Best Soundproof Curtains Reviews of 2022 – Perfect for Noise Reducing

Curtains can be hard to choose, depending on the room you want to install it. However, if you know what you need them for then it can be easy narrowing them down to some simple features like light reduction and noise reducing curtains.

Some of the best noise reducing curtains is designed in a manner that they can offer soundproof capabilities without compromising on its design as well as style. Most soundproof curtains also have other features that work in conjunction with each other to provide you with a relaxed atmosphere.

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Best Soundproof Curtains of 2022

So, are you looking to reduce the noise level in your home, then it is time you buy some noise reducing curtain for a proper relaxing atmosphere. However, if you are lost on where to start, you can opt for one of the seven listed below for a perfect soundless room setting. Most are affordable and easy to care for and maintain.

Do Soundproof Curtains Really Work?

When it comes to reducing noise levels, nothing really works its magic like a soundproof curtain. It can make the noise seem like a beautiful song by muffling it or reducing it. Besides, it depends on the kind of noise being reduced or its level in the surrounding space.

Soundproof curtains often work to a certain level. As much as they do not reduce the noise completely, they ensure that it is harmonious in that it does not echo all over the room. This means that they can provide a peaceful relaxed atmosphere for you to work in or for your baby to sleep in.

Some of the best noise reducing curtains often cover window to window and can go up to the ceiling to reduce the noise to a certain level. The more it covers the windows and some added space as well as the floor to the ceiling the better it will be at muffling the intrusive outside noise to a higher level.

So they do work to a certain degree but they will not completely soundproof the room, but only make the noise seem like white noise, peaceful and serene for you to easily fall and stay asleep or work with.

You just have to ensure you buy the right one in terms of space coverage as they do work the same. The thicker and longer it is the better it will work.

What to Look for While Buying Soundproof Curtains?

  • Curtain length– You should always go for long thick curtains that can even cover the floor, to maximize your chances of reducing any noise in the room. This will limit the level of noise that passes through the walls for a soundless and harmonious atmosphere
  • Ceiling mounts versus wall brackets– Always opt for ceiling mount curtains as it takes the curtains closer to the ceiling, meaning more sound can be stifled
  • Level of noise being reduced– You should always consider your environs and the level of noise it has before opting to buy a soundproof curtain. The noisier it is the more you will need a better and thicker curtain it should also be long. The heavier it is, the better it will be at softening the intrusive noise to a certain percentage
  • Cost– Budget can also be a great factor when it comes to soundproof Some of the best are costly but that does not mean that the less-expensive ones are not effective as well. The point is that you should always consider its makeup components in terms of environment-friendly and durability. This can make the whole process easier and you will end up with a worthy durable curtain that can perform its functions without any problem
  • Ease of maintenance and care- The level of maintenance and care matters, the easier it is to care for the longer it will last and probably function as required. Anything short of this can only lead to ineffectiveness
  • Ease of Installation– You should always opt for soundproof curtains that are easier to install, slide and uninstall, as it would determine its longevity period when it comes to use

Lets get started,

1. FlamingoP Soundproof Curtains

This is one of the best soundproof curtains as it can easily filter up to 70% of sound for a restful and peaceful surrounding. Besides, it is made from eco-friendly materials that make it perfect for babies, elderly and even late workers or shift workers. They are also free from vinyl.

Apart from being a noise reducing curtain it can also block out 95% of light and prevent the infiltration of 100% ultra-violet rays. Moreover, these soundproof curtains are made from heavy durable materials that help in preventing heat loss.


  • Available sizes - W42 L63, W42 L84, W52 L63, W52 L84, W52 L96, W52 L108.
  • Available in 19 different colors.
  • Two package of panels.
  • Material type - Fabric
Soundproof Blackout Curtains

It comes packed in twos with each measuring 42 by 84 inches. Each soundproof curtain has six stylish grommets with a 1.6-inch inner diameter. The grommets are conveniently designed to fit very easily in any decorative or standard curtain rod in whichever room.

As for maintenance, you can always machine wash it, tumble dry low and maybe warm iron it if needed.  Do not use any chlorine bleach, if you have to use bleach.

So, are you looking to improve your working or living space by making it less noisy, then it is high time you opt for these soundproof curtains. They are durable, functional and affordable given their features.


  • It filters up to 70% of sound
  • It has blackout capabilities
  • It is made from eco-friendly material


  • It is not 100% soundproof but covers 70% which is not that bad

2. Nicetown Noise Reducing Curtains

This soundproof curtain comes in twos, with each noise reducing curtain panel measuring 52 by 84 inches. It has a touch of elegance that is enhanced by its eight silver grommets that have an inner diameter of 1.6-inch each.

Moreover, this soundproof curtain can also block light for up to 99%, offering you the needed level of privacy for a peaceful working or relaxing environment. This is because it also has blackout features.


  • Available sizes - 52"W x 18"L, 52"W x 24"L, 52"W x 36"L, 52"W x 45"L, 52"W x 63"L, 52"W x 84"L, 52"W x 95"L.
  • Available in 16 different colors.
  • Material type - Fabric.
  • Two package of panels.
Soundproof NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels

Besides, it can also save you energy costs due to its thermal insulation capabilities that can keep you cool and warm all year round. Likewise, these noise reducing curtains are also resistant to fading and are wrinkle-free. It has the same kind of color and texture on both sides for added durability and style.

You can machine-wash it with water of up to 86°F. Use a mild detergent and never try to bleach it. As for ironing, you can iron on low temperature.

Moreover, you should keep sharp object far away from it as they can damage its fine fabric.


  • It filters noise level for a conducive relaxing surrounding
  • It is designed to provide blackout features
  • It can be machine-washed


  • It requires high-level maintenance and caring for it to last some years

3. Moondream Soundproof Curtains

These soundproof curtains can reduce noise level with up to four folds. This is because it is made from patented 3-in-1 technology that combines 100% of polyester on the first layer, with 99.99% of polyester as well as 0.01% aluminum on the second layer and 100% genuine cotton as its third layer.

This soundproof curtain can also save you up to 37% of energy as it can keep you very cool and warm in summer and winter cold respectively. You can rely on these noise reducing curtains to provide 100% of blackout from sun rays and UV rays.


  • Available sizes - 57"W x 63"L, 57"W x 84"L, 57"W x 95"L, 57"W x 108"L.
  • Certification - OEKO-TEX.
  • Available in 13 different colors.
  • Material type -  polyester, aluminium, and cotton.
Moondream Sound Insulation Curtain

Moreover, it is sold as a single panel measuring 57 by 84 inches with rust resistant grommets of 1.6-inch inner diameter for easier installation. Likewise, its grommets are evenly spaced at regular intervals to prevent the fabric from crimping.

This elegant curtain has a very discreet and unique stitching and seams that make it highly adaptable to doors as well as windows. Besides, you can always adjust it to whatever length you want.

So, improve your home with one of these soundproof curtains. It comes at an exorbitant price but it functions as required and can last many years if properly maintained. You can only dry clean it.


  • It can be adjusted to the proper height of your window with the provided iron-on tape
  • It can reduce noise level in whichever room it is hanged
  • It blocks 100% of Ultra-violet rays and light


  • It is very pricey when compared to other soundproof curtains. But it functions as desired
  • You can only dry clean it

4. FlamingoP Noise Reducing Curtains

This soundproof curtain can prevent the intrusion of outside noise to an acceptable level. It can also reduce the level of light intrusion by 76% and prevent harmful UV from causing harm to you and your décor by up to 89%. This is all due to its triple-woven fabric-tech construction that styles it with the above features.

This noise reducing curtain has eight sewn-in copper grommets that can fit a curtain rod of up to 1.5-inches due to its 1.6-inch inner diameter and 2.3-inch outer diameter.


  • Available sizes - 52"W x 18"L, 52"W x 63"L, 52"W x 84"L, 52"W x 96"L.
  • Machine washable.
  • Available in 6 different colors.
  • Material type - Fabric.
Best Soundproof Curtains

Apart from its noise reducing capabilities it can also keep you warm and cool during the year when the climate shifts from summer to winter.

This soundproof curtain is sold in twos, each pair measuring 52 by 96 inches. It is safe for use in baby’s room, living room and even master bedroom. You can rely on it to provide the perfect working or relaxing indoor environment for a peaceful work-at-home experience.

It is made of 100% durable fine polyester fabrics that can be machine-washed with a mild liquid form detergent. Do not use any bleach or hot water when washing them. You can warm iron it for appearance sake.


  • It is designed to insulate cold or heat by setting room temperature all year round
  • It has blackout features
  • It is very easy to maintain and care for as you can machine wash it


  • It is a bit pricey but worth it due to its level of durability and functionality

5. Yoja Soundproof Curtain

This is one of the best noise reducing curtains in the market as it can keep outside noise to a minimal level for a peaceful and relaxed environment. You can use it in baby’s room, living room and any other room that require minimal noise and even light.

It is made of 100% polyester with the front and back colors being the same for enhanced durability as well as elegance. The same fabric components also make it energy efficient and easy to care for. You can rely on it all year round to keep you warm and cool even with the changing weather conditions.


  • Available size - 52’’W x 84” L.
  • 1 panel per package.
  • 8 Grommets per panel.
  • Full refund guarantee of 30 days
soundproof curtains

This noise reducing curtain is sold as a single curtain, measuring 52 by 84 inches. It has eight lovely grommets that make its installation and use very easy. Each of its grommets has an inner diameter of 1.6-inches.

It can offer you with the needed privacy far away from intruders’ prying eyes. This noise reducing curtain can speak volumes for your living room or bedroom. It is simple, yet sophisticated in a fashionable way. It can last for some time without going out of style.

You can machine wash for maintenance and care.


  • It is great for blocking light and reducing noise level
  • It is made from environment-friendly materials making it ideal for nurseries
  • It can be machine washed


  • It is sold as a single panel, but you might end up needing two panels
  • It is a bit pricey for a single panel but gets the job done

6. Yakamok Noise Reducing Curtains

This noise reducing curtain offers you a year-round of spring as it can effectively help in the maintenance of temperatures indoor as well as reduce 70% of UV light and heat, especially in the summer. It can also prevent winter cold by up to 60%. Besides, it cuts off noise level by 15-25dB.

Moreover, these noise reducing curtains can also offer light shading of up to 90% and dark shading of up to 99%. It has the same color on both sides enhancing its appeal and general outlook.

This soundproof curtain is sold in one single panel measuring 52 by 63 inches. It has eight grommets for easier installation and sliding. You will also get back ties of the same material for the easier hold up when you want some outside light.


  • Available size - 52x63-inch
  • One panel per package.
  • 8 metal grommets per panel.
  • Machine washable.
Yakamok Home Fashion curtain

This curtain is made from an eco-friendly material with zero formaldehyde, non-toxic odor as well as zero chemical coating.

You can machine wash it with cold water for cleanliness and maintenance and tumble dry. In case you want to iron, make it a quick one, you can also steam clean it.

So, do you want a curtain upgrade, this one here is the best option for a soundless atmosphere.


  • It is made from environment-friendly materials
  • It can be machine washed
  • It can reduce noise level for a conducive working environment


  • It is sold as a single curtain panel but you might need two depending on the room you want to install it in
  • It is a bit expensive for a single curtain panel

7. Pony Dance Soundproof Curtains

This is one of the best noise reducing curtains as it can reduce the level of noise from outside without affecting any of its design or outlook. You can rely on it to provide a certain amount of blackout by preventing up to 95% of light from invading your home and spoiling your décor.

Besides, it has the same material as well as color on both sides, with zero liners.

These soundproof curtains are sold in pairs of two with each curtain panel measuring 42 by 54 inches. It is made from 100% polyester and comes in navy blue. Moreover, it has 3-inch rod pocket tops that can fit almost every standard home curtain rod without any issue.


  • Available size - 42"W X 36"L, 42"W X 45"L, 42"W X 54"L, 42"W X 72"L.
  • Material type - Polyester & Polyester Blend.
  • Available in 11 different colors.
  • The item is machine and dryer washable.
PONY DANCE Blackout Curtains

It is multi-functional and can save you loads of energy expenses due to its thermal insulation features that keep your home warm and cool all four season of the year. Besides, it can offer you with the required level of privacy whenever possible.

You can hand-wash it with non-chlorine bleach or machine wash it, then tumble dry low and iron on warm.

It is durable and one of the best soundproof curtains going at an affordable rate.


  • It comes with a 30-day return policy
  • It is very affordable given its features and capabilities
  • It can be machine-washed or hand-washed


  • It is not floor length, so take room measurements very seriously before purchasing it


So, is the noise too much, do you need to silence it a bit, then you should try some of these soundproof curtains listed above. They are eco-friendly, durable and most of all affordable given their quality fabric and featured capabilities.

Moreover, you can always select the color that matches your home décor from the selected brands. You can settle for a pair or two, the more the better it is for noise reducing. But thicker, heavier and long ones often do the job better. So grab one now and reap the benefits of a soundless surrounding

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