Best Duvet Inserts: Top 7 Down Alternative Duvet Insert in 2019

Bedroom décor often requires loads of stuff you might be taking for granted like duvet inserts. Some of the best duvet inserts are down alternative designed to keep you warm all year round. The trick is to buy worthy ones that can last all-season and some years before needing replacement.

Moreover, down alternative comforters are often hypoallergenic and easily breathable. You can never go wrong with any of them. Besides, they are often easier to care for and maintain.

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Best Duvet Inserts 2019

So, do you need to spruce your bedroom with a down alternative comforter, look no further than these top 7 ones listed below. They have top-quality shell cover and fill that makes them durable and easy to wash. Moreover, they are all within affordable price ranges. Therefore, you can work any into your budget. You can also read on, on how to select one for your bedroom in the buyer’s guide section.

How to Choose a Duvet Insert?

When it comes to buying alternative down comforters, you should always consider some basic things from construction to durability. As much as these duvet inserts are designed to provide you with the needed warmth, quality when it comes to its make matters.

Down alternative comforters often require proper maintenance, but even as you care for it know that you will have to replace it one day. So opt for one that can last some time.

Here are some few tips to help you select a duvet insert that is highly durable and can last some time before actually being replaced.

  • Thread count and shell material– Some of the best comforters often feature a higher thread count 300+ for durability as well as breathability. Moreover, you should also consider its shell cover be it cotton, silk or silk blends. Cotton is usually better and easier to care for
  • Fill material– You should also consider its fill material, be it natural or synthetic. Down alternative comforters often, have synthetic fills, which is good as they accommodate allergy sufferers very well. You should also go for fill that feels comfortable to you. Likewise, you should also learn to identify fill power, the more the better the duvet insert will be comfortable for you
  • Tog rating and warmth– The warmth of any duvet insert depends on tog rating, the higher the better as it traps more heat and keeps you warm all seasons. Moreover, the more the fill the warmer the duvet insert will be. But never confuse its weight for more warmth, fill power is what matters in a comforter
  • Size- Always buy a comforter one size bigger than the mattress so that it covers it and the bed properly, especially if it does not have a bed skirt conceal the entire sides of the bed

1. Utopia Bedding King Comforter Duvet Insert

If you are looking for an all year solution for comfort and warmth, then try this down alternative comforter. This comforter can keep you cool and warm in the summer and winter respectively.

Besides, it fits perfectly into most duvet covers. Therefore, you never have to worry about redecoration. It comes in white and measures 90 by 102 inches, king size.

This duvet insert is designed to last with its piped edges and boxed stitches that limit the fill from shifting as you sleep. It derives its unique plush and softness from its silicon fiber filling.


  • Materials: Down Alternative, Microfiber, Polyester Fill, Goose Down, Polyester
  • Color: White.
  • Available in Full/Queen, King/Cal King, Twin/Twin XL sizes
Duvet Inserts

Moreover, its synthetically filled fibers are hypoallergenic, making it the best duvet insert for allergy sufferers. It can easily eliminate dust, dirt and even oil from disturbing your sleep.

It is light, comfortable and cozy and can be cleaned via a machine wash with cold water. You can opt for a delicate or gentle setting and rinse twice.

Use some mild or natural detergent but remember that too much soap can strip the down on this comforter, so use less soap. You can then dry it for 2-3 hours in the dryer with the lowest temperature, to ensure no molds grow on it.


  • Recommended for an all-year-round use, keeping you warm and cool all year-round
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Highly durable due to its strong piped seams


  • Comfort level can make you lazy and late for work
  • Can take some hours to completely wash and dry

Customers Reviews of This Duvet Insert

  • Very soft, fluffy, very light and pleasing to the eye
  • Comfortable and warm at the same time
  • Allows for easier breathability, good guard against cold
  • Easy to maintain and care for

2. Superior Solid White Down Alternative Comforter, Duvet Insert

This down alternative comforter is the perfect fit for those who are allergic to feather and goose down comforters. This is because it has a hypoallergenic filling that provides the needed comfort for a breathable sleep. It is also noiseless, soft and plushy.

This down alternative comforter is a full queen size and measures 88 by 90 inches with 77oz of filling. It is the perfect fit for all seasons due to its ultra-plush shell made of 100% microfiber that makes it noiseless even as you shift all night long. It also has down alternative lofty polyfill that adds to its value when it comes to durability.


  • Material type: Synthetic.
  • Available in King, Full/Queen, Twin/Twin XL sizes.
  • Down alternative polyfill.
Duvet Insert

It will keep you warm but you will never feel its weight. Besides, it is of medium weight with a baffle box assembly and double needle stitches to keep its entire fill intact as your sleep and even wash it.

You can machine-wash it, tumble dry it on low heat. This ensures it maintains its fluff for years.  You can always read its care label for more information on wash and maintenance.

It is white in color and can fit any sizeable duvet set for its upkeep and maintenance.


  • Designed with a double needle stitching that prevents the shifting of its fill
  • Durable and resistant to stains, wrinkles, and fading
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Requires proper care for it to maintain its fluff
  • It is not distributed internationally, available only in the U.S.A.

Customers Reviews of This Duvet Insert

  • Very warm and cozy for a medium weight comforter
  • Made from soft, plush and quality material
  • Its price in relation to its quality is awesome, highly recommendable
  • Ideal for camping, very comfortable and noiseless even as you shift with it in your sleep

3. Balichun White Down Alternative Comforter

This down alternative comforter is the best choice for allergy sufferers as it has 100% of hypoallergenic polyester fills that ensures you are well protected from mildew, mold and dust mites. It is also ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Besides, it makes no sound when being used, perfect for sensitive light sleepers. This is due to the soft double brush fabric that contributes to its durability. You can rely on this duvet insert to keep you cozy all four seasons.

This down alternative comforter has a unique box stitching tech-system that prevents its fillings from leaking as well as shifting around when washed or when being used.


  • Available in King(90 by 102 inches).
  • Hypoallergenic Quilted Duvet Insert With Corner Tabs
  • Color available: white.
Down Alternative Comforter Hypoallergenic

Moreover, it has a versatile design of corner tabs that can put it on the right in place on your bed and allow it to act as a comforter and duvet insert.

You will always have to wash it with a washing machine and cold water on a gentle cycle. Then tumble dry on low or hang dry, whichever way you opt for, make sure it dries completely for durability sake.

However, if you are not satisfied with it, you can always return it within 60 days, no questions will be asked.


  • Resistant to fading and wrinkles due to its microfiber filling and shell
  • Great for people with sensitive skin due to its hypoallergenic features
  • Comes with a convenient 60-day return policy


  • A bit pricey but can keep you warm and cool all year

Customers Reviews of This Duvet Insert

  • High-quality, comfortable and soft
  • This comforter is well stitched for durability and fluffiness
  • Can complement and match any bedroom décor
  • Very lightweight but warm enough for winter cold

4. Lavish Comforts White Down Alternative Comforter

This California king down alternative comforter can keep you warm all year round. It is lightweight and cozy at the same time. Besides, it is filled with hypoallergenic poly-fiber fill that makes it ideal for anyone to use. This makes it 100% allergy free and safe for people with respiratory issues.

Moreover, this duvet insert is made from 1800 premium double brush microfiber series. This fabric composition is what makes it soft, silky and fluffy at the same time. It also enhances its longevity period no matter how many times you wash it.


  • 100% Microfiber
  • Allergy Free 100% PolyFiber Fill.
  • Available in five different sizes.
  • Check Badge
    Color available: White.
Comforter Duvet Insert

This duvet insert has tabs and is designed and sewn in a baffle box style to keep the entire fill and its corner tabs in position as you sleep or wash it.

It measures 104 by 96 inches and is much softer than any Egyptian cotton.

It is white in color and can be machine-washed for care and maintenance.


  • Can be machine washed without ruining its fluffiness
  • Perfect for all seasons of the year
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Needs time to fluff up as it comes compressed due to packaging
  • Its pricey when compared to other comforters but highly durable

Customers Reviews of This Duvet Insert

  • This comforter is very pleasant and does not come with any strange odor
  • Made from top-quality materials that enhance its durability
  • It is so lightweight for a California king size comforter, very recommendable
  • Easy to care for and maintain, even its fluffiness

5. KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert

If you want to part with the best duvet insert at an affordable rate then this should be your first choice. It can keep you warm, cozy and cool all year round without any problems for a comfortable sleep.

Besides, it has hypoallergenic filings that work best for anyone with allergies or not. You can rely on its breathable features for a good night sleep. You will never have to worry about it attracting any dust mites or dirt from the surroundings.


  • Material -Polyester & Polyester Blend. 
  • Check Badge
    Available Color: White.
  • Hundred Percent Hypoallgenic Poly Fiber Fill Down Alternative
  • Check Badge
    Available in Twin, Twin XL, King and Queen sizes
Best Duvet Inserts

Moreover, this down alternative comforter is made from strong durable fabric with box stitch design to ensure that its fill stays input when being used or when being machine-washed.

It measures 88 by 88 inches and is perfect for a queen size bed. You can always buy a cover for it to reduce its washing days. Always try to go for a bigger cover a king size cover will work well with it, not too tight or too loose.

You should always wash it with cold water using a machine washer and tumble dry it low.

Its white color also goes well with any bedroom décor and you can always mix it up with different duvet covers.


  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • Affordable
  • can be machine washed for cleanliness and maintenance


  • Needs constant maintenance to keep up its fluffiness

Customers Reviews of This Duvet Insert

  • This duvet insert is top-quality given its affordable price
  • Is an all-season comforter and will definitely keep you warm
  • Works well during cold seasons even though it is lightweight

6. Bedsure White King Comforter Duvet Insert

This is one of the best duvet inserts with a convenient and functional warranty. It comes with a 5-year warranty and 24/7customer service for any questions regarding it. Besides, it also has a 30-day return and replacement policy, but it never comes to this, as this duvet insert is highly valuable and durable.

It measures 102 by 90 inches and is filled 240gsm filling that is hypoallergenic and safe for use.  Moreover, it is lightweight with just the right amount of thickness to ensure you stay warm and cool with changing weather conditions.


  • Material type- 100 percent Microfiber.
  • Availble size - 102"x90".
  • Color: White.
  • Check Badge
    The item is filled with premium hypoallergenic down alternative
Bedsure King Comforter Duvet Insert

Its microfiber make ensures that it is breathable and comfortable for a restful night. It will not make any noise as you shift around. Likewise, its microfiber fabric makes it highly durable even with constant use. In fact, it gets fluffier the more you use and wash it.

You will have to machine-wash it with cold water. You can use the dryer to dry it.

Besides, you can attach it to a duvet cover using its corner loops so that it does not shift as you sleep. Its box stitch design also keeps all the fillings in place after every wash, preventing their leakage.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Has a 30-day return and replacement policy


  • You can only return it for a replacement, no money will be refunded

Customers Reviews of This Duvet Insert

  • Very affordable given its durable construction
  • Its top-quality material is wrinkle-free and resistant to fading
  • This comforter is super soft, fluffy, warm and lightweight
  • Has a very tight stitching that enhances its durability over time

7. Royal Hotel White Down Alternative Comforter

This is one of the best duvet inserts in the market as it can easily meet the needs of everyone, especially those with allergies. It is hypoallergenic due to its 100% microfiber fill and covers that works well for those with sensitive skin.

This down alternative comforter measures 106 by 90 inches and has a fill of 58 oz. You can rely on it to provide the needed warmth and coolness without weighing you down. This is mostly due to its microfiber construction that makes it lightweight.


  • Available in five different sizes.
  • White and Gray colors.
  • MicroFiber Cover
  • Check Badge
    The comforter is Allergy Free
Duvet Insert, 100% Down Alternative Fill

This duvet insert can fit a California king size bed perfectly and comes with duvet insert loops on its corners to attach and hold the duvet cover. Likewise, its box stitch design also prevents it from shifting as you sleep. It also keeps the fill neatly inside, no clamping of leaking.

This down alternative comforter can be machine washed on cold and comes in a zipped package for easier and safe shipping.

It is white and designed to last and provide warmth all year round.


  • Does not shift around due to its box stitch design
  • Hypoallergenic
  • It is lightweight and warm due to its microfiber fillings and shell cover


  • A bit pricey but worth it
  • Level of coziness can make it hard to get out of bed

Customers Reviews of This Duvet Insert

  • Does not clamp or fall apart even as you machine wash it
  • This duvet insert has no manufacturer smell or bad odor
  • Easy to care for and wash
  • Looks and feels great on the skin even with constant use and wash


There you have it, some of the best, top-quality and affordable down alternative comforters. You can now make your choice easily knowing what most entail and how they can be maintained for longevity and a better feel.

Besides, most of these down alternative comforters can really hold up a duvet cover nicely without shifting. Therefore, be ready to start enjoying a comfortable, warm and refreshing sleep with one of these duvet inserts, definitely worth all the hustle of online shopping.

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