Best Reclining Sofa Reviews 2022 – Our Top Picks

After spending around 30 hours on research (consulting homeowners and buyers) and testing over 25 products, we declared Ashley Furniture as the best reclining sofa in the market.

It is very durable, has quality foam cushions, and constructed with strong metal frames, corner-blocked, as well as a metal, reinforced footrest, and seat for enhanced comfort making it the unparalleled recliner available in the market.

Best Product - Our Top 3 Picks

Homelegance 9668BLK


Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa

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Ashley Furniture


Ashley Furniture Manual Reclining Sofa

PRICE: $$$

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Divano Roma


Divano Roma Bonded Leather Double Reclining Sofa

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Top 5: Best Reclining Sofas Review

Comfort and stability are the essential things most people often look for in any sofa be it a reclining sofa or a just an ordinary sofa. Therefore, the best reclining sofa is one that can actually manage to balance the two, without interfering on its unique make-up.

The style is everything, especially where décor is concerned. Nevertheless, the they often last longer than most sofas and they offer comfort in a reclined or sitting position. Besides, their construction is often top-notch quality products from durability to firmness. Moreover, their ease when it comes to cleaning, maintenance, and assembly is often well explained in its user manual. You can just trust on it to hold-up given its overall construction.

1. Ashley Furniture Manual Reclining Sofa

This is the best reclining sofa for the money as it is huge and made of strong durable materials that can last for some time. Besides, it reclines into a comfortable sitting, sleeping and relaxing sofa.

It is good for a family gathering due to its snugly comfort level that can be of use to kids as well as pets. This mocha beige reclining sofa is designed and styled with a soft fabric material. This ensures its coziness as well as durability.


  • Modern Recliner
  • Plush Comfort
  • Durable Construction
  • Check Badge
    High Quality Material
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    Measures: 96" W x 44" D x 42"
Ashley Furniture Manual Reclining Sofa

Moreover, it has quality foam cushions, which balances its comfort and stability. Likewise, it is constructed with strong metal frames, corner-blocked, as well as a metal, reinforced footrest, and seat for enhanced comfort. Besides, it has a bustle back seat for lumbar support and a nail head tufting and trims for aesthetics.

It requires a bit of assembly and comes with an instructional manual as well as the required hardware for an easy installation. As much as it requires two people to lift it, it can fit a doorway of 32 inches and above. This makes its portability very easy.

This reclining sofa measures 96 by 44 by 42 inches and weighs 199 pounds.


  • SIZE

This reclining sofa is very spacious and comfortable. You can enjoy a relaxing and comfortable weekend on it with family and friends.


  • It has a metal reinforced footrest
  • Convenient top pillow armrests, very thick for comfort
  • Its construction is very sturdy because of the metal frames that enhance its longevity
  • Very easy to assemble and comes with instructions and hardware to do so


  • Does not recline completely in a flat position but in a semi-flat way
  • Requires two people to lift and move due to its big size and weight

2. Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa

This is the real deal when it comes to a quality and a cost-effective reclining sofa that can hold up for at least 3 years. It can perfectly fit two people without breaking down.

It is black and made from quality leather that will not sag or swallow your body as you relax on it. Its seats are bonded leather while its sides are all faux leather. Besides, it is very comfortable and reclines on both end sides very easily.

Moreover, its arms, seats, as well as back area, are overstuffed with quality high-density cushioned foam for extra comfort and longevity.


  • Double recliner
  • High quality material
  • Easy recline mechanisms
  • Check Badge
    Reputed brand
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    Measures: 90" x 38.5" x 40"H
Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa

This sofa needs just a quick assemble and comes with an easy to operate lever reclining mechanism that can ensure it reclines smoothly to the desired point.

It measures 90 x 38.5 x 40 inches. Besides, its color can fit almost any home or room décor.

This reclining sofa is made from lightweight but sturdy frames that make it very easy to move. It is the best you can have for the price. So, spruce your living arrangements a little bit and take time to relax on it occasionally. It will never disappoint.


  • COST

Both the right and left seat conveniently reclines very easily. Therefore, you can use either side. It can easily accommodate two people while reclined.


  • This sofa is easy to clean and maintain
  • It is very comfortable with a solid sturdy frame
  • It is lightweight and can be moved around very easily


  • The middle seat does not recline
  • Its reclining handles are made from plastic, so you have to be careful while using them

3. Divano Roma Bonded Leather Double Reclining Sofa

This reclining sofa is made from quality-bonded leather that is as durable as real leather. Besides, it features an overstuffed backrest, seats as well as arms for extra comfort. They are filled with quality high-density cushioned form of soft memory foam.

It can easily recline all the way, 64 inches without any problem. Its lever is easy to handle and operate. Moreover, it requires a bit of assembly.


  • Double recliner
  • Easy assembly
  • Soft durable material
  • Check Badge
    Easy reclining mechanism
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    Measures: 74" L X 31" W x 40"H
Divano Roma Bonded Leather Double Reclining Sofa

In addition, this reclining sofa can only recline two of its end seats, the middle one often stays intact. You can trust on it to stabilize your body whether you are seated or reclined on it. It will not slouch or sag with your weight. It can actually last for some time before it crumbles. Besides, it can easily fit up to three people.

This three seaters reclining sofa measures 74 by 31 by 40 inches overall. Its seat height is 18 inches while the depth is 20 inches and the width 61 inches.

It is brown in color and highly cost-effective given its durable construction from frames to cover materials and cushioning.


  • décor
  • SIZE

You can rely on it for napping as it can fit even a 6-foot individual without any problems. It does not leave you weary with body aches even as you sleep on it for long.


  • Requires very little assembly
  • Reclines all the way
  • Very comfortable and sturdy


  • Only the two end seats recline
  • Its lumbar support system is not ergonomic, rendering it unsuitable for long sitting hours

4. Coaster Home Furnishing Modern Power Motion Sofa

This reclining sofa is designed is designed to enhance your comfort level from head to toe. It is made from durable fabric and leather as well as strong sturdy metals and wood frames. Moreover, its plush feel and look can highly improve how you feel after sitting on it, even for a long time

Moreover, this the best reclining sofa in the market today as it can support your foot and neck via its footrest and headrest without compromising on style. It can fit even 6-foot individuals, no height tissues.


  • Power recliner
  • Two reclining seats
  • Made of black faux leather
  • Check Badge
    Stylish and durable construction
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    Measures: 85" W x 40.25" D x 41.75" H
Coaster Home Furnishing Modern Power Motion Sofa

It has two LED lights hidden on its top middle section. You can always unfold it whenever you need to use them. Likewise, its middle backrest unfolds into a tray of two-cup holders with USB ports on each of its sides. You can use the ports to charge any electronic from smartphones to laptops.

Besides, this reclining sofa also has some storage areas on its two armrests. It also has a USB wall outlet plug connected to the middle grained cup-holder tray.

This reclining sofa can fit very well with most contemporary home decors. It comes in black color and measures 85 by 40.2 by 41.8 inches.



This reclining sofa balances comfort and stability very well, not too firm or too soft.


  • Easy to assemble
  • It has a convenient footrest and headrest for enhanced comfort level
  • Has a storage compartment on its armrest
  • Designed with two LED lights on top of its middle fold


  • A bit expensive when compared to other reclining sofas

5. Divano Roma Classic and Traditional Reclining Sofa

This reclining sofa is ideal for those modern enthusiasts who enjoy a mix of tradition and modernity in their homes. It gladly fits any modern homes with contemporary colors and decors. Besides, it is dark grey, a very easy color to work with, no matter the setting.

It has a convenient footrest for extra comfort and relaxation. Likewise, it is overstuffed and cushioned well, from backrest to armrest and seats. Your work is to only enjoy and cherish the comfort it gives you with its soft linen covers.


  • Oversize and overstuffed reclining sofa
  • Extra wide to add comfortability
  • Soft linen fabric upholstery
  • Check Badge
    Minor assembly required
  • Check Badge
    Measures: 76"W x 334"D x 36"H
Divano Roma Classic and Traditional Reclining Sofa

Moreover, it is a three-seater sofa that allows its two end sides to recline just a bit. Its middle seat is static but comfortable. Either way, you can enjoy it whether reclined or in an upright posture.

This reclining sofa has an overall measurement of 76 W by 334 D by 36 H inches. Its seat is 63 W by 21 D inches. However, when it is reclined it measures 60 D by 30 H inches.

It comes at an affordable rate and requires only a bit of assembly before use. Besides, it comes with all the hardware needed to assemble it as well as the instructions.


  • COST

One of the most comfortable and steady sofas due to its overstuffed cushioning everywhere from the backrest to seats as well as armrests.


  • Comes with a convenient footrest
  • Both its end seats recline to a reasonable length
  • One of the most comfortable recliners made from strong durable materials
  • Check Circle
    You will need to assemble it a bit before first use


  • The middle seat does not recline fully

Reclining Sofa Buying Guide - Things to Consider

There are always a few key points and basics you should be acquainted with if you want to buy a great reclining sofa. The more you know about it the better product you will end up with. Safe to say, it is important you end up with a product that pleases you and your home arrangements.

Here are some few tips to go by before embarking on the journey to sprucing up your home.

  • Pick a flexible color– You should always ensure you pick a color that can go with almost any décor in your home. This will allow you to have loads of options when it comes to matching and complementing your wall and flooring décor
  • Fabric– Always opt for the one that is resistant to constant tears as well as stains. This can depend on whether you have pets or kids, who are prone to making more damages from spilling stuff to tearing them. So, always consider fabric construction in relation to these few actors. Otherwise, you can opt for leather any day if you do not have kids or pets
  • Space– It is wise to consider your living arrangements as well as space when it comes to buying a piece of new furiture. Remember that it will also recline so consider the space for it too. You can measure the space to be on the safe side and to avoid picking a small or big reclining sofa
  • Features- As for features always decide on some essential ones that you want it to have before selecting a viable one. This can range from a convenient storage space, footrest, USB ports as well as a headrest and a cup holder tray
  • Frame construction- You should also consider its frame construction and how durable and strong it is. The stronger the better no matter its cost as those with weak frames never last that long and tend to creak and make the whole sofa sloppy
  • Padding- Check the material or fabric used to pad it and plush it up before buying. Memory foam padding often lasts for some time and can stabilize and comfort your body very well. So, be sure to always select a reclining sofa with such padding systems in them
  • Comfort level– Remember to always do some tests to ensure that it is comfortable enough for your buttocks and back. Sit and relax on it for a while and if you are buying online, look for friends and family who have the same model, make, and test-sit on it for a while before making your final decision on its level of comfort. You can also rely on some of the online reviews on it
  • Ease of care and maintenance- You can check on its ease when it comes to cleanliness. An easier to care for reclining sofa is always the best option for any home setting. This is because it can determine how long the sofa will last from covers to reclining mechanisms
  • Ease of assembly- The easier it is to assemble the better it is for anyone, as you can easily assemble it solo. It also saves you costs on employing a person to assemble everything for you. Besides, in case of relocation, you can easily disassemble and pack it, no extra paid hand needed
  • Cost- You should not forget to consider its cost in relation to other types of sofas as well as your budget. Nevertheless, remember that inexpensive does not mean shoddy and expensive does not equal to better functionality and durability. You have to consider its overall construction in terms of sturdiness and firmness to determine if its price is really worth it

So, do you want to upgrade to a reclining sofa? You can opt for some of these few ones listed below. They come at varied prices to fit any flexible budget.

Top Reclining Sofa Brands

Before you make any purchase for a reclining sofa, you should be well aware of some top brands that are guaranteed to give you quality durable products. Here are some top brands in the current market.

  • Homelegance

Homelegance is one of the top home furniture brands that can guarantee you a high quality recliner in the market. Besides, it has variety you can choose from, meaning even their price are bound to be friendly due to the assorted mix of sofas from relaxed to elegant and simple chic styles.

Likewise, they allow you to split your purchases into easy monthly installments.

  • Ashley Furniture

Ashley furniture is a well-reputable home furniture chain store that has been on the market for two decades now, having opened office in 1997.

It is the ultimate discount furniture store. It has varied types of sofas you can choose from, among other home décor items. Besides, you can easily get free shipping on many items.

  • Divano Roma Furniture

Divano has many varied types of furniture and home décor stuff. Besides, it is known to carry some of the most reputable furniture brands in the market, with the likes of Ashley brands, Coaster Fine Furniture, Benchcraft, Acme Furniture and Furniture of America among others.

Their prices are also friendly, depending on what you want as well as your tastes and preferences, but variety is guaranteed. You will never be disappointed.

  • Coaster Home Furnishings

Coaster furniture is where you can learn more about furniture and décor before you buy an item. It has a Coaster online magazine that covers its products as well as an easy-to-view digital catalog.

Here you will find some of the most heart-warming and homely products for your home, including a top-quality reclining sofa.


Conclusively, reclining sofas are the best kind of sofas for those who work long hours and need to rest properly or those who just enjoy stretching and relaxing all the time. It can help you cut down on massage expenses and appointments every now and then. You can always trust on it to stabilize your body weight as well as comfort it.

Some of the recliner sofas requires little assembly and come constructed with durable steady materials from frames be it wood or metal to fabric.

You can easily pick one of the above, according to your budget as well as taste and your intended use for it. Besides, they all come in different colors, which are easy to work with no matter your home décor or structure.

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