Best Feather Pillows 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Sleep time is the most cherished time of the day and with that comes its comfort level. Every once in a while you get to experience a bad headache all because you slept badly. But the underlying issues are always beddings like pillows.

Some of the best feather pillows in the market are designed for enhanced comfort level during sleep hours. Feather pillows can easily rid your whole body of pain that is associated with bad sleep patterns as everything often starts from the head.

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DOWNIGHT Down and Feather Pillow


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Best Feather Pillows Review of 2022

So, if you have any issues with your neck, back or head just invest wisely on a great feather pillow. Some of the best feather pillows are designed with a double layered fabric to prevent any pricks from the inside.

Besides, they have no uneven lumps for disturbance. But in case you are lost on the best choice you can always read on for clarity.

What Are Feather Pillows?

Feather pillows are durable and luxurious neck and back pillows that often vary in size as well as pillow fill. They are often pillows filled with the wings and back feathers of geese or ducks and sometimes both. They often contain a small amount of down feathers.

Down is basically made from the delicate tufts that often cover geese beneath their feathers. They are very fluffy and soft. On the other hand, feathers are flat, a bit soft and firm and have quills running all over their centers. They often take a larger percentage of the pillow and that is why down is often needed as a softener in a feather pillow.

Moreover, down and feather pillows are always soft to the feel and can easily conform to the shape you want. They are highly durable and can last for years depending on how well you wash and maintain them.

Feather Pillows Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to selecting the best feather pillows in the market, it is best to know some of their basics as well as features and functionality before buying any of them. After all, they often vary in size and weight and that might affect its entire feel as well as comfort level.

Here are a few basic tips to ensuring you buy the best feather pillows for your immediate and long-term needs.

  • Feather Type– Some of the best feather pillows are made from geese feathers. Although a bit expensive they are the best quality when compared to duck feathers which are basically just low in terms of quality. So, always opt for a durable feather pillow which is made from geese feathers as they tend to last many years
  • Firmness– You should also consider the level of firmness so as to know the kind of support you will have during sleep time. If it is too soft it won’t do much for you and when it is too firm you will probably end up in pain. So, always select a feather pillow with a medium-soft level of firmness as they can easily conform to any shape you want
  • Sizes– you should also consider size when it comes to selecting the best feather pillows for the money. They often vary from standard, queen and king size, so go for what you want
  • Threads Count– Quality feather pillows have higher thread counts that make them highly durable and plush. You can always go for a 300+ thread count depending on your budget, but the higher it is the better it is but with a cost-factor
  • Sleeping Position-Your sleeping position will also make the selection process easier. You can opt for a side, stomach or back feather pillow

Top 5 Feather Pillow Reviews and Ratings

1. Puredown Goose Down White Feather Pillow

This is the ideal feather pillow for anyone who has issues with their back or neck area. It will easily send you into a slumber that you won’t even feel the pain. Besides, it is filled with 90% white goose feather and 10% white goose down.

Moreover, it is an all double layered fabric with 233 thread counts of cotton surface and a peach skin lining for enhanced comfort level.

They are practically the best feather pillows for the money as they can accommodate the needs of almost anyone.


  • Available Sizes - 20"x28", 20"x36".
  • Allow 24 hours to recover its full loft
  • Covers are easy to wash
  • Don't wash them on machine
puredown White Goose Down Feather Bed Pillows for Sleeping

Besides, they are quality and can last a lifetime depending on their use and maintenance. You can never go wrong with these standard/queen size pillow sets. You can even use them for decorations.

As for wash and maintenance, you can easily machine wash the entire pillow on gentle cycle and low-temperature tumble dry.

These feather pillows come in twos, packed in a PVC bag. They are very affordable given their high quality and maintenance. In addition to all these, each pair is vacuumed packed and rolled with an insert.

So, grab one today and start sleeping like a queen. It basically relaxes your whole body for a comfy sleep and wake.


  • Firm and stable enough for a headrest
  • This feather pillow is highly flexible and easily conforms to the shape you want
  • These feather pillows are very affordable given their comfort level


  • You can oversleep in them due to their relaxed fill and feel but well worth it after a tiring day

Customers Who Purchased This Feather Pillow Said

  • This feather pillow is ideal for head, back and neck rest
  • These pillows are perfectly cozy and do not have any hard fills or lumps
  • You can even use them for different kinds of DIY decorations
  • It comes with easy to follow instructions on wash and maintenance, so you won’t have any problems with maintaining them for long-term use

2. DOWNIGHT Down and Feather Pillow

These feather pillows are highly unique and elegant and come designed in a double layered fabric for comfort. You won’t even feel the slightest of pricks from its feathers. Sensitive sleepers can easily enjoy its feel. Besides, it comes in twos, with each filled with 48oz.

These two-set pillows are designed for a comfortable sleep. Its high-quality materials are what make it exceptional from the rest as they are soft and cozy. Its fill is also evenly distributed so you won’t have any lumpy issues with it as you sleep.


  • Available size - 20"x36"
  • Machine washable
  • Material - Down & Feather-Fill
  • Pillow weight - 7.4 pounds
Down and Feather Pillow Double layered Fabric Bed pillow

Besides, is luxurious design and feel will make you experience the life and comfort of a king. Moreover, they will make your bed look fab and chic. The two-set pillows are ideally meant to ease your life every single day and that is why they are designed in a lasting manner for long-term use.

It is easy to wash and maintain. You just machine wash it, dry and fluff it up for comfort and sizing.

These two-set feather pillows are also very affordable given their elegance as well as functionality. They can last a lifetime and only get better with time. Besides, it comes securely packed and ready for use.


  • These pillows are comfortable and fluffy
  • They are low maintenance and highly durable
  • These feather pillows have a double layered fabric design for extra comfort


  • They might need some airing and fluffing so as to recover their full loft. This is because it comes packed in tight boxes and PVC which takes away their natural shape and scent

Customers Who Purchased This Feather Pillows Said

  • They are very soft, comfortable and high quality too
  • It matches your expectations exactly from size to use as well as design
  • They are perfect for an all-night sleep no quality issue at all
  • These two-set feather pillows are good for the money and do not cost much given their high-quality

3. Basic Beyond Feather and Down King Quilted Peach Skin Fabric Pillows

This is one of the most coveted feather pillows for a enjoyable comfy sleep. It is made from 95% of hyper-clean natural feather and 5% of natural down fill, each filled with 52oz.

Besides, it has a unique beautiful double diamond lattice quilting. This double layered fabric design is what makes it comfy and cozy as it prevents any pricks from the feathers.

Moreover, it has 100 peach skin fabrics which are silky and soft to the touch and feel. As for its final finish, this feather pillow has a teal satin finish with corded edges for a touch of elegance and style.


  • Available size - 18" x 34"
  • Machine washable
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Material - Polyester
  • Worry free warranty of 5 years
Basic Beyond Feather Down Pillow - Double Diamond Desigen Gusseted Soft Quilted Bed Pillow

This two-set pillow is 18 by 34 inches, a king size design with a 1-inch gusseted sides.

It is also designed for the support of the neck and head and can easily adjust as you want it, regardless of the shape and weight of your head and neck area.

As for wash and maintenance, these feather pillows can be washed in a machine and dried, after which you just fluff for size-ability and puffiness.

In addition to all these, these pillows are hypoallergenic and won’t cause any problems to your skin even with constant wash and use.


  • These feather pillows are highly adjustable and conform easily to the shape you want as well as your head
  • They have a natural filled foam inside it
  • They are non-allergic and won’t affect you sleep in any negative way


  • You will have to air it for a few hours as well as fluff it up for size as its packaging often affects its sizing as well as natural scent

Customers Who Purchased This Feather Pillows Said

  • These feather pillows are easy to maintain and wash, you just machine wash and dry
  • They are also affordable given their use and durability
  • These pillows are very comfortable with zero pricks on them
  • These pillows are very soft and highly fluffy making it easier to fall asleep faster

4. WENERSI White Goose Feather and Down Sleeping Pillows

These two-set pillows are some of the best when it comes to feather pillows. It has 5% white goose down and 95% micro feather, no crunchy feathers.

Besides, it measures 20 by 28 inches and is made from 100% eco-friendly premium cotton cover so as to prevent the feel of feather pricks as you sleep. The cotton design also makes it very warm and cozy for all seasons.

Moreover, it is allergy free and does not affect any of your sleep patterns. It basically destroys insomnia very quickly and works well for sensitive sleepers. It is the best pillow for your health as it can help with spinal deformation and other sleep problems.


  • Available size - 20 x 28 inches
  • Set of 2 pillows
  • This pillow is not machine washable
  • Material type - 100%cotton
  • Non-allergic
Best Feather Pillows

This two-set pillow is finished with a decorative blue piped edge as well as a double needle stitch line to prevent any down leakage.

It comes vacuumed packed with a beautiful non-woven zipper bag. But you will still need to air it for some time and fluff it up before using it so as to regain its natural scent and size. It also needs regular sun basking to keep it refreshed.

For cleanliness, you can always air dry it or take it to a professional dry cleaner.


  • They support the neck very well
  • These feather pillows are made from durable quality materials that enhance their use
  • It is non-allergic


  • You might need to air before using it for the first time to remove the package scent as well as to regain its fluffiness
  • They need regular basking in the sun to keep them revitalized and refreshed all the time

Customers Who Purchased This Feather Pillows Said

  • These pillows have a high-quality level of thickness in them that makes them comfy for anyone
  • Their shipping is also fast and very much reliable, you won’t have any issues as they only send the correct ordered item
  • These two-set pillows do not have any overwhelming odors or allergies. They are practically safe
  • They are also affordable given their design and functionality

5. Four Set White Goose Feather and Goose Down Pillows

This is one of the best feather pillows for anyone looking to stop bad sleeping habits of constantly turning and overturning as well as insomnia. It can make you fall asleep very fast and manage to make you wake up relaxed.

Moreover, it is evenly filled with 95% of white goose feathers and 5% of white goose down. Besides, it measures 30 by 20 and comes with a 95 gsm super soft microfiber.

In relation, the pillow filling of these feather pillows have been treated so as to prevent the constant growth of bacteria, mold, fungus, and mildew. You won’t have to worry about any of these effects on your body/skin.


  • Available size - 20" W x 30" L
  • Set of 4 pillows
  • Easy to wash
  • Longer than other queen size pillows
feather pillow reviews

These four-set feather pillows are meant to ease your comfort level and make you whole sleeping experience enjoyable, they never fail in what they do. You will never have any bad experience with it as the feathers will never prick you and the fluff will never bother you at all.

You just need to constantly air it and fluff it up every now and then for it to maintain its puffiness.

Besides, the four-set comes at an affordable rate when compared to other four-set pillow feathers with same features.


  • Its pillow fill has been treated for safety from bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi
  • It is easy to wash and maintain


  • It might be big for some people but still, provides the required support system

Customers Who Purchased This Feather Pillows Said

  • These four-set pillows have no discernible scents
  • They are fair when it comes to pricing
  • It can prevent insomnia by making you fall deep into its peaceful slumber to a refreshed wake
  • It is the perfect fluff for a restful sleep night


Conclusively, feather pillows are the best kind of pillows if you know what you are looking for. They can easily fix any sleep issue you have as well as prevent back and neck pains for a proper sleep pattern.

Basically, a great feather pillow is the answer to all you sleep problems because the better you fall asleep faster the easier it would be to wake up refreshed.

So, invest wisely when it comes to small beddings like pillows they can do wonders to your entire health system.

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