How Often Should You Change Your Pillows?

There is no general time as to when you should replace your pillows as pillows often come in different types, designs, shapes, and fills. It is always 99%, up to you to determine when you need to get new pillows, depending on how you use it.

Nonetheless, you can always estimate the timeline from the day you started using it or use its timeline label specification.

Moreover, the more you use it, the more your dead skin cells, dust mites and body oils accumulate in it. Besides, the yellow stains that form due to constant body sweats should also be a determinant when it comes to the right time to change your pillows.

However, if you are still on the fence and feel good with your current pillow, you should strive to replace your pillows like the inexpensive plain, polyester one every six months.

As for memory foam pillows, you can wait a bit longer anywhere between 18 and 36 months. This depends on the main material and the components that make it comfortable. Be the judge.

Consequently, if you have other different kinds of pillows, you can use this timeline to know when to change your pillows.

Pillow Types and Their Replacement Timeline

  • Memory Foam Pillows– As much as their conformity level is great they sag with time. Therefore, you should replace them once a year or longer, depending on material type.
  • Down PillowsThese types of pillows usually form some lumps with time, so after a year of use, you can replace your pillows, with down filling.
  • Latex Pillows- This type is more durable and expensive than memory foam. You can always replace it once in every two years.
  • Feather Pillows– Feather pillows are very expensive and common. If you have any, you can change your pillows once a year or more, depending on use, conformity and comfort level.
  • Bamboo Pillows- You can get new pillows, made from bamboo after 18 months or so. They are also very reliable when compared to cotton pillows.

Why the Need to Replace Your Pillows

When it comes to comfortable sleep, you should always strive to make it better. You can follow the guides, as to when to get new pillows but use your eyes and instincts too. If it feels uncomfortable and not right just replace it, even if the timeline is far from near.

Here are some reasons why you should replace your pillows every now and then.

  • Better Sleep– You can only sleep well with better beddings and that includes pillows. A good pillow will stabilize your whole body as well as comfort it during sleep hours. The more you change your pillows, the better your whole body will feel. It will get rid of any neck or back pain as well as help with spine alignment for a better stance.
  • Hygiene– It is important to have a clean pillow, yes, you can wash it every now and then and change the pillow cover but replacing it gives you a completely fresh start. This translates to zero dead skin cells, sweat, and the likes. Besides, you will be reducing allergy triggers like dust mites.
  • Décor– You can also enhance the appearance of your bedroom, by getting plushy, fluffy and comfortable pillows. New Pillows, usually add value and aesthetic to a room, you can see it, feel it and even touch it.

Washing Your Pillow

Always make it a routine to wash your pillows every three weeks, or frequently, for cleanliness and high maintenance. The more you get into the habit of maintaining it, the easier it will be and it will not seem like a chore or a heavy task.

However, you should keep in mind that different pillows have different means of maintaining. Therefore, read their care instructions before you proceed to clean it. Some can be machine-washed, others cannot, while others need only dry cleaning.

Besides, constant pillow maintenance usually enhances its lifespan, making it even fluffier.


Conclusively, you need to replace your pillows no matter how much their initial cost was. There is no price for comfort, so be ready to change your pillows every now and then for the sake of your health.

There, you have it, a pillow is never a lifetime investment, and you will have to make the changes whenever possible if you want to sleep and wake up with zero strain or ache in your body.


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