5 Best Vacuum for Cat Litter – [Get Rid of Cat Litter]

There is no way to get around cat litter. You just have to have the right machine like a cat litter vacuum, to clean it up. Cat litter tends to get around. You can find it in every part of your home, from your bare and carpeted floors to furniture and upholstery. However, with the best vacuum for cat litter, you can manage to remove cat litter without hurting your feet or those of your cat.

It can be hard to find an affordable effective cat litter vacuum, especially in the current flooded market. They are usually costly, but with the right information, you can get a worthy one at an affordable price. Here are top five quality ones, with different price ranges for convenient shopping.

Our Top Choice

Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Upright Bagless Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Our top pick is this multi-surface cleaning vacuum for pet hair. It has a conveniently long power cord, 30-feet, and an 8-feet hose for efficient coverage of large spaces. Its 12-inch cleaning path also maximizes its vacuuming efficacy.

This vacuum for cat litter has many useful pet tools that ensure every part of your home is clean. You can maneuver it in every space and around furniture, thanks to its swivel steering.

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What to Look for While Buying Vacuum For Cat Litter?

There are loads of things to consider if you are out shopping for the best vacuum cleaner for cat litter. You will need to do your research thoroughly before making your purchase and avoid hearsays since home size and décor are not the same or universal for that matter.

Consequently, we have you covered in this cat litter vacuum review. Here are some top guides to buying a top-quality vacuum for cat litter.

  • Vacuum Type-The vacuum type matters, as long as you can use it comfortably and manage to maintain it. There are various types from a handheld vacuum, stick, upright, canister, and robotic. However, check suction power before opting for a type.
  • Suction Power-This determines how effective the vacuum cleaner can pick up cat litter and other debris. It should be powerful enough to reach the long end of the tube for efficient cleanup, without any suction loss.
  • Technology-The technological features for vacuums designed for cat litter matter. Therefore, check on them if any and see how important they are to clearing pet litter and even other debris within your home.
  • Type of Surface– You should consider your surface before buying a vacuum cleaner for pet This is because some work better on carpets only and others on bare floors. You can also find some that work on multiple surfaces. The more versatile it is the better for you.
  • Bag or Bagless-A bagless vacuum can save you money, on replacement bags but it can be hard to empty and at times risk letting the cat litter back into your environs. They are not recommendable when it comes to dealing with cat litter.

A bagged one is a bit expensive to maintain but you can empty it with ease without risking contact with pet debris, which is a high allergy trigger. They are the best for cat litter.

  • Filtration Type-HEPA filtration is the best for pet litter. Therefore, select a machine with a HEPA filtration system. They are always either washable or replaceable.
  • Brush Roll-You need a vacuum with a rotating brush roll feature, in case you ever want to clean pet stain. It is essential as it can suck deep hair particles, even at a lower suction power.
  • Pet Tool Attachments-Check for the accompanying cleaning attachment tools, especially those designed to help with pet litter. Some important ones are turbo tools, pet contour tool, a crevice tool and an upholstery tool among others.
  • Portability-If you have pets then you will be required to clean almost every part of your home frequently and every day. Therefore, you need something portable, lightweight, for easy maneuverability, and less exhaustion.
  • Cord Length-This is important, as pet hair tends to be swept away or stuck in corners, which are hard to reach. Always settle for at least a 20-inch cord length, and consider your stairs height and hallway length before selecting a vacuum model.
  • Noise Level-Pets and even babies/kids are not a fan of noise, especially that coming from a machine. So always, check for noise decibels and go for the one with a quiet operation with regard to performance level.
  • Durability-You can save loads of money by buying one quality product, with durable material constructions and parts. Since you will be cleaning every day, opt for something that will last for years and not replaced within months. You can check for warranty, the longer it is the better the equipment.
  • Budget– Always ensure you get a quality product, even on a tight budget. Check for essential features and their usefulness to you, before placing a price on it. Nonetheless, do some research and have a reasonable budget in place.

1. Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Upright Bagless Pet Vacuum Cleaner for Cat Litter

This vacuum cleaner is the best fit for clearing cat litter all over your home. It can cover multiple surfaces from stairs, upholstery, hard and carpeted floors. It also removes pet odor for a refreshed clean surrounding.

Moreover, it is very efficient, thanks to its 12-inch wide cleaning path, 8-foot hose and 30-feet power cord that allows for large space coverage in less time.

It also comes with some cleaning accessories you can attach to its quick-release wand, for effective vacuuming. They include a LED-lit crevice tool for uncovering all hidden debris, a pet turbo eraser for removing embedded cat litter on upholstery and carpets as well as a 2-in-1 pet brush for removing pet hair on delicate surfaces like drapes and furniture.

In addition, this cat litter vacuum is easy to maneuver around furniture as well as other spaces due to its swivel steering. It is essentially designed to clean after pet debris with ease, no matter where it is.

Besides, it is easy to use and maintain. It takes very little storage space. You can turn its brush roll ON/OFF for better vacuuming, and wash its HEPA filter.

  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Features a tangle-free brush roll
  • HEPA filtration to keep allergens in its dustbin
  • Easy emptying of dust
  • A bit heavy at 18lbs
  • Expensive in this list but delivers as expected

Why Do We Recommend This Vacuum for Cat Litter?

  • Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System-This patented internal pet hair management system is great at trapping as well as separating pet and human hair from the rest of the debris and dirt. It spools the collected hair together for a neat, and hands-free emptying.
  • SmartSeal Allergen System-This feature helps to capture and hold dust as well as different kinds of allergens within the vacuum, so they do not bounce back to your vacuumed clean space. It also has a Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator within it for refreshing the vacuum as well as eliminating pet odor as you vacuum.
  • Suction Channel Technology-Most vacuum cleaners in the current market have only one suction on one side of their brush roll but with this Bissell model, you get a direct suction path for a powerful effective edge-to-edge suction. This suction technology maximizes the cleaning of pet hair and debris on multiple surface areas from carpets to hard surfaces and upholstery among others.

2. Dibea 600W SC4588 Lightweight Corded Stick Vacuum For Cat Litter

This is the best stick vacuum for cat litter, as it can vacuum multiple surfaces from marble to wooden floors, be it as a stick vacuum or a handheld vacuum cleaner. Its handheld version is very useful for cleaning tight spaces and small messes with ease.

Moreover, it has powerful 15kpa suction and is power rated at 600W with a current of 5-Amps, for efficacy. It can pick different debris, crumbs, pet hair, cat litter and even dust. Besides, its wide cleaning path maximizes its use, with just one clean pass.

You can also cover large spaces with it, thanks to its 19.7-feet quick-release power cord and crevice tool. Additionally, its swivel steering allows for an effortless clean up under furniture. In case of dark spots/spaces, you can make use of its LED front lights.

This 2-in-1 stick vacuum for pet litter has a HEPA filtration system making it the best vacuum for those prone to allergic reactions, especially from cat litter. It is the best fit for homes with kids and of course pets.

In addition, it features a removable 1.0-liter dirt canister that is easy to empty and disassemble for cleaning. Therefore, there will be no mess, fuss, and definitely no allergic reactions during dust emptying.

  • Backed by a 1-year warranty on quality-related issues
  • Easy storage, stands on its own
  • Features two washable filters, for minimal maintenance cost
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Dust canister has a small capacity
  • No brush roll but very effective on low pile carpets

Why Should You Buy This Cat Litter Vacuum?

  • Advanced Cyclone HEPA Filtration-This device has the best kind of HEPA filter, as it can effectively spin dust away from its motor to help it maintain a powerful suction, prevent damages and enhance its lifespan. This HEPA filtration system can take care of different allergens and prevent them from escaping back to your clean living space. It is very effective in getting rid of allergy-causing mold, dust mites, pollen and pet dander.
  • Multi-Surface Vacuuming-You can use this vacuum on multiple surfaces with ease, from vinyl, ceramic and tiled floors to hardwood and thin carpets. However, for better use always keep the suction adjustment button located on its cleaning head open for carpet cleaning but when vacuuming hardwood or bare floors slide it to close for maximum suction power.
  • Lightweight-This vacuum unit weighs only 4.6lbs and is very easy to maneuver between spaces and even store. It takes little storage space and is very easy to handle. You can also detach its vacuuming head and tube and convert it into a handheld vacuum cleaner.

3. HoLife Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner has a lightweight user-friendly design that makes it use effortless. It is affordable but of quality make. You can rely on its non-toxic battery to efficiently, clean your cat litter with a single charge.

It is the best handheld vacuum for cat litter, due to its excellent 6kpa suction. Moreover, its rated power is 85-90W. It can clean up to 30-minutes on different surface areas, without losing suction power.

This versatile vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor system but very quiet during operation. It will not disturb your kids or the elderly in any way or scare away your pets.

In addition, it is very easy to maintain, as it comes with two washable filters. This way you do not have to replace them every now and then. You can check the manufacturer manual, as to the best time to replace them.

It has a translucent dirt cup that is easy to empty, and you can see the dirt level as you clean. To empty it just press the lock button, remove the washable filters, empty the dirt cup, clean both of them, and re-assemble when dry.

  • 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Quiet operation at 75dBA
  • Has a reasonable price tag
  • Very low-maintenance
  • No convenient auto-shutoff feature
  • Small dirt cup but easy to empty

What Makes This The Best Vacuum for Cat Litter?

  • Long Run-Time and Less Charge Time-It has a battery standing charge-base and takes only 3-5 hours to recharge, with no effect on its memory. It will auto-shut when the battery is fully charged. Moreover, its 14.8V Lithium battery can hold more energy per volume and has a longer vacuuming duration up to 30 minutes. This is longer than most cordless handheld vacuum cleaners for cat litter and other debris.
  • Versatile Vacuuming-This vacuum has a powerful suction that can clean food crumbs, pet debris and even liquids with no damages or malfunctions to it. Besides, it is efficient on multiple surfaces from carpets, stairs, shelves and different floor types. It has a crevice nozzle, a cleaning brush and a brush nozzle for maximum efficacy during vacuuming.
  • Portable-You might overlook this factor as you think it is a given that every handheld vacuum is light and portable. However, not all deliver, yes they can be portable but not lightweight for ease in movability. Nonetheless, this one here is very lightweight at 3.27lbs, meaning you can take it anywhere with your, even in your car. It can even clean corners with ease.

4. Oreck BB1200DB Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner For Cat Litter

Pet litter is not an easy thing to clear, be it on hard, smooth, wooden or carpeted surfaces. You need the right equipment and with it, the right tools for an efficient cleanup. This cat litter vacuum is what you need for a cat litter-free environment.

Moreover, its HEPA filtration feature means you can use it in homes with kids, to get rid of all environmental allergens. Likewise, it can help prevent respiratory ailments and limit any allergy triggers, especially from pet dander and hair.

You can swiftly go from vacuuming debris and dirt within your living space to blowing away debris in your garage, home, and even workspace, with just a switch of its flexible hose.

This device has a conveniently lengthy 20-feet power cord for cleaning large rooms and reaching high places, above your floor surface. You can conveniently wrap its power cord on its bottom after use.

In addition, this vacuum is the bagged type making its emptying very easy and mess-free. Besides, it has a compact design that does not take much storage space.

  • 3-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Not ideal for deep pile carpet cleaning
  • A bit pricey but work as expected, so it is worth it

Why Do We Recommend This Vacuum Cleaner?

  • HEPA Filtration System-This vacuum cleaner has HEPA filtration, the best kind of filter system in the market. It can take care of dirt, dust, different kinds of allergens and even cat litter with ease without letting them back into your surrounding indoor environment.
  • Versatile Cleaning-You can use this pet litter vacuum cleaner to clean different surfaces from low-pile carpets to hard floors as well as above-floor surfaces like stairs, drapes, and Moreover, its accompanying attachment tools like the flexible hose and telescoping wand make it easy to clean ceilings and other hard to reach spots. All its cleaning accessories are stored on-board for quick access when needed.
  • Lightweight and Portable-This machine is highly lightweight and easy to move around with during cleaning. It weighs less than 5.5lbs and has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy movement as well as maneuverability. In relation, its lightweight feature means that it will not be a strain on your body, especially if you are vacuuming large spaces.

5. Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum For Cat Litter

This is the best vacuum for cat litter on carpet due to its powerful suction and innovative brush design that rotates down into carpets for a thorough cleanup in one sweep. This innovative brush is best at cleaning more debris and cat litter on its initial pass, thus saving loads of vacuuming time, no repeats.

Moreover, this unit can cover different surfaces from floor to above-floor areas without an issue, as it has the right cleaning accessories for it. It also has a 25-foot power cord for better cleaning reach.

Even though it has no swivel head, you can still manage to maneuver it into different spaces due to its lightweight design, 15lbs. Its ease of use, in terms of pushing and carrying during cleaning, does not compromise on its power.

In addition, it has a multi-level filtration system and a washable foam tank filter. You can easily keep your filter clean with its rinsable pre-motor filter. Always refer to its user manual for its installation as well as troubleshooting steps.

It has a 2.2-liter dirt cup that is easy to empty, no mess. You just detach and empty when full.

  • 2-year warranty
  • Features OnePass technology
  • Has a convenient installation and user manual
  • Easy assembly
  • It tends to heat up when running for an extended period of time
  • Does not feature a cord rewind system

Why Do We Recommend This Cat Litter Vacuum?

  • Multi-Cyclonic System-This feature usually ensures the vacuum generates the required suction for efficient vacuuming, of even the tiniest of dirt, and pet litter in one instant sweep. Moreover, it also ensures that the suction power remains constant and is not lost even with varying power levels. It also separates dirt and debris, this way your filter stays clean for better and longer performances.
  • Varied Cleaning Accessories-This vacuum comes with some top-essential cleaning attachments for maximum efficacy during vacuuming. It has the turbo brush tool for cleaning different surfaces like upholstery and furniture, carpeted stairs and your car. Likewise, it has other multi-use tools like the crevice tool for along baseboards, a dusting brush for curtains and lampshades as well as an extension wand for hard to reach places like ceilings and their fans as well as baseboards. These extra cleaning tools are what prevent back strains during vacuuming.
  • Powerful Suction-It has a powerful motor rating of 12 Amps that ensures it cleans any surface area with just one clean pass, thanks to its 13.5-inch cleaning path width. Besides, its innovative brush design also ensures that every manner of dirt and pet litter is taken care of, hassle-free.


As you can see, it is not easy to buy a vacuum cleaner if you have cats around. Many considerations go in place before a selection is made.

Therefore, if you are in the shop for a top-quality durable and effective cat litter vacuum cleaner. Then you need to do a bit of research for guidance in buying the best vacuum for cat litter.

You can start with the above top five. They are from reputable brands that deliver service as stated and expected. You can pick any, as long as it meets your cat litter needs and is within your budget.

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