What Kind of Pillow Do You Need?

Pillows are very important for a good night sleep. You can only enjoy uninterrupted sleep with the best comfort pillow depending on your body as well as other factors like sleeping position. Besides, the best pillow should also be able to support your neck, head, and spine for an easy sleep and energized wake.

Moreover, a good pillow should never deflate but conform to your sleeping position as well as weight. Otherwise, you will spend the whole night tossing and turning, looking for the perfect spot to rest your head.

Therefore, you should always consider some of these factors in order to choose a pillow right for your sleep needs. Here are some factors to consider while buying a pillow.

1. Pillows Based on Sleeping Position

This matters, as most people prefer to sleep in different positions from back, side, stomach and even a combination of all. Therefore, if you are one to sleep on your back then opt for a kind of pillow with a medium level of thickness. It should also be fluffier to lift your chin and head for easier breathing.

If you are a side sleeper then a medium-high thick pillow will be ideal for you. However, if you tend to sleep on your stomach, go for a softer pillow. In addition, if you usually switch between any of these or all of them, then you should choose a pillow with a medium level of thickness.

2. Pillows for Your Sleep Problems

You can easily find a pillow designed for your sleep sickness if you know what you suffer from most. Therefore, if you tend to snore, opt for an anti-snoring pillow. It will help you for some time.

Moreover, there are also pillows designed to relieve you of sleep apnea, neck and back pain. You can easily use them to relieve your body of stress and fatigue caused by daily workload and bad sleeping habits.

Besides, those designed for back and neck issues can help with spine alignment. This can keep you healthy for a long time and give you an upright stance.

There are also pregnancy pillows, designed to help you sleep well when you are expecting. You can opt for any depending on your trimester.

3. Pillows for Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, then your choice of pillow should be hypoallergenic. These are usually pillowed with synthetic fills and not feather fills.

Moreover, you should consider other respiratory ailments when looking for the best pillow for your needs. Therefore, if you are asthmatic, just stick to comfortable synthetic filling pillows.

4. Pillows for Your Health

Your health is also a very important factor. So consider what ails your body before you buy a pillow to enhance your comfort. This is because a wrong kind of pillow can only add more damage to your health.

In relation, you can do some more research on those pillows that have an approval from orthopedics, as they tend to have a specific design on them that can help with any form of body ailment.

5. Comfort

Comfort is also a big issue, no matter the kind of pillow you opt for. You should be comfortable enough to sleep through the night, no matter your sleeping posture.

You can only achieve comfort through some sleep trail. So buy a pillow with at least a 30-day sleep trial to ensure you get the best pillow for the money. Likewise, you can test the different brands for your choice of pillow, in hotels and at friends before you buy it.

6. Pillow Fill

Pillows have different kinds of fill. You can opt for synthetic or polyester fiber pillows. They tend to be hypoallergenic and can be machine-washed. Besides, they usually feel like down feather pillows and are very affordable.

There is also the natural goose down feather that is long lasting with the excellent comfort level. The only downside is that they can be a bit pricey when compared to other pillows with foam or synthetic fill.

7. Pillow Thread Count

The thread count usually determines the durability and comfort level of any pillow. Therefore, the higher it is the better. A 300-thread count is usually considered good for a pillow, as it is cost-effective and comfortable.

However, if you want a luxurious feel look for one with 500-800 thread count but remember the higher you go the pricier the pillow becomes.

8. Pillow Fluff Factor

The fluffier it is the better it will be for cushioning and supporting your head. It will also last longer and allow fresh air to circulate through it even as you sweat in your sleep.

You can test for the level of fluffiness by folding the pillow into half or hugging it, it should fluff back or unfold on its own very easily. If not then, look for another one.

9. Pillow Cost

As much as you should never place a price on comfort, you should also stay within a specific budget. You can manage to get a better pillow by browsing through different reputable brands, as price tends to be different depending on the brand as well as make and design.

The point is that the kind of pillow you want can be pricier due to the brand company. So browse through, and compare prices even in different sales stores or online platforms.


In conclusion, pillows have a lot to add to your comfort level while you are asleep. Therefore, make sure you go for what works for you and not what you have heard of. Different bodies respond differently, especially during sleep.

So if you want to wake up energized and relaxed than when you went to bed, choose a pillow that suits all your needs and spends on it. Otherwise, you will wake up grumpy and tired for the rest of your life and end up deteriorating your lifespan with a bunch of diseases.

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