Type– There are two types of motor, Thru-Flow, and Bypass motor. Thru-Flow is usually quiet but due to its design, it can have problems with water lift and wet debris. The Bypass one is the best as it isolates the motor part from the debris collected.
  • Motor Systems– It can be 1 or 2 stage. The 2-stage system generates more power but has many moving parts meaning things can go wrong anytime. Therefore, single-stage is often preferred and it is more durable.
  • Air Watts– This gives you an idea of suction power and the higher it is the better. It combines CFM/airflow and water lift. CFM usually influences the total coverage area. However, even with a high CFM, the system suction power can still be less or more depending on unit construction.
  • Vacuum Hose– A durable long hose is the best for better reach from one wall outlet. It should be at least 30-feet long and made from the durable crush-proof material.
  • Filtration System– A HEPA filter is the best and an added pre-filter ensures its The filtration system can be self-cleaning, replaceable or permanent.
  • Dust Collection– It can be bagless or bagged. Even though you will have to empty both types, the bagless one does not require any continuous buying of replaceable dust bags. Besides, the dirt system should be of strong material like steel and be able to hold at least 4-gallons of dirt.
  • Central Vacuum Accessories-The more attachments it has the better for your vacuuming. You should make sure that the essential ones like the adjustable extension wands, crevice tools, floor nozzles and dusting brushes are there.
  • Noise-This is important if you have a small house or are installing it where people usually sit.
  • Extra Purpose– You can check for any extra cleaning features like vacuuming wet spills or blower features for ease of removing leaves in your workshop or garage.
  • Material Construction– You should always opt for vacuum system made of steel, as it is durable. Avoid those vacuum units made from plastic composites, as they are prone to mildew due to their porous nature. Also, stay away from those made from metal alloys or composites.
  • Warranty– A longer warranty coverage is better since this system is part of your home structure. A 2-year warranty is acceptable, but a 5-year+ warranty is better.

What Is A Central Vacuum?

This type of vacuum is the modern efficient way of cleaning up your home or office. Also known as an inbuilt vacuum, it has four basic components.

  • It has a power or collection unit that is installed in a storage space, garage or anywhere that is easily accessible.
  • Its PVC tubing is usually installed under floors, or/and inside walls or where they are needed. This is to connect the power unit to the inlet valves.
  • Inlet valves/small holes that resemble electrical outlets are strategically located throughout the building/house for vacuuming different parts of the house.
  • This type of vacuum cleaner also features a lightweight vacuum hose and attachments. The vacuum hose is for connecting to an inlet valve and other central vacuum accessories to ensure far reach cleaning.

These components ensure that it can cover every inch of your home and not the floor and stairs only. It is usually the best option for most homes as it can clean every piece of décor and furniture, leaving your home dust free.

You just insert the lightweight vacuum hose into the small valve inlets or suction ports and the vacuum system will automatically turn on, this depending on your model and its features. As some have baseboard suction, while others have hoses that retract inside the walls at the suction ports, no need of carrying the hose room to room.

When compared to traditional upright vacuum cleaners, this vacuum system is highly convenient to use, operate and maintain. It is also durable with the minimal noise level, for a healthier cleaning method.

Besides, they usually have a commercial grade level of toughness, with years of trouble-free use. You can empty it 2-3 times annually and have it inspected every few years by a professional, depending on how often you use it.

You should note that its installation is not a DIY project. You need reputable experienced experts, with references if possible.

Central Vacuum Installation

This type of vacuum system consists of a fixed power unit that is located very far away from your living space, which is the basement, crawlspace or garage. This unit is then ducted to vacuum inlets, all over your home from walls to floor during building or even on an existing property. The vacuum inlets are where the hose will be inserted during cleaning.

However, you should note that some hoses could retract inside the walls via its suction ports. This depends on the model and available features. Besides, this saves you loads of time in moving the hose up and down, room to room.

As much as it seems simple, this is usually a job for the professionals, especially where wiring and tubing are needed. You just have to get the right person for the job.

This section of this central vacuum reviews will highlight to you in simple terms how one can easily install it. The more you know the better for your home installation, in case anything is amiss.

Top Two Things to Consider Before Installing this Vacuum System

You should always consider two factors before opting to have this type of whole house vacuum system in your home:

  • Its Placement in Your Home– You need to select an accessible area within your home since you will need to empty it few times a year. The placement can be internally or externally like the boiler room, utility rooms, or attached and detached garages. Likewise, it should not be more than 15 meters away from your house, for optimal performance as expected.
  • Placement of Its Vacuum Inlets within Your Home– It is not necessary to have the vacuum inlets in every room. You can have them in central locations like landings and hallways.

Central Vacuum Installation Parts Required Along With Power Unit

  • Power Unit– This is to be placed in an easy-to-access area close to your home, not more than 15 meters away, garages are the best.
  • PVC Tubing– These ducts usually go under floors, inside walls and anywhere the person installing it deems fit, in accordance to your house structure and design. The PVC tubing is for connecting the power unit to vacuum inlet valves.
  • Inlet Valves– These are small holes strategically placed within your house, mostly in central points like hallways. They resemble electric outlets, probably for aesthetic.
  • Vacuum Hose and Attachments– The vacuum hose connects an inlet valve and other vacuum attachments for efficient vacuuming of hard to reach and far places.

Installing a Central Vacuum System in a New Built House

It is better to have your central vacuum installed when your house is under construction. It can be done in two stages.

First Fix: The Walls

This is done when the stud walls are in place before the plasterboard is put on. However, if there are no stud walls, then you can have the installation before plastering and before the ceiling goes up

Second Fix: The Floors

You can do this when plastering is near completion and before the floors are poured or when the plumbing and heating pipes are being laid down on the floors. Likewise, you can have it done before insulation or polystyrene is laid.

Consequently, a 13-Amp electrical socket positioned at a high level is always required beside the power unit. It is also important that you test the vacuum system after completion. This is to be done before floor tiling and decorations, to ensure that no wires or ducting is damaged accidentally by other construction facilities.

It is also possible to install this vacuum system within your existing or renovated property. You just have to consult a reputable experienced expert on the best way forward.


In conclusion, you need to be thoroughly informed of this type of whole house vacuum cleaner, in order to be in a position to install the best for your home needs.

Nonetheless, you can always consult through an expert but a little knowledge can go a long way into securing a good price for it inclusive of home installation if need be, as some are wall mountable.

You can make use of this review to buy the best central vacuum system for your home. The information is legit and the products from reputable brands.

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