What is an Inverter Generator?

An inverter generator is a power machine that converts alternating current or AC power that is generated by a fuel source like gasoline into direct current or DC. This power is then converted back into a cleaner single-phase AC power for output.

This type of generator is conveniently versatile when it comes to using. You can carry it anywhere, thanks to its lightweight nature. It is the perfect fit for road trips, camping, work sites and even home and car use. Besides, it will not cause damages to any of your appliances, as long as it is a pure sine wave inverter.

The reason for it being highly advantageous to sensitive appliances like laptops and smartphones is largely attributed to its inverter alternator that produces a 3-phase AC power that is converted to DC power and back to clean AC power. It maintains this AC power in a single-phase at the required voltage and frequency of your specific appliance. As a result, you get what is called a pure sine wave.

Moreover, this whole process of power conversion from AC to DC and back to cleaner AC often produces clean power that is less than 3% total harmonic distortion, THD. This THD is what makes it safe for use with sensitive electronic devices like computers and televisions.

Also, note that if the THD is anywhere above 6% then be sure, there would be blowups and serious damages to all sensitive appliances being powered at the time.

Therefore, if you are shopping for a versatile and user-friendly backup generator. You should settle for an inverter generator and specifically a pure sine wave inverter. This way you get to protect your sensitive appliances from blow-ups, something that is hard to do with a traditional generator.

Take note that almost all modern electronic devices in the current market have microprocessors and microchips in them. Hence, they require clean dependable and smooth power, which can only be achieved by the technology behind an inverter generator.

Benefits of an Inverter Generator

Here are some of the advantages of owning an inverter generator.

  • High fuel efficiency-Inverter generators usually have the capability of automatically adjusting their engine speed to produce only the needed power. Besides, they can run at a slower rpm, while maintaining the required power as well as frequency.

Moreover, an inverter generator can reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%, since its engine does not run at a constant full speed.

  • High-quality power output– An inverter generator often produces clean power, same as that you get from your home outlets. Therefore, you are unlikely to experience any power spikes due to uneven power distribution, as it produces clean and pure power.
  • Quiet operation– If you want some peace and quiet from a generator always buy this type. They are the best and operate quietly no matter the level of power they are emitting. You can work and sleep through its operation.
  • Parallel capability– You can also pair your inverter generator with another identical unit. This way you double the power with two small and lightweight inverters.
  • Ease of maintenance– This type of generator does not require any special kind of maintenance. You can follow the user manual for its maintenance but engine oil change is necessary with regard to its manufacturer booklet. Its batteries also require an inspection once a year. Besides, proper maintenance is likely to keep it running at peak efficiency, thus increasing its lifespan.
  • Portable– These units are often a lot lighter and smaller. However, you should note that their small and lightweight nature has a relation to their power wattage. This means that the bigger it is the more power it has and the smaller ones have less power. Nonetheless, most are within 30-50 pounds.
  • Safe to use– This generator usually produces clean power that is safe for use with all kinds of home and office appliances. You can even power sensitive appliances with it, without worrying about damages from uneven power spikes.

Considerations for Buying an Inverter Generator

Nonetheless, a higher power than you need is good and highly convenient, especially if you are buying the highly recommendable and safe pure sine wave inverter.

  • Check for parallel connection-Since these types of generators are always small in nature, one with a parallel connection is ideal for more power output. This also makes it highly versatile for multiple homes or work use.
  • Brand-You should always buy your electronics, power tools and machinery from reputable and reliable brands that have been in the business for decades. You are better off buying an inverter generator from a credible brand, even if it is costly or of low power capacity. Besides, you can always double its power, thanks to parallel functionality.
  • Noise level-As much, as inverter generators produce minimal noise level, this often depends on the manufacturer. Some make quieter inverter generators while others do not. Therefore, look for the noise decibels in the specification section before buying, but anything above 60 decibels at 50% load is considered high and not conducive.
  • Ease of use-New technology can be hard for some but you can always make use of the product user manual or opt for a user-friendly one. You can check if it has user-friendly features like a gas meter, low gas shut off and even a low oil shut off feature.


Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable backup generator you can use at home, work, on the road, boat trips and camps. Then an inverter generator is all you need, and make sure it is the modern pure sine wave inverter type.

However, you should always be ready to dig deep into your pocket if you want to own this type of generator, be it gasoline powered, a propane generator or a dual fuel generator. The price is always higher for it, especially when compared to traditional bulky generators.

Nevertheless, you will never have any regrets after purchasing it. It is easy to use with minimal and low-cost maintenance.

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