Privacy Policy

The privacy of our site is very crucial and that is why we take it as our responsibility to develop this Privacy Policy page. This is to ensure that you are well informed of how we collect user’s personal information and what we do with the information.

The use of website automatically implies that you agree with our Privacy Policy.

Log Data

When you navigate the pages of our website, we will be collecting any information for analytical purposes. We track the pages you visit, the duration of time you stay on each page as well as your most visited pages and so on.

We also gather all the information from your browser and device. We store your computere’s IP address or your mobile device’s unique identification number, browser type as well as the name of your internet service provider.

If you happen to subscribe to our newsletter or leave a comment on any of our posts, we would store your name and e-mail address too.

You should also note that we can also employ the use of any third party services like Google Analytics to analyze and monitor your information.


The website authority also takes utmost care when it comes to protecting your personal information. We have the technological know-how and systems in place to protect the site from hacking attempts. However, no security is always leak-proof, cracks and backdoors are also there. So we cannot guarantee 100% protection of all your personal information and data

Age Restriction

Children under the age of 14 should never gain access to this site unsupervised. A guardian or parent should always be there. They should never provide any personal information, or fill any forms while using the site.

Sharing Data

We often collect information from online users for a specific purpose. And that is to improve the overall functionality of the site. We need data about what pages peak the interests of different users and from which part of the world are most users from and so on.

You should also take note that we do not sell or share any of your personal information unless it is extremely necessary. A few examples of such situations can be:

  • When you request us of a service that requires sharing your personal information with a third party
  • When you violate any of our Terms of Use and we are required to take legal action against you
  • When you use the site to cause any harm to other websites or to the common public

However, in the event that the website is sold, all the data that is stored in our system gets transferred too.


Our site often contains loads of external links to help you gather more information about the topic at hand. But we do not have any control over those websites and their content. Our Privacy Policy does not apply there at all.


Just like us, most of our advertisers often make use of cookies technology to collect our users’ data. But if you are not open to sharing any of your information with them, you can always configure your web browser accordingly.

Modification in the Privacy Policy

We often update and modify the site’s Privacy Policy page whenever we need to. And we are not bound by any legality to inform you before or after doing so. It is up to you to take a look at this page regularly so as to be informed of any new changes as continuous use always means you agree to the Privacy Policy changes made.

All these clauses apply to our site and its contents only. If any part of our Privacy Policy is unclear, feel free to reach us via our contact page.