How to Wash Feather Pillows? (Step-by-step guide)

Feather pillows are usually the most luxurious, plushy and soft pillows in the market but they can flatten out, become musty with constant use, and zero maintenance. Therefore, it is your duty to maintain it by washing it as required by the manufacturer.

You can wash feather pillows once in a year. Otherwise, you will be creating a room for bacteria, dust mites, and other allergies to thrive, giving you daily sleep complications.

Here is how you can wash feather pillows and dry it.

How to Wash Feather Pillows?

When it comes to the basics of how to wash feather pillows, you must take care and read the specific labels of the pillows before starting to clean it.

Here is how you can proceed when you want to wash feather pillows.[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#52BF60″]

  • Take the pillow out of its pillowcase, and check for any rips or holes in it, if you find any sew it up immediately before washing. Be sure to check everywhere, even its seams.
  • You can then proceed to put two pillows in the washing machine, this helps with balancing things in the washer. However, if you cannot load two, squeeze them to remove any air out then put them back in.
  • Always use a front loading washing machine, avoid a top loading machine as the agitator may spoil the pillows. However, if you must, then place them vertically instead of horizontally to avoid any detangling with the agitator.
  • After which, you can pour a little bit of a liquid laundry detergent in the detergent compartment of the washer.
  • Less liquid detergent is better as it will prevent any build-up or residue on the pillows and allow for an easier rinse. In relation, a powder detergent can cause skin allergies and irritation due to leftover residue formations on the pillows.
  • When using a machine washer to wash feather pillows, always set it to the delicate cycle. You can use warm or cool water but also try hot water, as it can kill the living dust mites in it. However, note that hot water can also spoil the feathers, so be the judge but cool or warm water works best.
  • Lastly, on this part of how to wash feather pillows, you can always opt to use an extra rinse cycle to get rid of any soap residue on the feather pillows. Likewise, the extra spin cycle will help with getting rid of excess moisture.[/su_list]

How to Dry the Feather Pillows?

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  • First, you will have to squish out the extra water out of the feather pillows by placing it between two dry towels then pressing down on it. You can repeat this process for the other feather pillow, with fresh dry towels. Never twist or wring feather pillows.
  • Then put the feather pillows into the dryer on delicate cycle, no-heat or low heat setting.
  • Low heat can dry it faster but risks damaging its feathers but you can avoid overheating and ruining the feathers, by using an air-only setting towards the end of the cycle. As for no-heat or air-only cycle, it can take up to three cycles and is safe for the feathers.
  • Always take the pillows out of the dryer and fluff it in between cycles, to break any clumps inside it.
  • You can use dryer balls, tennis balls in a sock or canvas shoes in a pillowcase to help keep the pillows fluffier as it dries. Likewise, you can add a thick dry towel to the dryer to help soak up any leftover water in the pillow.
  • You will still have to fluff it up after you remove it from the dryer. Just grab it by its two corners and shake it up and down for a while, repeat the process for the other side.
  • Once the pillows are dry, put them back in their pillowcases and use them. If you use them while they are still damp, you risk mildew build-up and rot of all kinds, which is risky for your health.[/su_list]


Conclusively, you will have to wash feather pillows as often as you can. Sometimes it can start to smell even before the manufacturers stipulated period. Nevertheless, you will have no issues if you follow these steps one by one to the latter.

Remember, a fresh clean pillow gives you better sleep, with easier breathability and zero chances of allergies or annoying and uncomfortable tosses and turns throughout the night. So keep it clean, as much as you can.

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