10 Best Mattress Topper for College Dorm (Buying Guide)

We know how difficult it is to focus in class when you haven’t slept a bit. The mattress in your dorm is just too stiff and uncomfortable. But replacing it is too expensive or too problematic because of logistics.

What’s the solution then? Easy, you get a mattress topper to start sleeping like a member of a royal family.

That’s why we found the best mattress topper for college after several hours of research and testing, plus tons of consultations with experts, manufacturers, and buyers.

That would be the OCM College Classic Mattress Pad. After getting one of these, you can say goodbye to sleepless nights.

In some cases, it may even help you relieve pain and other issues you may be suffering. And that’s something that only a hugely expensive mattress can do (which you probably can’t afford right now).

Best Product - Our Top 3 Picks

Linenspa Gel-Infused Topper

Best Price

Material:  Gel-Infused PU Memory Foam

Thickness: 2 or 3 Inches

Size: 37 x 74 Inches

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Supreme

Best Quality

Material: TEMPUR Memory Foam

Thickness:  3 Inches

Size: 37 x 74 Inches

Sealy TrueForm

Best Value

Material: Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Thickness: 2 or 3 Inches

•Size: 37 x 74 inches

10 Best Mattress Toppers for College Reviews 2022

Let’s say you want to know more about our top choices. Well, here we’re going over all their details, significant features, disadvantages, and more. And to make it even better, you’ll get 7 additional high-quality toppers to learn from.  

We’ve reviewed each one to the last detail and brought up every single important thing to know about them. If you’re genuinely interested in getting one of these, then our reviews below will help you enormously:

1. LINENSPA Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you have the chance to pick a go-to brand for your bedroom accessories, don’t hesitate to pick LINENSPA. There’s almost nothing negative to say about it.

The first thing you’ll notice is a magnificently comfortable gel-infused foam construction. It is a high-quality polyurethane topper that doesn’t let you have a bad night of sleep.

This is only possible thanks to the gel beads. They regulate temperature by dissipating heat and improving freshness. 


  • Size: 37 x 74 Inches
  • Thickness: 2 or 3 Inches
  • Material: Gel-Infused PU Memory Foam
  • Warranty: 3 Years

It is CertiPUR-US certified for enhanced durability, content and performance. Besides, you can sleep on it on whichever position you want and it will not strain any part of your body.

This queen mattress under $500 is very affordable given it can last for over a decade and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Its high-tech technology allows it to be compressed and rolled for easier shipping and set-up. You will just have to give it a bit of time to plush up to its 12-inch size.


  • Unmatched price for its quality
  • Gel beads will keep you fresh
  • Hypoallergenic and bug-free materials
  • Unbeatable comfort & support level


  • Tends to absorb smells over time

The extreme level of comfort is not only because of the gel beads. It is also thanks to the superb weight distribution it offers. This will reduce pressure points exponentially, removing any pain you may suffer from.

Taking the quality even higher, the mattress comes in thicknesses of both 2 and 3 inches. You can pick the 2-inch model for maximum breathability or the 3-inch model for superb hugs from the foam. No matter what you choose, it will feel comfortable at all times.

And even then, you can fit it with almost any college mattress thanks to its Twin size. There won’t be a single problem setting it up.

Reviews & Tests

Quality Foam Build

There’s nothing like an excellent choice of materials for a durable, comfortable, and practical product. The Linenspa Gel-Infused topper offers precisely that, using polyurethane foam to get the job done.

Completely Hypoallergenic

You won’t have to worry about allergies with this topper. Thanks to its hypoallergenic and odorless material, you can sleep on it without even using a cover, that’s how safe it is.

Ultra-Plush Experience

The unbeatable ergonomics on this mattress will make it hard not to fall asleep right away. Such quality polyurethane memory foam offers an ultra-plush experience that surpasses softness hopes.  

2. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Supreme Medium Firm Mattress Topper

If you’re willing to spend on a premium-quality topper, then we can’t recommend the TEMPUR Supreme enough.

This is a 3-inch model for people who are willing to never sleep poorly in their college dorm again. But it’s also a convenient option if you want to travel around. So it kills two birds with one stone.

It all starts with its high-end memory foam construction, a patented TEMPUR material at 3 inches that hugs your body softly while offering unbeatable freshness.

Yet, it is the ability to adapt to your body that truly stands out. It will distribute your body correctly, prevent pains of any kind, and increase your comfort exponentially – no matter where you are.


  • Size: 38 x 74 Inches
  • Thickness: 3 Inches
  • Material: TEMPUR Memory Foam
  • Warranty: 10 Years

If you’re willing to spend on a premium-quality topper, then we can’t recommend the TEMPUR Supreme enough.

This is a 3-inch model for people who are willing to never sleep poorly in their college dorm again. But it’s also a convenient option if you want to travel around. So it kills two birds with one stone.

It all starts with its high-end memory foam construction, a patented TEMPUR material at 3 inches that hugs your body softly while offering unbeatable freshness.

Yet, it is the ability to adapt to your body that truly stands out. It will distribute your body correctly, prevent pains of any kind, and increase your comfort exponentially – no matter where you are.


  • Tempur material offers extra support & durability
  • Has a cool and insulated material
  • Easy-to-clean with practical cover
  • Doesn’t smell or produce allergies


  • A bit expensive

3. Sealy TrueForm Memory Foam Mattress Topper

At first sight, the TrueForm topper from Sealy looks like a yoga mat. But when you lay on it, the topper feels like clouds.

That’s how amazingly comfortable it is. Feeling as if your body is weightless while sleeping in your college dorm? Only the TrueForm topper is capable of that.

This is only possible with the adaptive memory foam construction. It hugs you softly and keeps your body elevated, away from the firmness of the bed. Falling sleep will be a no-brainer on this topper.


  • Size: 37 x 74 inches
  • Thickness: 2 or 3 Inches
  • Material: Gel-Infused Memory Foam
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Making this topper fit your college bed won’t be a problem either. It comes with the perfect Twin design at 37 by 74 inches. You can put it on any mattress and cover it with ease.

The topper also comes in either 2 or 3 inches thick, depending on what you prefer. You can decide between a tight hug at 2 inches and an ultra-soft embrace at 3 inches.

Either way, the topper is super-soft to bring around and extra-flexible. You won’t have any problem moving it in and out your dorm, or setting it up in any bed you get to. That’s how amazing it is.


  • Amazingly soft memory foam
  • Perfect size for college-dorm beds
  • Ultra-flexible and light design for portability
  • Durable and smell-free material


  • Won’t relieve pressure points

4. OCM College Classic Twin XL Egg Crate Mattress Pad

There are many things to enjoy about this mattress pad from OCM College. One of them is the super-comfy design with a unique egg crate pattern.

This excellent contour is entirely ergonomic, ensuring an extra cozy experience from the first moment of use to the last.

And when you add the egg-crate construction with polyurethane foam, then it gets clear this is a topper that lasts.


  • Size: 34 x 76 Inches
  • Thickness: 1.5 inches
  • Material: Egg-Crate Memory Foam
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Another excellent feature to know is the fantastic softness. Sure, it will support any student’s weight well with its sturdy build. But it is the magnificently soft springy foam that takes it to another level.

If that wasn’t enough, the topper is still only 1.5 inches thick. You won’t have any problem setting it up with any dorm bed.

And to make it even better, it comes at a perfect Twin XL size. So it won’t be a problem to fit with most college mattresses. Sleeping like a student will be a thing of the past with this topper.


  • The decent comfort level for its cost
  • Fits well on any twin bed or slightly larger
  • Offers decent ventilation
  • Super-practical light & moldable material


  • The ultra-thin build doesn’t provide any support

5. Duro-Med Hospital Foam Bed Topper

Even though it is specially designed for hospitals, that doesn’t mean a college student can get the most out of it.

In fact, precisely because it is made for hospital use is that we love this bed topper, as it offers every single feature a comfy topper should.

Its memory foam egg-crate construction, for example, is perfect for preventing pains and pressure points. If you want to sleep stress-free at night, then you’ll love this build.

Similarly, it offers exceptional breathability, so you won’t have to worry about overheating (either at day or night).


  • Size: 33 x 72 Inches
  • Thickness: 2 inches
  • Material: Memory Foam

There are many other features to enjoy this mattress, like its exceptional weight distribution.

Most college mattresses are stiff and have no bounce. This topper fixes that while ensuring a stable and firm sleep all night.

To take it a step further, it comes with a superb top pattern that releases stress and improves overall ventilation. Sleeping in this topper, no matter how bad your college dorm bed, will be a total pleasure.


  • The egg-crate pattern ensures proper support
  • Distributes your weight perfectly
  • Soft foam increases comfort exponentially
  • Breathable and fresh at all times


  • Not durable

6. Synwell Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Ventilation Memory Foam Mattress

There aren’t many high-quality toppers like the Lucid Zone Lavender at an excellent cost. So it is an option you can’t dismiss.

The amazingness of this topper starts with the memory foam construction. It is infused with lavender, adding an extra aroma that makes it smell amazing.

But it isn’t the aroma that stands out the most. It is the addition of textured zones with the 5-Zoned system. These specialized structure zones have the sole purpose of reducing pressure points and increasing comfort exponentially.


  • Size: 38 x 75 Inches
  • Thickness: 2 or 3 Inches
  • Material: Lavender-Infused Memory Foam
  • Warranty: 3 Years
Queen Gel Infused Ventilation Memory Foam Mattress

To make it even better, the memory foam formula is among the most breathable and responsive out there. You can be sure that even in the hottest or heaviest nights, you can sleep comfortably and calmly.

You won’t feel a single pain, whether on your hips, shoulders, or knees. Along with the ability to come with 2 or 3 inches in thickness, you can be sure this topper won’t let you down in the slightest.


  • The exceptional smell makes it a pleasure to sleep on
  • Decently breathable & cool material
  • Offers excellent pressure-point support
  • Pretty affordable despite its top quality


  • Not ideal for someone with allergies

7. Sleep Innovations Enhanced Support Mattress Topper

For those who want to take their sleep to the next level, the Enhanced Support and the Ultra Soft Support models from Sleep Innovation will come like a charm.

Both models are exceptionally well-made, but we recommend the Enhanced Support for its price and exceptional fill. It boasts a 2-inch gel memory foam layer that cools down and maintains temperature fresh and a 2-inch quilted fiber-filled layer that feels precisely like a pillow.

Together, they make the topper feels amazingly comfortable in any situation, offering a total of 4 inches of thickness that improves sleep like no other. 


  • Size: 39 x 75
  • Thickness: 4 inches
  • Material: 2-Layer Fiberfill & Memory Foam
  • Warranty: 10 Years

There’s a lot more to this cover than that. One of the features you’ll love is the hypoallergenic fill and materials. Both the fiberfill and the memory foam are incredibly safe to use even if you’re deeply allergic.

And if that wasn’t enough, the topper is super practical. You can move it around easily if needed. Add the super washable cover it comes with, and cleaning it will be a piece of cake.


  • Combines fiberfill with foam for extra support
  • Feels fresh and ultra-comfy at all times
  • A washable cover makes it ultra-handy
  • Has a hypoallergenic material


  • Has a weird smell at first

8. AmazonBasics Cooling Gel-Infused Memory Foam Topper

You wouldn’t think of AmazonBasics as a go-to brand for home products. But it is, and it works just like the best ones.

This mattress topper, for example, offers an excellent 2-inch gel memory foam construction that increases comfort exponentially. However, the advantage comes from the conforming feature, which wraps around your body to add extra support and perfect weight distribution.

Feeling pressure points and pain after sleeping on this topper is not possible. That’s how amazingly well-made it is.


  • Size: 39 x 75 inches
  • Thickness: 2 Inches
  • Material: Gel-Infused Memory Foam
  • Warranty: 10 Years

Another exceptional benefit you shouldn’t overlook is the gel infusion. It keeps your body fresh for hours while adding extra breathability so you can sleep freshly even in the hottest days.

All of that matches well with the super-practical topper design. It is decently thin for easy transport, and thanks to the vacuum-packed presentation it offers, you can take it anywhere before using it.

And if all this wasn’t enough, the topper is decently affordable and durable. So you’ll have nothing to complain about.


  • Ensures fresh sleep at all times
  • Increases comfort on any bed
  • Practical design makes it easy to transport
  • Wraps around your body for extra support


  • Takes a lot of time to unpack

9. Subrtex Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

We love it when a brand focuses on delivering the highest-quality product possible. Subrtex does precisely that with this gel-infused mattress topper.

If you’re a college student looking for exceptional sleeping help, then you’ll find the conforming memory foam amazingly helpful. It is available in 2, 3, or 4 inches thicknesses, offering the chance to get as much support or plushness as you need.

This matches well with the exceptional gel infusion, adding extra comfort but also ensuring perfect airflow throughout the topper. You won’t have to worry about overheating ever again.


  • Size: 39 x 75 inches
  • Thickness: 2, 3 or 4 Inches
  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Warranty: 10 Years

There’s a lot more to enjoy from this topper, though. For example, it offers one of the thickest builds in the market, increasing the density of the piece, and ensuring maximum durability.

This matches well with the bamboo cover. It is totally removable so you can clean it up whenever you need, quickly.

And lastly, it comes with no harmful chemicals like phthalates or formaldehyde, making it wholly hypoallergenic and safe to use.


  • Super-dense build for the quality support
  • Ensures fresh and comfortable sleep
  • Offers a durable construction all around
  • The bamboo cover makes it more practical


  • Soft material loses shape over time

10. GREATON High-Density Foam Topper

If you’re looking for a decently affordable product that gets the job done, then the Greaton High-Density model will be your best bet.

It comes with high-density foam for an exceptional cost. This means you get the comfort and support necessary to make your nights a lot more pleasant.

This support adds up to a pressure-relieving design. You won’t have to worry about pressure points on back, shoulders, hips, and other body parts. Instead, you can feel totally relieved even in the most challenging nights.


  • Size: 38 x 75 Inches
  • Thickness: 1 Inch
  • Material: Memory Foam

Another excellent feature is the orthopedic design. It prevents weird movements and positions, which keeps you well-postured when sleeping. This will prevent annoyances and pains that grow overnight.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you can still enjoy the ventilating pores on the build. These pores increase airflow and help you have a fresher night every time.

Saying goodbye to sleepless nights for low cost is totally possible with this topper.


  • Unbelievably cheap for the quality
  • Has a highly ventilated construction
  • Super-flexible and easy to transport material
  • Soft material makes it super comfortable


  • It needs time to expand to its original shape

Mattress Topper for College Dorm Buying Guide – Things to Consider

Everyone wants the best mattress topper for college dorm, but few really know what that means. That’s why we want to help you out pick the perfect model by teaching you the most important factors to consider.

Here’s a list of key characteristics to look for if you want a quality topper for your dorm bed:

Size & Fit

The first thing you’ll need to think about is whether the topper fits with your mattress. If you’re in a college dorm, there’s a high chance we’re talking about a Twin size. This usually means 35 by 75 inches. Any topper that fits that size is probably good enough. Also, it should let you put a cover over if needed.

Comfort & Softness

What type of comfort are you looking for? Some people prefer a topper that hugs or molds around their bodies. Other people prefer maximum softness, something that feels like a cloud. And a few others would love a firm topper that makes their ultra-plush mattress more supportive. Look for what feels ideal.

Thickness & Density

The thickness of a topper will tell you a lot about its softness, firmness, and comfort, and support it offers. You will find toppers going from 2 to 4 inches in this article. If you’re looking for softness, then 4 inches and more will be ideal. But if you want a thin layer of support, then a 2-inch topper will suffice.

Be aware that affordable models are usually just foam, while most expensive models can offer extra support. This will help you pick the ideal thickness by taking the price into account. 

Support & Pain Relief

You want the mattress to help you sleep more comfortably, but also without pain. That’s why you should focus on models that come with pressure-point-relieving builds. These will keep your torso, back, limbs, hips, and shoulders free of pressure. Also, they may help you relieve pain after a tiresome day.

Insulation & Breathability

Apart from comfort and support, consider a topper that is breathable enough to give you a fresh experience. This is especially useful if you live in a hot area. We recommend gel-infused materials for the best experience.

If you prefer something warmth because you live in a cold place, then go for wool or down feather toppers. These will add more warmth to the bed and help you sleep comfortably.

Noise Reduction

Even though it seems unnecessary, the right topper may also prevent the bed from making too much noise. Especially on college mattresses that may have tons of broken springs, you want a topper that reduces this noise exponentially.

Safety & Health

Do you suffer from allergies? Then go for a topper with hypoallergenic materials. At the same time, be sure it comes without harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, phthalates, and similar ones. Lastly, it should prevent mildew, mites, and bed bugs growth for extra safety.


The focus of a topper is to change your bed without getting a new bulky and annoying mattress. That’s why you must consider models that are easy to move around, washable, and storable. The more practical the topper, the better the experience you’ll have with the product.

What Topper Material to Consider?

Now that you’ve learned about the features to consider let’s go deeper into the materials these toppers are made from. Choosing the right material is essential, so we’ll explain what each offers so you can go for the one that matches your needs:

Memory Foam

A typical material for pillows and mattresses, but also the most common among toppers – memory foam is a go-to choice for people who want quality for a decent cost. We recommend memory foam for its ability to offer proper comfort and breathability.

Egg Crate

This material offers the same advantages as memory foam. The difference is that egg-crate usually offers bumps or a particular pattern on the surface. This pattern helps to relieve pain and ensure support. Also, it is more affordable than standard memory foam while adding decent breathability.


Probably the most expensive of all topper materials, latex is a go-to choice for people who want maximum support and comfort. It prevents bad smells and usually comes with hypoallergenic & anti-microbial properties. Also, this material hugs the body and tends to last a lifetime with proper care.


These are made of a combination of several materials, going from polyester to cotton, rayon, and so on. The most resistant fabrics are used on the outside. On the inside, it comes with soft and supple portions for comfort. Fiberfill tends to be pretty affordable but not washable or durable enough. 


If your goal is to increase overall insulation on the bed, then you can go for a wool topper. The comfort level is also fantastic. But while it helps to reduce cold exponentially, it won’t help you with support. It is also relatively expensive, so we only recommend it if you need to warm up your bed. 

Down Feathers

In case you want the warming effect of wool but with an extra touch of support, then down feathers is your best option. The comfort level is supreme, and the price is usually super-low. But as a disadvantage, down feathers don’t last too long, and washing them can be a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s say you skimmed through our buying guide and learned a thing or two about mattress toppers. But even then, you’re still confused about certain things. Well, here we may answer those doubts:

What is a mattress topper?

If you’re looking for a mattress topper, you probably know what it is. But let’s say you don’t. Well, the best way to explain it to you is to say that a topper works as an extra layer on your mattress. So, instead of feeling the firmness or plush directly from the bed, you feel it from the topper.

It is a perfect way to add more firmness or more plushness. Whether you’re looking for extra support or for higher comfort, a mattress topper is the best way to achieve that. It works wonders on old mattresses.

Are mattress toppers and mattress pads different things?

Yes, a topper works as an extra layer for your mattress, located only at the top, usually to add support and softness to the bed. In contrast, mattress pads tend to cover the whole bed and typically offer a thinner layer on top that works for slight support, comfort, or warmth.

While they offer a similar experience, they work differently. You could say a topper is like thin mattress while a pad is like a comforter for the mattress.

How is a mattress topper different from a mattress protector?

Instead of working as extra layers for comfort or firmness on the mattress, a protector’s entire job is to keep any type of liquid, dust, or dirt from reaching the mattress. Protectors don’t usually add any kind of comfort-related effect to the mattress, they just protect. In contrast, toppers work as extra layers.

What are the advantages of using a mattress topper in college?

If you’re already a college student suffering from the uncomfortable traits of a dorm bed, then you already know why a topper may be so helpful. If not, here are a few benefits to consider:

  • It transforms firm mattresses into soft ones
  • Makes damaged bed mattresses feel like new
  • Prevent and alleviate pressure points (back pains and other aches)
  • Increase the cushioning of your bed exponentially
  • Are totally light, portable, and easy to use
  • Can be washed more easily than any mattress
  • Prevents allergies and protects from contaminants

So there’s almost no reason to avoid getting a mattress topper for your college dorm. They will make your stay a lot better.


So, did you learn something about the best mattress topper for college? We hope so.

Just remember that there are still tons of different options to go for. So we recommend taking your time and picking only the ones that truly meet your demands.

Don’t hesitate to follow our advice as well as our recommendations. As long as you do this, picking a topper that transforms your college dorm experience will be a lot easier.

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