Best Side Sleeper Pillows 2022 – Reviews and Consumer Reports

When it comes to sleeping, it is always best to be comfortable no matter the sleeping posture. Some of the best side sleeper pillows always offer a way to relieve your body off from the stiffness of the neck as well as pains in the back area that often arises from bad sleeping posture. Besides, side sleeper pillows also ensure a proper spine alignment with the benefit of a restful sleep and a refreshed wake.

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Best Side Sleeper Pillows of 2022

So, if you are looking to improve your sleeping condition as well as health. You should opt for a side sleeper pillow, especially if you are one to sleep on your side. You can always start with one of these, depending on your budget and immediate need as some can even serve well for stomach and back sleepers. You can also go by design as some can cure bad sleeping habits like snoring.

The Benefits of Using Side Sleeper Pillows

Side sleeper pillows are highly beneficial to the health of the side sleepers as it enhances their sleep as well as prevent different kinds of body aches from bothering them as they sleep or go about their daily lives.

A good side sleeper pillow can actually increase your lifespan as a good sleep often means a healthy and stress-free life.

  • Health benefits– These pillows are great for improving blood and oxygen circulation in the body as they allow the body to rest and relax for up to 8 hours without causing any disturbances. It can also prevent and cure migraines
  • Relieve Neck and Back Pain– These pillows are also ideal for curing different kinds of neck and back pain associated with side sleeping posture. It can actually cure a stiff and sore neck as well as ensure your back is not affected by your side sleeping pattern
  • Improves Spinal Cord Posture– These pillows can also improve posture by properly aligning the spine and reducing pressure on it
  • It Can Align Your Shoulders, Wrist, and Elbow– A good side sleeper pillow can also be very effective in ensuring your entire shoulder area, as well as wrist and elbows, are properly aligned for effective performances. This often increases flexibility in these areas and limits any joint pains that might be associated with bad positioning of the arms and shoulders

Types of Side Sleeper Pillows

Side sleeper pillows are ideally best for people with neck and shoulder pains as they align the arms, wrists, and shoulders for a comfortable sleep. You can always opt for their different types depending on your immediate need.

Here are some of the types of side sleeper pillows as well as benefits to the body:

  • Contour Pillows– These pillows are ideally meant to align your spine and cure your back of any pain. They are most beneficial to people who suffer from back, shoulder and neck pains as it can easily relieve you from these aches and improve your entire sleep.

Moreover, it is designed in a manner that the bottom surface is slightly raised to support your neck as your head rests on the slightly lower middle surface, putting your neck and spine in line with each other.

  • Adaptive Pillows- These pillows are often built with adaptive temperature-controlling technology that is meant to maximize your comfort level as you sleep. Besides, these pillows are also great for providing the needed support and alignment that your body needs in order to have uninterrupted sleep.

In relation, you can always opt for a memory foam or polyester contour or adaptive side sleeper pillow depending on your immediate problems. But they are all meant to improve spine and neck posture for a better sleep and wake.

What to Look For While Buying Side Sleeper Pillows?

When it comes to buying side sleeper pillows it is always best to consider some essential things like cost, material as well as durability. You can also consider your sleeping position which should be strictly side sleeping.

Here is some detailed information to help you choose the right side sleeper pillow for your comfort level.

  • Cost– When it comes to buying the pillows always consider its cost in relation to its effective use. You can always compare and contrast these two and have a baseline. But always remember that expensive is not quality and cheap is not worthless
  • Material– You should also consider the main fabric used to make these pillows as they will largely affect the way you feel. It actually affects your entire comfort level as well as the durability and shape of the pillow. Moreover, it can also affect foam fill by removing them or allowing for allergies to get in the pillow
  • Durability– You should opt for a side sleeper pillow that is highly durable and conducive enough for long-term use. The more durable the better it is for your entire health system as it will improve your sleep over time
  • Sleeping Position-Side sleeper pillows are strictly for side sleepers so only go for it if you are a side sleeper and not a combination sleeper or back sleeper

Top 5 Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews and Consumer Reports

1. Sleep Yoga Multi-position Body Pillow

This is one of the best side sleeper pillows with a chiropractor design for enhanced comfort and posture. It can improve the way you sit, stand and even feel when you are asleep or awake.

In relation, it also keeps your shoulders aligned as well as supports the elbow, wrist, and hand to prevent any sort of shoulder slouching and forwarding with your daily posture.

This side sleeper pillow is a comfortable thick cushion that allows you to easily rest your whole arm as you sleep. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic, absorbent and made from biodegradable materials that are resistant to wrinkles. Besides, it does not clump or lose its shape with constant wash and use.


  • Available size - Standard (8x8x54).
  • Available color - white
  • Material type - Polyester & Polyester Blend
  • Machine washable.
side sleeper pillow

It is created for side sleepers to enable them to rest their upper body easily. You can easily yoga as you sleep to increase your flexibility, posture, and restfulness as you would with yoga. Besides, it makes sleep worthwhile even for long hours.

Generally, it can improve oxygen and blood flow for a healthier and fruitful life. It also makes breathing easier by the day. So, invest in your health with this side sleeper pillow. It is cozy, soft, and affordable and can be machine-washed.


  • This side sleep pillow is hypoallergenic and resistant to wrinkles
  • It can increase flexibility as well as posture
  • This pillow can easily align your shoulders, elbow, and wrist as you sleep


  • You might need a matching pillow for this side sleep pillow to have your head, arm, and shoulders in line for a proper sleep. Otherwise, it might be too high or low for comfort

Consumer Reports For This Side Sleeper Pillow

  • This side sleeper pillow lessens stiff neck and shoulder pain
  • It is very comfortable and has the perfect width
  • It does not get hot and is the perfect fit for a shoulder pain or injury
  • It is very fluffy and cradles the arm nicely

2. Z Zoned Dough Memory Foam Side Sleeping Pillow

This is one of the best side sleeper pillows for side sleepers who hate rolling over their back. It is soft to the touch and offers the needed support to keep you on your side as you sleep. Besides, it can rid your neck, head and shoulders of any associated sleep pain.

This side sleeper pillow is made from super soft rayon from bamboo velour cover that makes it highly hypoallergenic. On the same note, its cover can be removed easily for laundering.

Moreover, it has an ergonomic design that provides the needed support for a side sleeper. It does not matter if you are a heavy sleeper, your chances of rolling over are very little.


  • Available in Four different size with Three different styles.
  • Material type - Memory Foam
  • Worry free warranty of 5 years.
  • Perfect for people with allergies, asthma, or sensitive skin.
Memory Foam Bed Pillow

It actually replaces the need for multiple pillows for extra support and comfort. Besides, its gel dough formula creates a cooler, softer memory foam that helps in the elimination of sleep pains.

It measures, 35 by 16 by 7 and is protected by a five-year warranty. Its covers are 75% polyester, 25% bamboo rayon, and 100% polyurethane gel foam fill.

So, grab one today and prevent those pains that often arise from side sleeping. Besides, it is very competitively priced.


  • It can keep your neck in perfect alignment with your spine for a comfortable side sleep
  • It can easily eliminate any pain associated with your sleeping position
  • This side sleep pillow is hypoallergenic


  • This side sleep pillow is not ideal for back sleepers

Consumer Reports For This Side Sleeper Pillow

  • It offers a very comforting sleep for side sleepers. It can easily get rid of shoulder and neck pain
  • It offers side support and prevents you from rolling over on your back
  • This side sleep pillow is highly functional and replaces the need of using multiple pillows for comfort
  • Its pillowcase is removable for an easier wash, very low maintenance when it comes to upkeep

3. Maxchange Cervical Pillow for Back and Side Sleepers

This is the ideal pillow for back, side and stomach sleepers who want to lessen the sleep pains that come with such sleeping positions.

It is a heart-shape ergonomic design that can support the back and spinal cord as you sleep. Besides, its design also allows for proper air circulation as you sleep. This keeps your breathability very high for a comfortable uninterrupted sleep without tossing and turning around. It can also relieve snoring and insomnia naturally.


  • Available size - 24.4 x 13.6 x 4.7-inch
  • 90 days free trial
  • Machine washable.
  • Material type - Fabric
Maxchange side pillow

Moreover, it is therapeutic in that it has memory foam fill that adjusts accordingly to your neck, head, and shoulders. It can prevent pain and stiffness in these regions as well as reduce fatigue as you wake up. Additionally, the memory foam also prevents the build-up of allergens, bacteria and dust mites enabling you to sleep and wake up refreshed.

This pillow has a cotton fabric pillowcase that disperses body heat and keeps you dry as you sleep. It is also highly durable and washable. However, take care not to launder the inner foam.

In relation, its foam is of high quality and will always retain its shape for years.


  • It is highly multi-purpose and can serve the needs of a back, side and stomach sleeper
  • It is hypoallergenic, as well as resistant to dust mites, bed bugs, and bacteria
  • This side, back and stomach pillow is very therapeutic and can support your whole cervical vertebrae


  • It is a bit firm making it hard for some people to adjust to but if it fits your needs it is ideally the best

Consumer Reports For This Side Sleeper Pillow

  • It is perfect for the whole family as it can be used by young and old members as well as kids and pregnant women
  • It can help align your neck and shoulders, even after an injury
  • It also helps with migraines and limits constant tossing and turning when asleep
  • It is the best pillow for neck and upper back pain

4. Sleep Yoga Ergonomically Designed Side Sleeper Pillow

This is the most comfortable and stylish side sleeper pillow for those who like to sleep on their sides. Its ergonomic design is what attracts most side sleepers as it has a notch for your neck that offers the right amount of support for sleeping in either of your sides and allowing your arm to rest on the pillow.

This design also relieves tension and strain on your shoulders and rotator cuff muscles as well as takes care of your neckline. You can rely on it to also cure any neck strains, spasms, and sores.

Moreover, it is made of 80% cotton and 20% Coolmax. This makes it ideally breathable, soft and absorbent. It is also hypoallergenic due to the blended patented filling material in it.


  • Available in Standard/Queen, and King sizes.
  • This item is 100% Hypoallergenic
  • Material type - Memory Foam
  • Available in white color.
Best Side Sleeper Pillows

You can also use it for belly and backrest but not for stomach and back sleeping as it is only comfortable and beneficial for side sleeping.

Basically, it lets you yoga as you sleep for a refreshed and energized morning. You can rest assured it can offer you one of the most peaceful and uninterrupted nights.

For wash and maintenance, you can simply machine-wash it and it will never lose its form or shape.


  • It is hypoallergenic
  • Its unique design allows for better neck alignment
  • It allows for easier breathability as it is made from soft and absorbent cotton material


  • It is not ideal for back and stomach sleepers as much as it is that big

Consumer Reports For This Side Sleeper Pillow

  • It is easy to maintain and care for as you just machine-wash it
  • It can help reduce shoulder strain and slouching
  • It provides better alignment for your arms and shoulders
  • This side sleeper pillow maintains its shape even with constant use and wash

5. HANKEY Contour Neck Pillow for Back and Side Sleeper

This is one of the best side sleeper pillows for those who enjoy sleeping on their backs and sides. Its butterfly design often allows for its center to hold your neck properly while the two higher edges on its ends allow you to sleep properly in any position, so no stiffness, pains or aches.

Additionally, it is filled with a supportive memory foam that does not flatten out. You can easily sleep soundly without any disturbances from your surroundings.  The breathing is also made easier adding more value to your health-line.

Moreover, its cervical and orthopedic support system allow your neck to properly align with your back for a restful and pain-free sleep. It prevents back and neck pain and aligns the spine of back and side sleepers by relieving pressure and fully cradling their head.


  • Size - 1 PCS of Multi-functional.
  • Limited warranty of 3 years.
  • This pillow is Hypoallergenic .
  • Material type - Memory Foam
slide sleepers pillows review

This side sleeper pillow comes with a removable pillowcase that is hypoallergenic. Its inner covers are also anti-mite giving you a comfortable and allergy-free sleeping environment.

It also comes with a free carry case for convenience and can be carried almost anywhere for use. You can even travel with it to ensure you sleep soundly and stress-free.

Moreover, it is affordable and 100% guaranteed.


  • It can relieve your neck of any pain and align your back posture properly
  • It is made from hypoallergenic material that allows for a proper sleep and wake
  • This side sleeper pillow has a durable supportive memory foam that does not flatten even with constant use


  • The memory foam tends to give a smell for the first few days but you can always air it out for a day or two to let the smell diffuse out

Consumer Reports For This Side Sleeper Pillow

  • Its memory foam offers the right support without being firm
  • It is made from high-quality material
  • This side sleeper pillow is very useful for cervical support especially after a neck surgery
  • It is great for back and side sleepers


Conclusively, these pillows are the best for spinal alignment as well as upper body pain cure. It can get rid of headaches, neck pain as well as heal shoulder injuries.

You can always opt for them if you are a strict side sleeper otherwise, it won't work for you. So, buy one today and improve your entire health from spine posture to blood and oxygen circulation.

Basically, the best side sleeper pillows will improve your sleep and re-energize your morning. They are also very affordable so do not shy away from them, they can last a decade.


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