Sleep for Success Pillow Review – Pillow by Dr. Maas

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”333″ identifier=”B01N3PUTQ6″ locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”hovement01-20″ width=”500″]The sleep for success pillow by Dr. Maas is one of the most renowned pillows for side sleepers. It can help with different kinds of upper body pain from neck, back, shoulders and head area. Besides, it is the best side sleeper pillow for the busy-bees, as it enhances relaxing within seconds.

Its design and value knows no bounds and is the perfect fit for those who know and appreciate the value of sleep. It usually stands out from the rest of the side sleeper pillows, due to its choice of fabric and filling.

Its cover is 50% cotton sateen and 50% Tencel Lyocell with 400 thread count while its fill is 90% gel fiber and 10% Tencel Lyocell. In relation, its Tencels are made from the eucalyptus tree, making the whole sleep for success pillow allergy free and ideal for people with sensitive skin.

You should take note that uninterrupted sleep is very important for one’s health life and Dr. Maas sleep for success pillow has all the material construction to allow you to enjoy a full night sleep, zero interruptions, tosses, and turns.

Besides, it enhances your breathability by wicking away any moisture as you sleep. In addition, its material construction also regulates your upper body temperature, the area around your head, for a restful sleep.

Therefore, if you want a comfortable and durable side sleeper pillow for your bedroom, then pick this sleep for success pillow. It is worth it and is backed with loads of sleep for success pillow reviews online.

Besides, its package includes a sleep for success booklet to guide you a bit on use and maintenance. It comes with a decade worth of warranty and is machine washable.

Features of Sleep for Success Pillow

  • Thermo-Regulating Properties– This side sleeper pillow is made from excellent fabric and fill that keeps it cool even as you sweat through the night. It regulates your head temperature, alleviating any skin irritations that might be caused by too much moisture.
  • Natural Tencel Lyocell Fibers- Its material construction is a blend of Tencel Lyocell fiber that comes from the natural eucalyptus tree, which is used to make part of the outer cover fabric and the inner fill. This mixture allows for optimum moisture wicking and temperature control for an easy and comfortable sleep, no matter the weather.
  • High Thread Count– This pillow has a recommendable thread count for any durable and plush. Its thread count is 400, which is ideal for a cozy, cool and dry night, no matter the outdoor climate and indoor temperature.

Customers Who Bought This Side Sleeper Pillow Said

  • Weight and quality is much better than most side sleeper pillows
  • Very useful and can relieve any pain on your neck, head, shoulders and even ears
  • Delivers as expected and can last for some years before needing a replacement
  • It can help you with recovery, especially if you have hurt your neck or shoulders
  • Has natural healing effects that can prevent migraines and morning lethargy
  • Easy to clean, the care label is of real help when it comes to everyday maintenance

Where to Buy Sleep for Success Pillow

This side sleeper pillow is widely marketed for its quality construction and effective use when it comes to enjoying uninterrupted sleep. You can easily buy it online at the Amazon website. Just categorize it, make a search and order, for a standard/queen size or king size.


Conclusively, this is a pillow worth your money. If you are uncertain, just review some of the sleep for success pillow reviews online or ask from family and friends who are familiar with it. You should note that all its sizes feel and work the same, standard, queen or king. The difference lies in price and size only. So make any pick according to your mattress/bed size.

Otherwise, it should be in your current or next budget at the end of this review, if you are a side sleeper. Besides, you can give it as a gift to someone who is struggling with shoulder, back or neck pain. It is worth every penny.

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