Best Ozone Generator Reviews

Searching for the best way to remove foul odors and air contaminants in your surroundings, there is no better device than an ozone generator. As much as ozone is toxic to humans, the best ozone generator is designed to emit ozone gas that ozonizes, purifies and cleanses your unoccupied space. It can be very powerful when it comes to removing noxious and smoke odors, decontaminating bacteria, viruses, and mold in occupied spaces. It can also treat tap water, wash fruits and vegetables, and freshen laundry closets as well as cleanse dentures and toothbrushes. If used correctly it will be more valuable than harmful, just stay away from the room that it is purifying.

Best Ozone Generator

Therefore, look no further than this ozone generator review, when it comes to buying the best ozone generator. It highlights how it runs and for how long as well as safety measures to take while operating it and some buying tips. So read on…

Our Top Pick

Mammoth Commerical Ozone Generator

This is the best ozone generator in this review, as it has super-quality mold control and odor elimination capabilities. Sterilizing, and deodorizing the surrounding unoccupied space for up to 6,000 hours continuously without replacing its filter.

Its metal design makes it durable. Besides, it is highly portable for easy room-to-room purification with very low energy consumption. You can use its timer to control the level of ozone elimination.

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What Is An Ozone Generator?

An ozone generator is a highly versatile device that can work at different quality levels to eliminate any foul odor, mold, and mildew as well as floating bacteria and viruses in the air.

It works by sucking contaminated air on one side, only to remove it as ozone, which then tackles all the irritating and nauseating contaminants in a closed space.

After some time depending on the size of your space, you can turn the ozone generator off and open the room or vehicle for the ozone air to blow away. This gas does not linger so much but decays into diatomic useful oxygen.

In relation, this unit can remove the toughest of dirt and any kind of persistent bad smells. They are highly useful in commercial and residential properties.

Ozone is very dangerous, so you should handle the ozone generator with care during use. It is not healthy and can be harmful to animals and humans.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for While Buying Ozone Generators?

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the safe operation of an ozone generator, it is time you get to know how to pick a quality one, depending on your regular needs.

This ozone generator review will help you out when it comes to essential features and other buying tips to look out for if you want the best ozone generator for quality and fast purification.

  • Mode of Generation– Each type of this air purification generator creates ozone in different ways. Therefore, you can make your pick by their mode of generation, be it ultraviolet light generators, corona discharge generators, electrolyte generators or cold plasma generators. Just do a bit of research and make a pick based on use, effectiveness, safety as well as energy consumption and level of ozone output.
  • Generator Size– You should consider its size for portability sake and easier movement from room to room. Besides, these units never occupy much storage space but pick one that takes little space with regard to its efficiency during operation.
  • Ozone Production Capacity– Quality production of ozone is important, the higher the better as it equals to more exposure to fresh oxygen. Remember, the ozone gas will quickly decay to oxygen after the decontamination is complete.
  • Gas Distribution- The fan used in the elimination of ozone also matters, but bigger is never better as it will reduce the lifespan of the unit’s plates. You can opt for models with two fans for efficient distribution of the This also eliminates the needed for external fans during the ozone treatment.
  • Unit Construction- Unit housing matters as it determines durability level as well as ease of portability. It should be compact but functional as well as resistant to ultraviolet and chemicals for enhanced longevity.
  • Odor Removal and Mold Control-The best ozone generator can easily get rid of any odor, but does it take care of the mold and other air contaminants. So consider its versatility in terms of use before buying. In relation, opt for a unit that can be of use in different environments be it at home, in the car and many other places that need purification.
  • Maintenance– Consider its maintenance costs like replacing plates, as well as ease of cleaning and fuse replacement. The easier it is for you to clean the better, so you will not spend any money on professional help. Better maintenance also enhances its productivity level.

1. Mammoth Commerical Ozone Generator

Are you looking for the best heavy-duty industrial ozone generator, get this one. It is easy to operate and uses very low energy during operation, but at the same time emitting high levels of ozone for a quick and faster treatment, over 5,000mg/hr.

It is considered the best ozone generator, due to its ability to eliminate different kinds of odor as well as control mold in your space, using its one large fan. This unit can take care of any mal-odor be it from mold, pets, smoke, paint, cooking and even fumes from cleaning substances. Likewise, it can remove and retard the growth of mildew, mold, and fungus.

You can smoothly run this generator continuously for up to 2 years or 6,000 hours without replacing its filters. Besides, its ozone plates are not that expensive when it comes to replacing.

Moreover, it is a purifier, deodorizer, and sterilizer featuring a timer for easy control of ozone production. It has a compact design yet so powerful. You can carry it with its fixed handle, to anywhere that you want to eliminate bad odor and mold.

Its metal design adds to its durability, allowing it to last for years.

  • Inexpensive to maintain and operate
  • Has a 30-day unconditional replacement or refund policy
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Ideal for use in unoccupied spaces only

2. Ozone Power OP5000 Commercial Air Ozone Generator

Looking for a conveniently portable ozone generator for the money, consider this brand among your top picks. It is the only model in the current market, which can use the commercial Propriety Hex Tech ozone plates with high-voltage electrical charges for high levels of ozone production.

It can deliver over 5,000mg/hr. of ozone, eliminating 100% of different kinds of odor from cooking odors, bad smell from mold infestation, cigarette smoke as well as pet odor in unoccupied spaces. Likewise, it can take care of mold at the molecular level.

In addition, its back part has a stainless steel pre-filter for keeping all unwanted pollutants and dust away from the 5-inch upgraded fan and ozone plate. You can easily remove and clean this back design pre-filter.

Moreover, it is highly versatile when it comes to operation, as it can be used in cars, apartments, and homes. Besides, it can efficiently cover large areas in fewer cycles and small spaces in less time.

It comes assembled and ready for use. You just plug it in 110V power source using the accompanying power cord and set the timer. Its upgraded 3-hour timer can make it run 50% more than other regular units can.

  • Economical to operate and maintain
  • Portable with a steady carry handle
  • 5-year exchangeable warranty for the unit but not its consumable ozone plates
  • High ozone output
  • The power cable is short

3. Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator

This is one small ozone generator with powerful ozone emissions. It can produce over 6,000mg/hr. ozone, eliminating all smoke odors, odor from smoke damages, water damages, cleaning fumes, paint as well as odor from cooking, pets, smoke, cigarette, dust and other air irritants.

Moreover, it can also remove and prevent the occurrence of mold, fungus, and mildew. Apart from destroying all odors, it also leaves the space very fresh for better and easier breathability.

You can rely on it to consume very little energy, as it works very fast and efficiently using its large fan. Its improved timer also enhances it operation by allowing you to control the length of the purification. Besides, this timer is very sturdy, so is its steel casing for longevity sake.

In addition, its compact and lightweight industrial construction allows it to be used almost anywhere be it cars, boats, offices, and homes, as long as there is no human or animal occupant within the space during operation. It comes with a convenient carry handle embedded on top of it.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Features a timer
  • Low level of maintenance, no filters to clean
  • Has a one-year warranty
  • The power cord is only 5-feet long
  • It becomes louder than its normal buzzing sound after 40,000 hours of runtime

4. OdorStop Professional Grade Ozone Generator

This unit is the most expensive in this top 10 list of ozone generator review. Nonetheless, it is also one of the most efficient and versatile devices here. It has two ozone plates for variable ozone output ranging from low, medium to high.

In addition, its sporax pre-filter is able to protect the plates and keep away any unwanted pollutants from its systems.

It can sanitize and deodorize unoccupied medium to large rooms from hotels, apartments, condominiums, homes, basements, restrooms, daycare centers, and offices among others.

Moreover, it can eliminate any form of severe odor caused by mildew, mold, fire, tobaccos, smoke, animals as well as bad irritating smells from flood and water damages. It can also take care odors from cooking.

This lightweight generator has a 12-hour timer with a constant on-hold option. Its level of durability and longevity when it comes to its operation is aided by its sturdy aluminum body construction.

Besides, this brand stands by its unique model through a 30-day return policy. It comes with a video that demonstrates how to use and maintain it better for optimal functionality through the years.

  • Variable ozone output
  • 5-year warranty
  • Features a power indicator light
  • Compact with a secure carry handle
  • A bit expensive but highly effective

5. Clevr Commercial Ozone Generator

This compact and lightweight ozone generator can emit up to 5,000mg/hr. taking care of any mal-odor from pets, cleaner fumes, paint, cigarette smoke, dust, mold as well as cooking odors. Moreover, it can easily remove, control and prevent the growth of fungus, mold, and mildew in your space.

Its high volume of ozone production makes it ideal for use in small, medium and large spaces, operating efficiently in the shortest time possible.

This portable unit has a fixed carry handle on its top part, making it easier to move around to disinfect boats, cars, offices, and homes, leaving them smelling fresh like spring rain. Additionally, it features a timer function with an on-hold option.

Besides, it is easy to clean and has a low-cost maintenance level, as it comes with washable pre-filters. It also has an industrial grade steel casing that enhances its longevity keeping it clean for years of use.

As with other devices of its kind, it is to be used in unoccupied spaces only.

  • Energy efficient, 110V
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly design
  • Powerful and efficient odor eliminator and deodorizer
  • 1-year LIMITED warranty
  • For use in unoccupied spaces only

6. Airthereal Commercial Ozone Generator

This commercial unit for deodorizing, purifying and sterilizing rooms and cars is the perfect pick for those looking for a powerful yet energy-efficient ozone machine.

It has a 5,000mg/hr. ozone output that eliminates all kinds of odor, viruses, and bacteria in musty basements, restaurants and bars, homes, kitchens, offices, classrooms, and hospitals.  Moreover, it can also take care of odor from fire and water damage.

Besides, you can only use it in unoccupied spaces, just set its 120-minute appropriately timer and leave the room. It will take in between 10-60 minutes to decontaminate the space. You can use the user manual for proper timer set-up, as 100 square feet space takes 7 minutes while a 500 square feet area will take 60 minutes.

For rooms up to 1000 square feet, you can leave the device in HOLD mode. After which, you can wait up to 30 minutes to one hour, after decontamination is done, to get back in the room or car.

Moreover, this portable ozone generator is very easy to maintain and is equipped with a comfortable rubber handle for easier movement to anywhere you want to decontaminate. You can run it twice a week for an ethereal ambiance.

  • 3-year warranty
  • Comes with a convenient user manual for better operation and maintenance
  • Durable metal, aluminum alloy construction
  • Energy saving, as it uses only 50 watts
  • Very harmful and can only be used in unoccupied spaces, no human or animal contact with it during operations

7. Alpine Air Commercial Ozone Generator

If you want a small ozone generator for multiple uses at home or office be it deodorization, sterilization, air purification, humidification, and ionization, then here is one at an affordable rate. This unit can be useful in your bedroom, garage, and kitchen or anywhere else you want to purify.

It can provide 4,000mg/hr. of ozone for sanitizing and breaking down all kinds of air pollutants, microorganism, and foul odor.

Moreover, it features a 2 hour-timer that you can use to set up the ozone treatment duration. It also has a hold ON option, you can use for larger spaces requiring more operation time. In relation, it features a powerful high-quality ionization lamp that makes it the best choice for commercial spaces or large office areas.

It guarantees up to 6,000 hours of efficient runtime without the need of replacing its filters. After which, you can check its condition and easily remove its ozone plate and replace its ceramic plate.

This unit can enhance your healthy life by reducing your chances of contracting different kinds of respiratory ailments, hay fever, viral and bacterial infections, pneumonia and tuberculosis to some extent. It also minimizes the risk of allergies in your surrounding air.

  • Has a one-year quick replacement warranty
  • Features a removable lifetime metal mesh pre-filter
  • Compact design with a convenient stable carry handle for easier portability
  • Quick Access Holder ceramic ozone plate
  • Strictly to be used in unoccupied spaces only

8. VIVOSUN Commercial Ozone Generator

This unit is best for removing all types of odor be it from pets, paints, cigarettes, pollen, mold and other discomforting airborne pollutants and allergens. It is very powerful delivering between 3,500-5,000 plus mg/hr. of ozone in spaces up to 4,500 square feet. However, this coverage depends on the existing air quality within the space.

Besides, it has a strong 80CFM fan for proper heat dissipation, so that the ozone emitted does not cut out. In relation, its ceramic plate is highly durable and rated at 7,000 hours, after which you can easily replace it.

This portable ozone generator has a carry handle for easy carriage. It features a 2 hour-timer for an easier set-up of the generator for efficient air purification. Its hold ON knob, allows you to operate it for more hours in unoccupied large spaces.

However, for large particles, dust and hair, its pre-filtration system consisting of a high-density cotton pad can prevent them from causing damages to the unit and ensuring that the device performs better throughout the years.

It is low-maintenance and with modular and inexpensive internal plates. Given that the brand is well-known, it will not be hard to find any of its replaceable parts in any power tool and generator store.

  • 3-year warranty and a hassle-free 30-day return policy
  • 24/7 aftersales customer support via e-mail, hotline, and messages
  • Quiet operation, 35 decibels
  • Powerful and fast purification capabilities
  • Can only be used in unoccupied spaces, which can be inconvenient for a home with indoor only pets

9. BIZOND Portable Ozone Generator

This small ozone generator is very easy to operate and maintain. It comes at an affordable price given its efficiency during ozone treatment.

This wireless lightweight unit comes with powerful lithium metal batteries and an auto shut down feature that guarantees low energy consumption and safety, as it sterilizes and deodorizes your items and space.

It has one control button that can be operated in two functional modes, turbo and base mode. Just one touch turns the base mode for efficient air purification, bacteria elimination, and removal of odors from paint, pets, toilet, shoes, cigarettes, and chemicals.

You can hold the same button to turn ON turbo mode for the removal of up to 99% of other kinds of odor, allergens, viruses, formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene.

Nevertheless, base mode is safe for humans and animals. Just turn it on and leave the room for 15 minutes after which you can ventilate the space for 20 seconds. However, for large spaces turn ON turbo mode several times in a row, space should be unoccupied.

Moreover, you can use it to disinfect home environments, cafes, offices, cars, refrigerators, furniture, wardrobes, duffel bags, kids’ toys and other areas where regular air purifiers cannot reach.

  • Energy efficient with two FREE chargers for home and car use
  • 3-year warranty and a 24/7 customer care support system
  • Has a convenient user manual
  • 100% money back guarantee if unsatisfied with it
  • No timer

10. Fresh Air Commercial Ozone Generator

For a durable stainless steel ozone generator model, opt for this one here. It is the most affordable in this ozone generator review. Moreover, its removable built-in ozone plate has a 5,000-hour rating. The plate is very easy to replace.

This portable ozone generator is highly versatile, meaning it can be used in hotels, bars, and restaurants, homes, vehicles, boats, commercial buildings, warehouses and classrooms among other places that need deodorization.

It can eliminate any kind of bad odor from the cigar and cigarette smoke, dust, pet odor as well as odor from cooking, paint, cleaning solvents, fumes, water damages, fire and smoke damages among other airborne irritants. Besides, it does not mask the odor it eliminates it completely leaving your space fresh.

In addition, it can remove allergens like pollen, mold, and mildew. Kill bacteria, germs, and viruses.

This machine has a timer for an easy set. You can always return to your space 2 hours after it has turned off. It is low-maintenance with no filters to clean.

It comes ready for use in unoccupied spaces of up to 3,500 square feet, consuming very little power of only 50 watts. You also get an extra fuse inside the machine plug for backup.

  • Compact and portable design
  • CE approval
  • 1-year warranty and 30-day unconditional refund policy
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly
  • The pungent chlorine-like smell from it takes a while before it completely dissipates unlike other units that dispel it fast

How Does An Ozone Generator Work?

The ozone generator is very useful in unoccupied industrial and medical applications where there are appropriate guidelines for safety measures. However, for home use, it can be harmful causing respiratory ailments unless it follows the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration.

Besides, there are standards set by the public health for the safe and maximum amount of ozone exposure to humans and animals. Nonetheless, you should note that for ozone to kill any viruses and bacteria, it would likely have to exceed the public health standards.

How Residential Ozone Generators Work?

  • Ozone generator pulls in ambient air. However, a filter holds the dust and insects back so they do not lodge in the corona cell.
  • After which a fan accelerates air through the ozone generator for the creation of ozone gas.
  • Then a very powerful and high-voltage corona system converts the oxygen to ozone and the powerful ozone leaves the unit to start oxidizing all the harmful contaminants and odor in the surrounding air.
  • The whole process takes less than a second. Besides, a protective stainless steel grill ensures that you do not accidentally touch the corona cell during operation.

As for an industrial ozone generator, it will work the same way as an ambient air unit but with very clean oxygen or air. Moreover, they have a corona cell made to produce very high concentrations of ozone for proper bleaching of wood pulp, purifying of water, detoxifying cyanide waste as well as killing bacteria and viruses.

How Long To Run Ozone Generator?

If you are unfamiliar with the use and operation of an ozone generator, you can rely on its fine print instructional manual and not its brand website for more knowledge about it. This is because the online websites are never that thorough.

Nonetheless, according to the size and quality of your ozone generator, the instructional manual is likely to give durations within 12-72 hours, depending on the space you are purifying.

However, there is always some level of flexibility and general rules when it comes to running it. For cars and truck, you can leave it for an hour but for apartments, hotels, and RVs it can take 1-3 hours while houses and offices need 3-6 hours.

The standard for the best ozone generator is currently at 20,000-40,000 mg/hr. for the best and shortest treatment time. Nevertheless, the higher the ozone production the faster the purification, meaning less run time.

Ozone Generator Safety Precautions

As with any other chemical treatment products, ozone can be very hazardous if used incorrectly. However, if you exercise some caution and make use of its instructional manual, then it can be the best air purifier for your car, home, office and other smelly and mold infested places.

Here are some safety measures to apply when operating an ozone generator.

  • People and animals should never be in the same space when the ozone generator is in operation. If they must stay, then let it be for a short time, but in protective masks and clothes with charcoal.
  • Never use this unit in places with flammables explosives and gases or a space full of greasy and oiled
  • You should not smoke or work with open fire, flammable and sparky tools or oil and grease during ozone treatment.
  • Do not use an ozone generator if you have issues with your sense of smell.
  • Always place a NO ENTRY sign in places where the ozone treatment is ongoing.
  • Ventilate rooms for up to 30 minutes, after an ozone treatment. You can also wait it out for up to 2 hours after the decontamination process is complete.
  • When operating this type of unit, never produce more or less ozone than what your space actually needs.
  • Never breathe any ozone directly from the ozone generators, as it can lead to some physiological side effects.
  • Remember you are always responsible for its use, precaution, and storage.


Therefore, if you want to eliminate any bad odor or control the amount of mold within your space, get a quality ozone generator. The best ozone generator will cover even the smallest and hard to reach places, compared to other air purification devices.

Besides, an ozone generator is very versatile in terms of use as it can purify the surrounding airspace, cleanse your items like furniture and wash your veggies and fruits. It is also a sterilizer and deodorizer. Consequently, you can get one unit for the functional benefit of several problems affecting your living and working space.

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