10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2022

Did you know that the best steam generator iron produces thrice as much steam as a standard iron? It may even produce twice the amount that a steam iron can.

This will make your ironing a lot faster and easier. Sadly, a steam generator iron can be expensive. If you are not careful, you may end up with a product that may not meet your standards and feels like a waste of money.

How can we help you in that case? After tons of research and testing, the Rowenta DG8520 stood out as the best value for your buck. This is a steam generator iron you won’t regret buying.

However, there are 9 other steam generator iron reviews to peek through. If you want to know more about this Rowenta model and the other 9 models in the list, don’t hesitate and keep scrolling!

Best Product - Our Top 3 Picks

Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite

Best For: Power & Tank Capacity

10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2021
  • Steam Capacity: 200g/min
  • Tank Size: 74 Ounces
  • Wattage: 2000 Watts
  • Soleplate: Pearl Ceramic

Rowenta DG8520

Best For: Ironing Fast & Effectively

10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2021
  • Steam Capacity: 120g/min
  • Tank Size: 47 Ounces
  • Wattage: 1800 Watts
  • Soleplate: Stainless Steel

Rowenta DG8624U1

Best For: Value for the Buck

10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2021
  • Steam Capacity: 80g/min
  • Tank Size: 37 Ounces
  • Wattage: 1800 Watts
  • Soleplate: Stainless Steel

10 Best Steam Generator Irons Reviews in 2022

After spending dozens of hours skimming through expert information, reviewing customer comments, and analyzing them first-hand, we found 10 steam generator irons impossible to overlook.

We tackled everything from their best features to their unique quirks and even their worst characteristics. If you’re looking to get a steam generator iron that doesn’t disappoint, you may find it among our reviews below:

1.Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Eco Energy Steam Iron Station

It offers the same performance as a standalone steam iron but with the capacity to provide over 90 minutes of steam delivery per tank.

Can you imagine that? Ironing for 90 minutes straight without having to stop or refill the iron? Well, that’s precisely what this model offers, plus a lot more.

It is not only how long you can create steam, but how much. Using a 400-hole soleplate and a more efficient steam-generating system, it can produce up to thrice the steam as a regular iron. That’s enough to get even your thickest garments ironed out in a few minutes.


  • Steam Capacity: 120g/min
  • Tank Size: 47 Ounces
  • Wattage: 1800 Watts
  • Soleplate: Stainless Steel
10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2021

Even then, the soleplate advantage is not only the number of holes but how smooth it is. Gliding through your clothes won’t be much of a problem, especially with its stainless-steel construction.

The design of the Precision Tip also stands out. It will let you reach spots that other irons won’t. And with the comfy handle plus the ultra-light design, you can expect it to be a piece of cake to control. You can iron your clothes for 90 minutes without a single discomfort.

Last but not least, it has hands-on controls, a 3-way shut-off system, pressurized and variable steam, plus an anti-drip system. For those who care about style, it is available in Purple and Blue colors.

Top 3 Features:

Fantastic Steam Power

The first thing you’ll notice when using this steam generator is the fantastic 120 grams of steam it offers. It makes your ironing almost effortless, saving you tons of time in the process.

Energy-Efficient Performance

Despite its top-notch performance, the iron consumes 20% less energy than regular models. Even with an 1800-watt power system, it is one of the most efficient in the market.

Top-Notch Tank System

If there’s something you will love about this iron station is the 47-ounce water tank. It will let you iron your clothes for up to 1 hour and a half with no interruptions. This tank also boasts an anti-scale with a self-rinsing function.


  • Has a super-large water tank
  • Delivers an efficient performance
  • Produces tons of steam with easeyour body well
  • Lasts a long time steaming up


  • Doesn’t offer an auto shut-off

2.Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Iron

One of the most overlooked yet quality-oriented brands in the market is Morphy Richards. And with the Power Steam Elite generator, it makes wrinkle removal a pleasure.

As soon as you set it up, you’ll notice a remarkable steam capacity. It can reach up to 200g of total steam per minute with its constant-steam mode. That’s enough to get any type of clothes wrinkle-free in no time.

This is possible thanks to the 2200 watts of power. The steam will go out fast from the iron, penetrating layers and layers of garments effectively. You will save tons of time ironing your clothes.


  • Steam Capacity: 200g/min
  • Tank Size:  74 Ounces
  • Wattage: 2000 Watts
  • Soleplate: Pearl Ceramic  
10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2021

There’s a lot more to enjoy about it. Its super-large water tank, for example, offers 74 ounces of water capacity. That’s enough to iron continuously for over an hour without a single refill.

Another exceptional feature to love is the Steam Boost mode. It can deliver 310g of steam per burst, helping you get rid of the most persistent creases. Along with the pearl ceramic soleplate, even the thickest of fabrics will be free of wrinkles in little time.

And if you’re looking for a durable product, this one won’t let you down either. It offers an Auto-Clean feature that prevents limescale from growing inside the tank. So you get the whole package and tons of convenience with this model.


  • Has a ginormous water tank
  • The soleplate doesn’t wear out
  • Offers more than an hour of operation
  • Delivers surprising amounts of steam


  • Releases limescale through the holes over time

3.Rowenta DG8624U1 Perfect Pro Station

Coming back with a Rowenta steam generator, it is time for the DG8624U1 to shine. This model is yet another reason why Rowenta irons are such an excellent choice.

Let’s start with its steam capacity. Configured with an 1800-watt system, this iron can blast 430g of steam per minute with its burst system. This will transform even the harshest creases into the fluffiest and flattest fabrics.

The steam goes all-around your clothes as well. Thanks to the 400HD soleplate with 400 holes, the 7.4 bars of steam pressure will reach even the most challenging fabrics. You won’t have any problem penetrating thick fabrics with this iron.


  • Steam Capacity: 80g/min
  • Tank Size:  37 Ounces
  • Wattage: 1800Watts
  • Soleplate: Stainless Steel 
10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2021

But its steam capacity is not everything that makes this model such a great option. The 37-ounce water tank also stands out. You can steam consistently for up to an hour without problems. 

The tank also comes with a calcium collector, preventing calcium build-up that causes damage over time.

And when it comes to safety, you get a safe locking system that prevents any unwanted use. With the large cord with storage, you can use the iron smoothly every time.

Lastly, you will find precise steam controls with an adjustable dial that works like a charm alongside the comfy grip. So there’s nothing to hate about the Perfect Pro Station from Rowenta.


  • Offers fantastic steam amount & pressure
  • Takes a lot of water on its tank
  • Has several practical steam modes
  • Takes no effort to operate


  • Will empty your bank account

4.Pur Steam Professional Grade Steam Iron

Like the name says, this iron is designed to be used in professional environments. And it is not an overstatement. It performs that well.

It offers a 1700-watts power system, perfect to increase the steam delivery exponentially in comparison with other models. But the real advantage of this power is the ability to heat up super-fast. The Rapid Even Heat Technology will prepare this iron in a minute or less.

This heating capacity matches well with the temperature & steam output controls. You can decide how much heat and steam to produce. No matter the fabric type, you will get rid of its creases fast & easily.


  • Steam Capacity: Undisclosed
  • Tank Size:  14Ounces
  • Wattage: 1700 Watts
  • Soleplate: Pearl Ceramic with Chromium Finish  
10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2021

The steam system doesn’t work alone, though. You get an ultra-press soleplate made of stainless steel. It is the perfect addition to the piece, boasting a chromium finish that doesn’t scratch but still leaves your clothes as flat as they can be.

Another excellent feature to consider is the precision tip. You can reach those thin and tricky places that oval-tipped irons can’t.

Despite all that, the iron still manages to be super-safe to use. The 3-way shut-off system, for example, prevents accidents. Along with the Anti-Drip system, you won’t get burnt when using it. And sure enough, it boasts an Anti-Calc system that prevents tank corrosion.


  • The soleplate doesn’t scratch
  • It is light and easy to use
  • Heats up incredibly fast
  • Avoids fabric damage & accidents


  • So powerful that drains reservoir fast

5.Rowenta DG7530 Green Compact Steam Station

As you may be guessing by now, we love Rowenta. And there are many reasons for that, the DG753 Compact Steam Station is a perfect example of why.

Among the different qualities we love about this model, you will find the 120g of high-pressure steam it offers per minute. Removing wrinkles on your clothes won’t take a miracle when this iron gets them all off. And with its vertical-steaming function, you can get wrinkles off dresses, curtains, and more.

To boost the performance even higher, it comes with a stainless steel soleplate. This soleplate has 400 micro-steam holes that distribute the steam all across the fabric. Working with the precision tip, the soleplate ensures maximum wrinkle-reducing performance.


  • Steam Capacity: 120g/min
  • Tank Size:  40Ounces
  • Wattage: 1800Watts
  • Soleplate:  Stainless Steel
10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2021

Using the iron may feel like a total nightmare, but it’s not. It offers one of the most practical control panels you can expect to get. This includes a Calc Away Indicator, an Eco Button, a Restart Button, and even a Water Tank Refill Indicator.

Sure enough, the tank is gigantic at 40 ounces of total water capacity. It will let you iron creases away for 90 minutes straight. And with its Eco Mode that consumes 20% less energy than usual, you can iron with even more pleasure.

If all that didn’t feel like enough, you still get a hugely safe system. With a 3-way auto-off system plus a Stay-Cool fabric hose, you won’t have to worry about a single thing when using it.


  • Has a decently large water tank
  • Allows little energy use
  • Works horizontally & vertically
  • Delivers a lot of steam


  • May take over 5 minutes to heat up

6. Morphy Richard Speed Steam Pro Pressurised Steam Generator

Once again Morphy Richard, this time we find the Speed Steam Pro. For people who want speedy steam, nothing will meet their standards as much as this iron will.

You can enjoy a 160g of steam-per-minute capacity, perfect for people who want continuous but effective ironing. Yet, it is the 600g/min burst that truly sets this iron apart, ensuring super-fast ironing no matter the fabric.

You can add the 7-bar pump for even more effective performance. The iron will even handle vertical steaming so you can get the wrinkles off hanging dresses, rugs, curtains, and much more.

For even better results, you can consider the ceramic soleplate that glides through fabrics as smooth as you can guess. That’s something you won’t regret having.


  • Steam Capacity: 160g/min
  • Tank Size:  74 Ounces
  • Wattage: 3000 Watts
  • Soleplate: Ceramic  
10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2021

Other features you will appreciate about this iron include the Auto-Clean and De-Scale functions. Both systems will prevent the typical clogs that irons tend to suffer from. And of course, you won’t have to worry about using filters on your water.

This will help keep the giant 74-ounce tank free of limescale and other minerals. You’ll have the chance to iron your clothes away from creases for over an hour with such a sizeable clog-free tank.

And what’s even better than all of that, you can enjoy an auto shut-off system. Worrying about leaving the iron on by mistake is a thing of the past.


  • Boasts an immense reservoir
  • Heats up faster than any other
  • The soleplate lasts a lifetime
  • Produces tons of steam


  • It is the most expensive out there

7. Sunbeam GCSBSP-201 Steammaster Steam Iron

Now we find a small steam iron that gets the job done like no other at this size. The Steammaster from Sunbeam can tackle any job without a single drawback.

Its fantastic performance starts with a Variable Steam system. You can decide how much steam to burst out of the iron. Whether you’re using soft or thick fabrics, this model will let you adjust accordingly.

At the same time, it offers an excellent shot of steam if necessary. By just pushing a button, you can enjoy a powerful steam burst that will remove even the trickiest creases.

A similar feature includes the vertical shot function. If you need to remove wrinkles from upholstery or hanging garments, then you’ll find this feature an extraordinary thing to have.


  • Steam Capacity: Undisclosed
  • Tank Size:  5.7 Ounces
  • Wattage: 1400 Watts
  • Soleplate: Stainless Steel 
10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2021

This is all possible thanks to a 1400-watt system. It heats up super-fast, so you can start ironing clothes right away. Along with a no-leak system and an 8-foot retractable cord, working with this iron will be a total pleasure from the first time onward.

To make it even better, you get a stainless steel soleplate. It helps to glide smoothly over any fabric. Together with the professional pointed tip, it manages to reach even the trickiest areas of your clothes.

 And if all that wasn’t enough, the machine still shuts off automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity in horizontal position and 15 minutes vertically. If you tip it over, it will also shut off automatically. So it will be


  • Has a fantastic shut-off system
  • Is effortless to operate
  • Works well on any fabric
  • Won’t drip or leak water


  • The small design doesn’t cover much surface

8. Rowenta DW5080 Micro Steam Iron

You may be tired of reading about Rowenta irons. And we can’t do much about it – we simply love them. It is not a secret why.

The DW5080 Micro Steam, for example, is a super-small yet practical iron for people who want ease of use. It is super light, comes with a smooth-gliding stainless steel soleplate, and boasts a precision tip. Whether it is reaching difficult areas or flattening out your clothes, this one won’t disappoint.

Another high-quality feature to enjoy is the ability to deliver 35g of steam per minute. Thanks to the 400 holes on the soleplate, it works amazingly well for any purpose.


  • Steam Capacity: 35g/min
  • Tank Size:  14Ounces
  • Wattage: 1700 Watts
  • Soleplate: Stainless Steel
10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2021

Among many other features this iron offers, you will also find the easy-to-control thermostat knob. You can decide how much temperature to iron your clothes with. Along with a 1700-watt power system, it will heat up fast, no matter the job at hand.

Another function to love is the different steam options. You can use the Auto-Steam feature for continuous steam or use the Steam Burst mode, which will reduce wrinkles even faster.

 And despite all that, you still get a practical and safe iron. The 3-way shut-off system, an easy-fill hole with an anti-drip lid, the anti-calcium system, and a transparent water tank – it all comes together to make it


  • Has ultra-handy features
  • Prevents accidents & damage
  • Delivers a decent amount of steam
  • Glides smoothly on any surface


  • Requires constant refills

9. Mueller MU-77X Professional Grade Steam Iron

Super-affordable but still amazingly practical, the MU-77X iron from Mueller is one of the reasons we love German engineering.

First of all, you’ll receive a stainless steel soleplate that glides smoothly on any material. Thanks to a 1500-watt power capacity, it can reach maximum heat in less than a minute. And what’s even better, it produces steam at only 3 seconds from starting it.

The design also stands out. You get a precision tip that lets you reach difficult areas of your clothes. This works well with the vertical steaming capacity. You can get wrinkles off upholstery, curtains, and dresses


  • Steam Capacity: Undisclosed
  • Tank Size:  6.7 Ounces
  • Wattage: 1500 Watts
  • Soleplate: Stainless Steel  
10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2021

There’s a lot more to enjoy. Like the long 8-feet cord that will let you store the iron with ease. Just touch a button, and the cable will hide away.

Another feature to appreciate would be the 3-way shut-off. If you let the iron on and facing down, it will automatically turn off after 8 minutes.

And if that was not enough, you still get a comfy and easy-to-use design. The lightness it offers will make it a total pleasure to operate.


  • It is amazingly cheap
  • Won’t cause damage to garments
  • Takes little effort to use
  • Heats up & produces steam fast


  • The water tank empties quickly

10. Hamilton Beach 19573 Professional Generator Iron

Not everyone knows this, but Hamilton Beach also produces iron stations like the 19573 model. It is not a model that will blow you away, but for the cost, it is one you shouldn’t dismiss.

At first, you’ll notice the super-fast heating capacity. Only 3 minutes will suffice to start ironing your garments off wrinkles. It’s all thanks to the 1750 watts of total power.

This matches well with the tons of holes on the soleplate. They will offer over 5 bars of steam pressure, so you can iron out garments even faster.

 And with the non-stick soleplate, you won’t have to worry about gliding over your clothes


  • Steam Capacity: 5 Bars
  • Tank Size:  60 Ounces
  • Wattage: 1750Watts
  • Soleplate: Non-stick
10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews 2021

On top of its excellent steaming and soleplate, the machine boasts a 60-ounce water tank. It is large enough to provide more than an hour of continuous steaming. That’s enough to flatten out your entire closer and even more.

Something you get with this iron that other models don’t offer I a wide array of cleaning tools, including a cleaning brush, a water softener, and a cord strap.

Other features like the 5-feet hose for vertical steaming, the Eco mode that reduces power consumption, and the practical handle make it a top-notch choice all around.


  • It heats up super-fast
  • Doesn’t stick to the fabrics
  • Produces a lot of steam
  • Comes with fantastic extra tools


  • The non-stick soleplate wears out over time

What to Consider When Choosing a Steam Generator Iron

Getting the best steam generator iron with no idea of what to look for can be pretty hard. Luckily, we’re here to help you out.

We’ve assembled a comprehensive guide that includes every single factor that makes steam generator irons worth having. If you’re looking for a quality iron, then skimming through these factors will give you a better idea of how to pick one. So take a look:

Steam Capacity

Let’s say you want an iron that can go through thick fabrics and remove wrinkles from the most challenging garments. In that case, you’ll want as much steam capacity as possible.

 For that, we recommend no less than 100g per minute. If you’re looking for outstanding performance, then 200g per minute should be enough.

Steam Pressure

Apart from steam amount, consider the pressure measured in bars. The higher the pressure of the steam, the more effective it will be at penetrating fabrics. So you’ll want to get nothing less than 4 bars. Some models can reach 7 bars of pressure, which is enough to penetrate the thickest fabrics fast.

Wattage (Power)

The power the iron can handle will tell you how quickly it can heat up. The more wattage it offers, the faster the iron heats up, of course. That’s why we recommend at least 1500 watts of total power, so it heats up in 3 minutes. A 2000-watt model will heat up in less than that.

Soleplate Material

Some irons glide smoothly through any fabric, while others may get stuck from time to time. At the same time, some never scratch or wear off over time, while others do. What should you go for, then? Well, we recommend stainless steel and ceramic for a smooth, durable, and scratch-free experience. 

Number of Holes

The soleplate does not only help to glide over the fabric, but it also has holes that release the iron. That’s why it is crucial to get as many of these holes as possible for better steam delivery. We typically recommend 400 holes as the best number. Anything over that can be overkill, but below is too little.


Get a steam generator iron that offers effortless controls. Don’t forget to check whether the controls on the iron are easy to figure out. That’s why control panels, easy-to-use dials, and slides are so useful. Digital controls are even better.


Apart from the controls, the handle you use to grab the iron should also be comfortable. So consider models with light and ergonomic designs. The more comfortable the iron looks, and the lighter it is, the more likely you will enjoy using it.

Tank Capacity

Most steam generator irons offer between 20 and 40 ounces of total water capacity. That should be the ideal range for a decent experience. But if you want to go the extra mile, go for steam generators with 50 ounces or more. These will offer more than 90 minutes of continuous operation.

Safety Features

Many people overlook the importance of safety features like auto shut-off systems and similar safety functions. Don’t be one of those people, and instead, be sure to get one that turns off automatically when it is not being used or when it gets tipped to the side.

Extra Features to Consider

You already know about the general factors to think about when buying one of these. Let’s now take a look at those features that are not essential but are still worth having:

Variable Steam Controls

If you can’t adjust the steam capacity of the iron, then it is probably not the best option. That’s why we strongly advise people to go for models with several steam options. These include a continuous mode, a burst mode, and an energy-efficient mode. The iron you get should have at least two of these.

Vertical Operation

Need to steam a carpet, a curtain, a dress, or upholstery? Then a vertically-capable steam generator iron will be perfect for that.

Retractable Cord

A steam generator iron with a retractable cord becomes a piece of cake to store and bring around. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the hanging cable at all times, which can be annoying.

Transparent Reservoir

Some steam generators offer a transparent water tank that lets you know when it is time to fill it back. Others don’t offer this advantage, which can be hugely annoying. So getting a transparent model with water-level markings is always the way to go.

Self-Cleaning System

You don’t want the vents and holes of the iron to get clogged with water minerals over time. So be sure to get an iron that can self-clean and get rid of the build-up. Otherwise, you will eventually suffer from a clogged iron, something you certainly don’t want.

Anti-Scale & Anti-Calcium

Similarly to self-cleaning, you also want a model that prevents the build-up of the minerals in the first place. This usually means getting an anti-lime and anti-calcium iron. These machines come with unique filters and other systems that keep the iron from clogging.

What to Pick between Pressurized vs Non-Pressurized Steam Generators?

When peeking through our reviews, you will find that some models offer pressurized steam, while others do not. But how do you know what to pick? Here’s a brief yet useful explanation of each:


Like the name says, the steam goes out without pressure. That means the steam doesn’t have much strength going out the soleplate holes. This could be problematic if you’re working with thick fabrics, but can pretty helpful if you’re working with delicate garments.

At the same time, they produce a little steam. So while it doesn’t remove wrinkles fast, the tank of a non-pressurized iron will often last a long time. And sure enough, non-pressurized irons are also super affordable.


When the steam goes out one of these irons, it goes fast and with tons of pressure. This gets rid of creases a lot faster and more effective than irons with no pressure.

However, this comes with several disadvantages. One will be the high water consumption. Another would be the lack of energy efficiency. And sure enough, pressurized models tend to be expensive.

But overall, the money and energy they take are translated into more effective and powerful performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still confused about these steam generator irons? Then don’t worry – we may answer some of your doubts in this section:

Are steam generator irons better than stean irons?

The general assumption is that steam generator irons are indeed better than regular steam irons. And there’s an apparent reason why: the larger tank and standalone steam system helps them produce a lot more steam. And sure enough, the more steam there is, the faster the wrinkles go away.

Will I have to wait long before I can start ironing?

No, you won’t have to wait much. A well-made iron station can heat up the soleplate in 5 minutes or less. Sure, some of the less powerful models may last up to 10 minutes or a little more. But that’s very rare – so you can expect them to work almost as fast or faster than regular steam iron.

How to use a steam generator iron?

The process is simple. You fill the water tank with enough water, close the lid, and then push the start button. Grab the iron and put it in a vertical position. Now adjust the temperature and steam capacity you want. Wait for the iron to heat up. Once it starts blowing iron away, you can use it. It’s that easy.

What water to use in steam generator iron?

You can use tap water in most steam generators. But we strongly advise using something with little minerals, like distilled water if you want to prevent damage over time. If you’re willing to do proper maintenance and clean the iron consistently, then you shouldn’t worry about this.


If you’ve reached this far into the article, then you’re genuinely decided on getting an iron station. In that case, be sure to follow all our advice and recommendations above.

Remember, the best steam generator iron is the one that meets your needs over all else. It is not the most affordable or the most powerful, but the ones that indeed does what you need it to do.

So don’t waste your time or money on the wrong models. Pick one from this list and enjoy the convenience a steam generator iron can offer. You won’t regret buying one of these!

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